Pool Noodle Grapevine Frame

pool noodle idea

Have you wondered pool noodle grapevine frame? I see pool noodle creations often, so I am making mine a bit different.

Let me share how my noodle wreath project is different? Above all my goal is to share crafts with my readers that are budget friendly, and this is easy beyond doable. I also try to be true to my home decor style when sharing simple craft ideas.

For the most part I had everything needed to complete this DIY. I needed a pool noodle. By the way finding a pool noodle in NJ at this time of year wasn’t easy. Finally, I did get lucky and did find one at Ace Hardware.

Now I began thinking of how to make my wreath different. And it came to me, frame it inside a large grapevine wreath.

graphic of supplies how to make a pool noodle grapevine frame

Supplies Need for Pool Noodle Grapevine Frame

  • Pool Noodle
  • Scissors or sharp knife
  • large oval grapevine wreath or size of your choice
  • self stick moss
  • bird nest optional
  • wood dowel or scrap wood
  • low temperature glue gun and glue sticks
  • duct tape

Pool Noodle Grapevine Frame

Step 1: Making the Pool Piece Oval for the Grapevine Project

Next is how to keep the noodle in a round shape or in this case oval. I have seen many use duct tape so first I gave this a try. However, my wreath made a loud noise in my craft room and popped apart. So I knew I had to come up with a better solution.

pool noodle rolled sitting on grapevine wreath

The goal for doing this step is to make the pool noodle the size of the inside of your grapevine piece.

cutting the pool noodle to size
cut to size to fit inside grapevine

Adding the Wood Dowel to Keep This Craft Together

Step 2: Adding glue to the Dowel and Adding Inside the Noodle Form

The solution is to add a wood dowel inside the hole of the pool noodle.

First, add hot glue to the inside of the wreath base. It’s particularly important to use a low temperature glue gun.

adding low temperature hot glue to the inside of the noodle

TIP: 1

Why? Because high temperature hot glue will breakdown the material of the pool noodle.

adding glue to the dowel for the project

After adding glue inside carefully add glue to the sides of the wood dowel for this craft idea.

adding glue to the sides of the dowel
adding the glue covered dowel to the end of the pool noodle

Now add a bit of extra glue in the little gap and squeeze tightly until set. A few seconds is enough.

I especially enjoy making wreaths and you can see quite a few in my DIY & CRAFTS section at the top of my homepage. I share tutorials for many simple wreath ideas for every season!

TIP: 2

Because bending this into the wreath shape will add pressure adding hot glue makes this more stable.

Here is where I add duct tape for extra to stability. Wanting to be extra cautious adding the duct adds more stability.

Putting This Idea Together

Step 3: Putting This Project Together Inside the Frame and Adding Texture

So, let’s begin putting this project together with the oval pool noodle. Now add the oval piece to the center of the grapevine.

Because this is going to be a tight fit wedge inside the grapevine frame a bit at a time.

adding the piece to the grapevine

Now cut the moss in pieces to cover the wreath.

cutting the self stick moss

When cutting the moss, I find it best to cut the pieces to cover the inside of the pool noodle first.

piece of cut moss for the pool noodle insert

By the way, square moss sections work best. As I moved around the wreath, I did add smaller pieces to cover the corners if needed. Corners on a circle? Yes, when covering round items tiny gaps will need small pieces to cover well. Remember to lightly push the moss to secure.

adding more moss

Honestly the moss takes the most time for this grapevine frame.

Adding a Nest to Add Some Charm this Craft

Step 4: Add Charm with a Touch of Nature

I especially love birds’ nests and as an example, you may enjoy this post to make one in 5 minutes. How’s that for a quick easy craft project! Also, because I enjoy adding natural elements to our home decor, I think the nest adds a touch of nature and whimsy to this grapevine frame project. You may enjoy seeing adding summer touches to the home and this fall tour is filled with natural decor ideas as examples.

Here I’m using two tidy pins to attach the nest to the moss noodle wreath.

bird nest attached
pushing the into the nest

Lastly, add ribbon of your choice and hang this rustic grapevine framed wreath.

close up of pool noodle grapevine craft
close up of the nest attached from hanging from a door
pool noddle grapevine frame hanging from an interior old door leaning against a wall.  It's hanging with a lace ribbon

I wanted to share a wreath idea with a pool noddle in a different way than I have seen out there. I hope you enjoyed a pool noodle grapevine frame.

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  1. So this is what it was!!! Haha and I thought it was a rolling pin ahaha. How smart!!! Love this! You are so creative!

  2. You come up with the best ideas, Cindy! I would have never thought to do this in a million years. I swear you are so creative. You definitely need to write a book about all things rustic and refined from moss projects to diy birds nests to chestnuts! Loving and pinning as always, CoCo

  3. What a wonderfully fun and creative idea Cindy. I love this! Your tip to glue a wood piece inside to keep it together is truly genius. What a lovely way to create a wreath for Spring. Xo Lidy

  4. You are so good with wreath making Cindy! I had to chuckly about buying a pool noodle this time of the year in New Jersey! 😂 Pinned!

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