Amazon Pieces I Love For A French Home

Today I’m sharing Amazon pieces I love for a French Home. I have many pieces in our home that I have found on Amazon and love. Also, there are a few things I still have plans to add to our home as well.

First off, I’m sure like you, I have hit the Amazon icon and have seen pieces I had to add to the home.

Well today, let me share some Amazon pieces I love for a French Home. By the way, many of the pieces I am sharing I already own and they make great additions to French décor.

I am beyond excited to share these pieces because some make me so happy and I can’t imagine my home without them. So of course, I have to share the great Amazon pieces or what kind of friend would I be, right? I consider all my blogging ladies my friends because we all love making our homes beautiful.

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Oh wait, before I begin, I’m sharing a link below

So, let’s take a look at what pieces I am sharing with you today!

First up, this A&B Magnesium candle holder with its white distressed look.  I have two of these Amazon pieces I love for a French home and use old books to stagger their height. I especially love these Amazon finds in our foyer because they make a statement and aren’t too large.  These pieces are also affordable and are staples in my foyer. 

I especially enjoy changing these for the different seasons.   As an example, for the warmer months, I have a moss ball on one and a crown on the other.

After the summer months, I add candles to add warmth for the chilly months ahead.  Also adding pumpkins to these for fall is a pretty idea. Also, how about a pumpkin on one and a candle on the other?

For Christmas as an example, I may leave a candle on one of the Amazon finds and add a special ornament from a dear friend. Another example, how about a bottle brush tree and a candle on the other.    

Next, Amazon pieces I love for a French home are these Lush Décor Rosalie curtains.  As a result, my French style works well with these panels.  Every morning when I see these greeting me before my workout I smile. I don’t mind if these say they are Farmhouse in the title.   As a rule, I decorate my home with things I love and these are a great addition and make me happy.

Another Amazon piece I love and own for a French home is this basket.  Baskets are great ways to add texture and interest to the home.  Besides being useful for holding throws, they can be a catch-all in moments for collecting things around the house.

Of course, another piece I love for a French home is preserved Boxwood wreaths.  As an example, I have this larger size inside a very old Florentine frame.  Doesn’t this look elegant?  Imagine how pretty this Amazon piece will look in your home. Also, Boxwood wreaths work all year long and that makes them even better on the budget.

Also, you can see another Boxwood wreath hanging on an old gate in this picture. Imagine seeing this every time I enter my office. Isn’t it beautiful hanging with a simple ivory ribbon?

I also have this smaller Boxwood wreath and look how simple it is on this candlestick.  I often scatter these around our home because they are perfect all year round and add a bit of French. 

Enjoying the greenery makes me so happy especially when the trees are dormant during the cold winter months.

Here is other examples of how I display these smaller Boxwood wreaths throughout my French home. Adding this to my French Trumeau mirror completes the look.

By the way, I’m planning on a project for this small mirror to add a more antique look!

Here’s another idea to use these little gems. Hanging from this metal frame I found for $10 adds a beautiful touch A ribbon and done!

I hope you think about adding these pretty Amazon pieces I love for a French home to your home décor to enjoy as much as I do every day.

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  1. Your home is so lovely! I love all the french decor! So many great ideas for these little wreaths. I have few and you have given me some great ideas on how to add a few more, thank you!

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