Lavender and Vintage Summer Home Tour

Summer Home Tour

Hello and welcome to my lavender and vintage summer home tour! I will be sharing some spaces in our home for summer today!.

We moved from the mountains of Northern Jersey for an easier life for me because I have MS. We actually are back where we began our marriage. This is as flat as a penny as we say in our small town and offers me more freedom using a walker. I make an effort not to let my illness rule my life.

Luckily we are only 15 minutes away so we are still close to our closest friends too.

graphic for bloggers' best summer home tour

I’m hapy to be joing the Bloggers’ Best Summer Home Tour. This tour is featuring 30 bloggers’ homes and decorating ideas for indoors and out for summer. Kelly from The Tattered Pew is hosting this fantastic tour. Thank you, Kelly, for hosting, and I appreciate participating again.

These homes are truly a must see and I will be sharing links below. so make sure to visit each one to see their beautiful style!

A Little About Me Before We Begin Our Tour

Grab a hot cup of coffee or tea and let’s see a simple lavender and vintage summer home tour.

Welcome to Cloches & Lavender and before we begin a I want to tell you a little about myself especilly if you are visiting for the first time.

I’m a life-long Jersey Girl. I’m married to my best friend for 34 years and the best part, we still LIKE each other and hanging together!

We built this home eight years ago and we love every inch and know it’s a blessing.

Also, we have two mini-Dachshunds that are twin brother and sister named Reeses & Peanut and they’re our babies. They bring us so much joy and keep us on our toes.

I have a passion for sharing our home decorating ideas. I also enjoy crafting especially making wreaths. In fact, visit DIY & Crafts to see a variety of my collection of wreaths and crafts. While you are there you will see my latest creation that is perfect for the front door!

Besides crafting I love sharing painting project I’m working on and I recently finished this dining room easy update.

If you are visiting from Eleanor Rose Home, her home is absolutely gorgeous and everything Eleanor shares is full of softness and beauty. She also has a pup Heidi that has Dachsund in her so she loves Doxies too!

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Entering Our Home One of My Favorite Plants Greets Guests

Our Lavender Filled Entryway

Let’s take a look, shall we, entering through the foyer for a simple lavender and vintage tour. Our foyer gets tons of light from this large palladium door. This also gives Reeses a spot to keep an eye on the garbage men and the UPS drivers. He gives the rug by the front door a run for its money.

Our foyer beginning our summer home tour

Our dog Reeses is here to welcome you into our home so please come in and take a look around for summer, lavender flowers and vintage items.

Reeses is welcoming you to our home won't you come in and look around?

I enjoy keeping this fresh for every season and for summer, lavender one of my favorite flowering plants, is taking centerstage.

Our home is a semi open floor plan and for decorating I truly love this layout. This home also gets tons of natural light from many windows.

We are able to enjoy all of our treasures; vintage and antique from our main rooms.

When beginning to put this home together for the summer season I immediately thought of my faux lavender plants. Lavender plants are truly one of my favorites and seeing their purple floral blooms lets me imagine the fields of lavender in Provence.

As a result of trying to grow real lavender in our other home I quickly realized these plants don’t like the humid summers in NJ. So, I fill our home with dried and faux lavender. Do you love this flower too or grow any at your home?

Adding My Favorite Plants to Our Summer Foyer

So, I began adding lavender pots I have from Antique Farmhouse. I love these plants in their paper pots. Before early spring I spotted these and immediately ordered three plants and have moved them around our home.

a simple lavender and vintage summer home tour

I made a quick change to the paper pots, and I love the rustic elegant French look and added these to an antique flower crate.

a closer look at the antique flower crate filled with lavender pots, terracotta pots, a topiary, small wreath and a bird finial

Because I enjoy our home to have a collected look adding these flowerpots, a small moss-covered wreath adds texture and interest. Needing height in the floral crate adding this topiary is perfect.

I have tried to grow the real thing, unfortunately with little success so making my own works well. I even created realistic soil in minutes. What do you think?

The large aged wire cloche is pretty filled with lavender and I truly love the size!

A large cloche

Lastly is my French Market basket filled with lavender stems, an old piece of fence found thrifting and a large finial.

simple lavender and vintage summer home tour

Entering Our Kitchen to See a Collection and Vintage Family Pieces

Vintage and Family Pieces in Our Kitchen Hutch

Now let’s visit our kitchen where I’m sharing old family pieces.

As we exit the foyer you walk through our great room. As you can see here’s another section of large windows letting in natural light. Again, one of the things I love about this floorplan and home.

sharing a view of our great room.   We walk through here to get to the kitchen where we are viisting next on your visit

Yes we have a TV over our mantle and it’s visible. This is the only piece my husband asked for so can I say no? NO!

Immediately as you enter our kitchen the first thing, we see is our hutch. Changing this for the seasons is always fun and filled with vintage treasures.

a simple lavender and vintage summer home tour the view of our kitchen

So, for today’s lavender and vintage summer home tour the hutch is filled with Majolica. The dishes are especially precious to me because they were given to my mother by my grandmother after she and my dad married found while antiquing. Every time I see these pieces I see my mom, the most precious gift of all.

Antique Majolica dishes and a pitcher

Who loves baskets lemons this basket is so pretty especially with bright lemons an old piece of fabric.

a basket filled with lemons and an old towel
Our hutch filled with Majolica a simple lavender and vintage summer home tour

I love this antique Majolica pitcher from an Etsy shop, and I often take it out and add a glass cylinder vase for fresh flowers. We are looking forward to my limelight hydrangeas blooming and adding some.

