How To Easily Add Summer Touches To The Home

Welcome to Cloches & Lavender, today I will share how to easily add summer touches to the home.  Summer is beginning and styling homes during the hot months may be a challenge.  Summer is a relaxing time of year.  So let’s see how to easily add summer touches to the home.

Today is also my day for the Bloggers Best Summer Home Tour. Kelly from The Tattered Pew is hosting.  I have known Kelly for a bit now and enjoy her home.  Especially her pew in her front entry.  She styles her home pretty for every season. Thank you Kelly for hosting this event.

Thirty bloggers will be sharing their homes and outdoor spaces for summer. All the links will be at the end of my post. I encourage you to visit these ladies and see their amazing summer ideas.

If you are coming from visiting Jordan at A Blue Nest, isn’t her classic summer home tour filled with beautiful and patriotic elements?

Let Me Take A Moment To Introduce Myself

First, I want to take a moment to tell you a bit about myself because some of you are new to Cloches & Lavender.  My name is Cindy and I love making our house a home.  I have been living in New Jersey my entire life.  My husband and I have been married for 30 years and are best friends.  We have two minnie Dachshund brother and sister, Reeses and Peanut.  They are our loves and keep us thoroughly entertained.   

I enjoy mixing rustic and elegant pieces in our home and you will see these in how to easily add summer touches to the home.  Also, I enjoy making old pieces new again that I may find thrifting and antiquing.  In how to easily add summer touches to the home I will be sharing a mixture of French pieces with some rustic touches.  I decorate our home with pieces I truly love. I truly have found my style over the past few years.  So, I hope you enjoy seeing how to easily add summer touches to the home. 

Incidentally, you may also enjoy seeing my spring home tour.  In this tour I also share many crafts and DIY’s with lots of information and inspiration.

Some Things I Like To Use For Summer Touches In My Home

Summer is an easy and relaxing time of year.  For the most part, I try to keep things simple and light during the summer months.

During this tour I will share how to easily add summer touches to the home.  I particularly enjoy adding fresh flowers for the summer months.  They are readily available and fresh flowers add so much to summer décor.

Also , I enjoy using ironstone in my home all year long.  In the summer it’s particularly easy to add summer touches to the home because of their simplicity.  I have a collection around our home filled with treasures.

Some of these pieces are important because they date back to the 1800’s. My father-in-law had these finds and this makes them priceless. 

Meanwhile, I have pieces in my home that are special because they are gifts from my mom.  Some of these pieces were given to my mom from my grandmothers.  Family pieces are truly special and priceless to my husband and me.

Let’s Begin Looking At How To Easily Add Summer Touches To The Home

First, let’s begin entering our home through our kitchen.  Our family and friends mainly enter our home this way.  Because they are our family we have an open door policy and they always enter our home eager to be greeted by Reeses & Peanut.

First off, when entering our kitchen you see our kitchen table.  For the most part, I keep the table simple adding seasonal centerpieces.  Here you will see fresh Hydrangeas in an antique McCoy pitcher on a plateau mirror.

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Looking At More Pieces In The Kitchen For Summer Touches In the Home

Next, across from the table is a hutch I switch for every season. This hutch is especially fun for how to easily add summer touches to home.

The Majolica dishes are incredibly important to me.  Because my grandmother did buy these dishes for my mom and dad shortly after they married it makes them extremely special.  After my mom passed I brought these to our home. 

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These dishes are from the St. Clement Majolica dessert collection and are from France. 

The Majolica pitcher is a favorite I had bought on Etsy a few years ago and enjoy using it in home for spring and summer months.  Also in the hutch for how to easily add summer touches to the home is some ironstone pieces. 

The top shelf has a soup tureen I did buy in an Etsy shop some time ago. 


Filling this soup tureen with Shakespeare sonnets dating back to 1842 and a pink French antique book adds color and family history.

Lastly, inside the hutch for summer is a collection of small ironstone pitchers with a touch of lavender. They truly add a finishing touch to the hutch.

Next to the hutch an iron gate hangs with my plate wreath.  Making this wreath for spring is especially special because these saucers are from my grandmother’s tea cup collection.  Incidentally, I try to use these special pieces in my décor.

As an example, of how I enjoy mixing elegant and rustic pieces in our home. Here’s elegant Italian Florentine plaques on a plastered board I made.  A cow head hangs above adding a rustic touch.

Incidentally, after being in our kitchen you will see that our home is a ranch with a semi open floor plan. 

Let’s Head Into The Great Room To See More Of Our Summer Home

Here, you will see why I enjoy our semi open floor plan.   As you can see, the great room is a spot to enjoy seeing from the kitchen.  Incidentally, you can see a bit of the ceiling in this room.  Another post will be coming on this DIY. I’m beyond thrilled with how my vision for the ceiling looks and I think you will enjoy it too.

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In this room decorating our bookshelf is fun for every season.  Generally, I keep this simple except for the holiday seasons.  As a rule, I try not to overwhelm the eye with too much clutter.  For how to easily add summer touches to the home, I add ironstone pieces I have been collecting.

Here on the top shelf a wood finial sits with it’s silver leafing.

