How To Make A Plate Wreath

Today I’m sharing how to make a plate wreath. Before I begin getting into the details I’m going to share how this project began.

As a rule, I make an effort to use pieces in our home that are sentimental. Because I have a collection of antique tea cups from my grandmothers. I am deciding how to display them in our home. I’m currently in the beginning phase of deciding the best way to display these. After thinking for a bit using the saucers came to mind and that’s how to make a plate wreath began.

Of course I didn’t want to damage or harm these specials pieces. My grandmothers found these pieces out antiquing on weekends. Also a few of these are from my mom’s own collection. You can imagine these pieces are especially important to me mostly the pieces from my mom. My mom and I were extremely close. Any way I can keep a piece of her around me I work to make it happen. So I came up with the idea of of sharing how to make a plate wreath. Because I do want to be careful with these special pieces this took some planning and thought.

How To Make A Plate Wreath

First of all, a wreath form is needed. I did have to take a look around for the best one.  Luckily, I did stumble upon a 16″ gold mesh hoop wreath at Michael’s.  Because of the mesh I knew this would give me stability to make a plate wreath.

After getting this home I did decide to spray paint both sides with Rust Oleum Chalked Paint in Linen White.  Let dry.

Also, I did buy plate hangers and did spray them the same color.  For the most part, I did this so everything will blend when sharing how to make a plate wreath.

My Next Step For Making This Wreath

After spraying these pieces, I did decide adding flower pots would be pretty.  Because I already have flower pots and self stick moss from making this wreath.  I did use it to cover the pots.  Also, you may remember me saying I did buy self stick moss from Jo Ann.  Well, having some leftover, it was a great way to save money  and add it to make these pot prettier.

Cutting Moss To Cover The Flower Pots

So then, I did cut pieces of the moss and began covering the flower pots.  By the way, I did this by cutting a narrow piece first to stick the rim of the flower pot.  Afterwards, I cut small squares to also add to the sides.

Also, I did add a thin strip of moss to the edge of each flower pot. This makes the pots look finished. Lastly, I cut small square to cover the bottom to share on how to make a plate wreath.

Next Step For How To Make A Plate Wreath

Next I began putting my wreath together.  First I add the dishes to my wreath using butchers twine.  We began with sliding the string underneath the wreath hanger. So next, looping it through the wreath frame and tied a knot.  Then, we repeat the process until all three plates were attached to the wreath form. Also, I am using three plates to make the wreath I have balance and form a triangle.  

Next How To Make A Plate Wreath Add The Flower Pots

My next step, is connecting the flower pots and for this step we did use jute.  First, using a long tweezer I did push jute through the hole on the bottom of the flower pot.  After this step, the jute is pushed through the mesh wreath and tie a knot securing the flower pot.

Lastly For How To Make A Plate Wreath

Next for texture and to cover the mesh, add Spanish moss hot gluing it to the wreath form.  Also, use a paint stirrer or another tool holding the moss to set. Doing this, keeps fingers safe from burns.  I continue this process until the wreath form is covered.  I also, turn the wreath over so I am able to get the outer edges of the wreath.

Last Step How To Make A Plate Wreath

Lastly, how to make a plate wreath I add blooming artichokes I have had in my craft closet.  Because I did purchase these from Magnolia and checked their website, they’re out of stock.   However, I did find these at Wayfair.  Any flower will work such as, lavender, baby’s breath or succulents.

After how to make a plate wreath, I plan on finding ways to add tea cups. I have many from both grandmothers and my mom in a cabinet.  Who knows, summer decorating still needs to take place in our house so you will probably see these cups. 

So, sign up and follow Cloches & Lavender so you don’t miss how I add these pieces in our home.  Because I am not a tea drinking finding different ways to use these takes some thought.  Besides, adding the typical candle or flower petals, I’d love to read your ideas in the comments.

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39 thoughts on “How To Make A Plate Wreath

  1. Not only is this wreath incredibly beautiful but so creative too!!!! I just adore the moss covered pots and the tea saucers make it one of a kind.
    Thanks so much for this tutorial that I am pinning for my Pinterest followers to see too;)

  2. Amazing! I’ve always wanted to make a plate wreath, but never sat down to think about the construction. This is awesome. Now I know what to do and I think I may try this! Thanks!!

  3. I love that you incorporated family history into your wreath by using floral saucers that belonged to your mother. This wreath is a perfect summer decor item.

  4. This wreath is so perfect for spring and summer! I love that you used your Mom’s plates – they’re really pretty and those flower pots are amazing too. I definitely need to try those! Hugs, CoCo

  5. What a charming way to display these saucers. I especially like the vignette with the wreath on thes hutters and more plates on the wall above.

  6. This is so beautiful I’ve been wondering how to make one. And I seen those wreath forms at Michaels and couldn’t think of what to do. Now I know!

  7. What a wonderful idea! I just love how it turned out and I love using things that have sentimental meaning in my decorating too!

  8. Oh Cindy, this plate wreath is absolutely beautiful and looks so pretty in your home. What a special way to display your treasured pieces that belonged your grandmothers and mother. I have always wondered how these plate wreaths were made. Thank you so much for showing us. Now I know how to safely attach the plates to a wreath. Your instructions are so helpful. You have inspired me to give this a try!

  9. What a lovely way to use cherished items! All of the details you added like lining the little pots with moss add to the beauty. Thank you for sharing it with all of us at the FWF party.

  10. This is a wonderful way to display family treasures, however, I would use the matching cups instead of the moss covered cups.

    1. Thank you Thesare moss covered flower pots.

      I’m working on figuring out a tea cup wreath.

      Also making a saucer wreath with just saucers

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