Besides the dishes we have these small Shakespeare sonnets I share often in our home. These are very old and from 1884 and are dear to us since they are my father-in-law’s. These always add a romantic touch to our French home.

a simple lavender and vintage summer home tour Shakespeare Sonnets and a crown

Another small vintage pitcher finishes the inside of the kitchen hutch on a plain white platter, more sonnets and a few of my favorite crowns.

more sonnets and a small crown

Here on the top of the hutch I’m keeping it simple with these beautiful vintage breadboards and dried lavender. Every French home needs dried lavender don’t you agree?

a simple lavender and vintage summer home tour showing breadboards and dried lavender

Next on the corner is another metal cloche it’s not vintage but sure has the look of an old piece. Doesn’t it? Inside is an old chalkware bust and the rose ribbon adds a nod to summer and a bit of romance.

a metal ivory old cloche with a chalkware female bust

On the opposite corner is a metal basket with a set of vintage Florentine salt and pepper shakers. The antique wood kitchen utensils are a great find and add a natural wood rustic look.

a wire basket filled with old kitchen tools and vintage  Florentine salt and pepper shakers

Of course, a lavender vintage summer home tour has to have a centerpiece with fresh flowers. And what’s prettier than florals inside French homemade vases? Look forward to this craft project that is beyond easy! So, make sure to follow Cloches & Lavender so you will not miss this or any other ideas I share.

A Simple Lavender and Vintage Summer Home Tour

A Look at a Wreath in the Kitchen and Flowers

Next to the hutch is an example of my love for making wreaths. This wreath hanging from an antique gate is one of my favorites. It’s a favorite because it has everything I love. Grapevine, moss, dried lavender buds, small dried lavender sprigs and a bird nest.

a moss, grapevine, dried lavender wreath with a bird nest filled weith small lavender sprigs

Lastly in our summer vintage filled kitchen is another lavender plant and greens in an old feed bucket.

I hope you enjoyed a lavender and vintage summer tour. Make sure you visit and see these other talented ladies.

By the way here’s a peek at our summer deck garden. I look forward to sharing this beautiful sight outside our kitchen door.

zinnias in flower pots in red on our deck

Now visit the ladies at Simply2moms, you will love their patriotic porch. I love every detail. These ladies are talented and have great ideas to share.

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59 thoughts on “Lavender and Vintage Summer Home Tour

  1. Cindy how beautiful! I love all of the lavender touches around your vintage home. I hope you have a wonderful summer!

  2. Cindy, your home is lovely and I really enjoyed my first tour here! I have a weakness for lavender, French things, and ironstone too. And I love how you decorate with special items like the majolica that your parents bought in their early marriage. Love your home and your attitude towards life and what it deals us! Happy to be touring with you and happy summer!

  3. Cindy, your home looks so beautiful all dressed up for summer. I love the accents like the lemons and flowers. And the lavender in the tray creates such a stunning vignette! So glad to be joining you this week for the tour. Pinned!

  4. Cindy, I love seeing your little pup in one of the photos. You home looks lovely. Love all the lavender tucked around in places. Like you, I cannot get real lavender to grow. Our seasons here in Maryland is like yours in NJ. It’s just too humid. I even ordered some from Washington State that should have worked in my zone. Nope! I can only grow it as an annual. The same with heather.

  5. It’s always so nice to see Reeses! The lemons, lavender, and French inspiration are all so lovely Cindy. l am loving the pots of lavender I have brought inside. The house smells so good. Happy summer my friend. Always so fun to tour with you.

  6. Lavender is one of my favorites. I loved how you incorporated it into your summer home. Also your doxies are soooo cute! So glad to have connected with you on this tour!

  7. Cindy!!! You’re Summer Home is beautiful! So sad I didn’t get to join everyone this Summer, but I’m so loving checking out all the posts!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  8. Cindy your tour was stunning my friend! I love your style and you always put everything together so well! That story about the special dishes from your mom made me smile. What a blessing to have those! Beautiful and pinned! Thanks for joining me this week!

  9. Your home is so pretty. I love all of the French Country and vintage touches. It was so much fun hopping with you this week. Blessinsg to you.

  10. Love the way you’re celebrating Summer, Cindy! All the french farmhouse touches and bits of lavender you have scattered around the house are perfection. Hugs and happy summer, CoCo

  11. Beautiful tour Cindy. Love your vintage accents, textures and added color. Especially the lavender. 🙂 I’ve never been to New Jersey. It seems like an entirely different world but hope to get there someday. Hope you enjoy your summer.

  12. Lovely summer tour Cindy with all the pretty lavender! I always look forward to seeing how you style your china cabinet, and I must say the majolica pieces are gorgeous!

  13. I planted a lot of lavender in my containers this year; it’s done well here in the past. I love the fragrance when I brush past it! Lovely tour! I’m drooling over that large majolica pitcher; so pretty!

  14. All the lavender touches in your home are exquisite, Cindy! And so many lovely photos of your French inspired home! So nice to be touring with you!

  15. Your home looks so pretty, Cindy! I love the Majolica and all your lavender. So nice hopping with you this week!

  16. Cindy,
    I just realized I missed your post when I was committing on Thursday. I’m so sorry. I love the bread boards and all the lavender for sure. I’m hoping to get a good supply growing in my garden. It’s about the only herb I’m not good with. Your tour is lovely and I’m so glad we were both on this hop.

  17. Beautiful summer tour! Love the entrance of your home, and the greeting by Reese is so welcoming! Lavender is my favorite scent and it sure looks beautifully adore through out your home. Thanks for all of the great ideas!

  18. Your home is beautiful!!! I love all the summer touches, especially all the lavender! Sooo pretty!!!!

  19. Cindy your summer home tour with lavender is outstanding! I love all the beautiful pictures you posted. I have a weak spot for french style and lavender. Have a wonderful week.

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