Because I enjoy adding blue in this room you may also recognize the blue vase on  the bookshelf  from Antique Farmhouse. Here’s the link tinted glass bud vase .  Because it is a soft blue and resembles a mason jar, I had to buy it for the summer months.  A bouquet of baby’s-breath and an antique pink French book is pretty and easy. 

The soup tureen and sugar bowl also adds another touch of blue.  By the way, both pieces I did find while thrifting.

Also adding an advertising crock is filled with my grandmother’s silver is an easy summer and elegant touches. The silver also ties in nicely with the silver leafing on the finial above.

Besides ironstone, I have an affection for crowns and when I find a piece I love, it comes home with me.

Also, more Shakespeare sonnets fill an antique tureen along with violet butter pats for a summer touch.  The rose crown adds a bit of a romantic and rustic touch to this summer vignette. Incidentally, notice the smaller crown? 

Adding spindles to an Ironstone pitcher is simple and adds another element of easy summer touches to the home. Besides adding another wooden element these weathered spindles remind me of houses on the beaches in southern NJ.

By the way, this Alabaster birdbath is quite a find.  This is from a thrift store I visit and finding one with a bird intact is very rare.  Imagine my surprise when finding such a treasure.

Keeping pieces cohesive is especially important in how to easily add summer touches to the home.

In Additional Areas In The Great Room

On the other side of our great room are favorite pieces of mine.  First is the French Armoire, I did find thrifting.  I will be sharing the details of this piece soon.  So please sign up to follow Cloches & Lavender, so you don’t miss this makeover, it’s quite amazing inside as well.

I love our French chairs with the ruffle edge pillows these soften the wood accents on the arms and legs. We also enjoy seeing our outdoor space from this window. This window is wonderful because it lets in so much light and sunshine.

The French table is a fabulous find from Facebook Marketplace. For the most part, an urn keeps this simple for how to easily add summer touches to the home.  You may be interested in seeing my post on how to recycle a broken urn it may be helpful for any resin pieces you may own.

Filling the urn with all types of antique and thrifting treasures from doorknobs, an old lock, a small cast iron urn, a small filigree crown and flower pots I made is easy for a summer home. 

The Opposite Wall In The Great Room

On the opposite wall is our larger buffet.

Here is where an antique wood crate sits.  It’s one of two favorite antique pieces I own.  I had bought this from one of my favorite Etsy shops Edith & Evelyn.   The patina on this piece is truly beautiful.   For how to easily add summer touches to the home, adding Spanish moss and white roses is simple and natural.

An old chippy shutter with an Easy DIY Moss Wreath keeps the summer theme going.  An extra large corbel adds a finishing touch.

Also adding more texture and interest to this area is this Florentine frame with the Boxwood wreath.  An antique trunk and basket adds another element of texture.

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Lastly, For My Summer Home Tour

Here’s another angle of our great room from our dining room. Again a bit of the ceiling can be seen. I really can’t wait to share this DIY. I generally refer to ceilings ass the five wall in homes.

Lastly, on how to easily add summer touches to the home, is the dining room.  Here’s another example as to why I love our floor plan.  These two openings with corbels is beautiful and allows us to enjoy our seasonal decorating.

Our foyer is also seen from the dining room.  Even though people enter through the kitchen, I always fill the foyer with pretty touches. 

As an example, is the Bombay chest.  This piece did receive quite the makeover.  You will not want to miss this upcycle.

To the left/right, sits one of my favorite cloches and antique books with a pheasant feather as a bookmark.

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The bronze baby shoe incidentally, is mine.  This is so special, because my parents had our baby shoes bronzed and gave them to us after we all got married.

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I will also be sharing how we made the French Trumeau mirror so again, please sign up to follow Cloches & Lavender so you don’t miss this post.  It’s amazing and has many tips. 

More  About The Summer Dining Room

By the way, my second favorite antique piece, is in this room.  It’s also a purchase from Edith & Evelyn.  Can you guess what piece?  If you said the antique Jardinière, you are correct.  Filling this with mason jar bottoms and fresh flowers from the Market is another example how to easily add summer touches to the home.

Incidentally, the blank chairs you see haven’t been finished for this summer tour because NJ was shut down for a longtime from the pandemic. Therefore, they will soon finally have fabric and seats. Also, the side chairs will be getting updated with new fabric too.

The corner near our foyer is a beautiful spot with a Florentine table I had bought thrifting for $18.  Generally, in the marketplace they can be expensive.  Adding a topiary, books and a pitcher with spindles is any easy summer touch.

On The Opposite Wall In The Dining Room For Summer

The opposite wall for summer, adding a cloche on an ornate pedestal is all it needs. 

Adding my plaster ware female bust is a simple summer addition.  Additionally, the floral ribbon adds a sense of romance.   

Above on the mantel, sits an old deconstructed porcelain French lampshade I had bought at a small shop close to home.  Because this has no lightbulb ring placing a small pineapple finial adds a grand summer look. 

Next to this piece sits a Peony canvas sitting inside an old frame I found while thrifting.

Finishing this tour off is this old door with this easy wreath idea hanging with a soft ivory ribbon.

I hope you enjoyed how to easily add summer touches to the home and will sign up to follow Cloches & Lavender and my newsletter at the top of my page.

Now please stop over to see Ann Marie’s & Ann’s from Simply 2 Moms to see their beautiful summer home tour and simple summer decorating ideas.  It’s so pretty and full of beauty.

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