DIY Antique Books in Minutes

DIY antique books in minutes

DIY antique books in minutes. Have you ever wanted old antique books to decorate in your home?

I did this to hardcover books I have had for years. Now when I say antique books in minutes, if you blink you may miss it.

By the way, I have books in the house that are antique books from France. However, these can be expensive. I also have books from thrifting. For the most part, having a variety of thrift stores nearby doesn’t exist where we live. Thrifting in NJ can be tough.

These Shakespeare sonnets are especially special in our home. These were my Father-in-laws and date back to 1842. I truly enjoy adding these to many areas of our home. The aging on them adds character too!

Shakespeare sonnets

So, I decided to make my own antique books.

Items Needed:

Now for my project I am using Annie Sloan clear wax and Maison Blanch dark wax. However, this is another option HERE and HERE.

dark and clear wax

Normally when waxing furniture, I use a large waxing brush. However, for this simple project I am opting to use a soft stencil brush for an easier application.

Adding Clear and Dark Wax to the Edge of Pages of the Books Adding Age

First, I add clear wax to begin my DIY aged books using one of my stencil brushes. Now when applying the waxes, generally use light strokes. For the most part, I keep the hardcovers away from the pages when applying bother waxes.

DIY Antique Books in Minutes

After adding the clear wax to the edge of the pages, I add a small amount of dark wax to the book pages using the other stencil brush.

clear wax on the stencil brush
applying the clear wax to the pages

Now I begin blending the dark wax which gives these DIY books and pages an old look.

DIY Antique Books in Minutes

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DIY Antique Books in Minutes

Next, simply take the lint free rag and rub the wax well. That’s it. DIY antique books in minutes.

DIY Antique Books in Minutes
DIY Antique Books in Minutes sharing the end result

Now, I realize all may not want to spend money on wax for this project. By the way I have waxes around all the time it is what I chose.

In addition to wax, craft paint in raw and burnt umber are another option. For this process I recommend using a drybrush technique or adding a minimal amount of water to keep the paint moving.

Folk Art and many others sell this paint. As a rule, this is a good color to use because it has a bit of a green undertone. In addition, if I use this technique, I also will do this step with a bit of burnt umber craft paint.

Ways to Use These DIY Antique Books Home

One way I enjoy adding these homemade antique books is using them as pedestals under pieces I need to add height. Immediately, these books add an antique look.

DIY Antique Books in Minutes

The most obvious way to use books is adding them to bookcase and bookshelves. When adding these DIY books or antique books I like to stager the direction of the books.

DIY Antique Books in Minutes

For instance, some I will stand while other books I lay down and stack. This adds dimension and interest. Also, when adding these homemade books, I will use a book underneath dishes or pitchers.

DIY Antique Books in Minutes

As an example, adding a stack of books to a tray with a small vase or pitcher of flowers is pretty. Adding a candle alongside gives it a soft and pretty look too.

old book in an urn

By the way if you may enjoy this post to see how I use pink Antique Books in our home decor.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY antique books in minutes technique. Do you enjoy decorating with books? Do you have aged books in your home? I’d enjoy reading in the comments.

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  1. This couldn’t have been simpler – seriously this is brilliant Cindy! I’m off to grab books off of my shelf to do this project. Thanks for sharing. Pinned😊

  2. Very cool project! I love the look of antique books and now I can make my own. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great idea and so simple, too. I like one particular church Christmas fair for $1 OLD books; have resold a few at a good profit. My faves are the old deckle edge ones!I can see doing this to old Reader’s Digest condensed books with no guilt!

  4. This is a great idea! I frequently use books as risers for display. This is an easy technique to make the books look older. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I love this idea. It is genius. Thank you so much for sharing on Fabulous Friday Link Party. We sure appreciate you. Hugs and blessings to you.

  6. Clever! I’m going to have to try this. I have some oldish books but they don’t look as old as I would like them too. This is the answer. Love it! Thanks for sharing in the Fabulous Friday Link Party

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