Update a Wreath for Fall

Today I’m sharing how to update a wreath for fall. First off, I am aware that July 4th celebrations are around the corner. However, sharing easy fall inspiration is fun. Also, it’s a great time to get the ideas in the planning stages.

So today, I am joining some blogging friends to share fall inspiration that’s easy and fun to create. I will have links and a list of everyone’s projects at the end of my post. Please visit these talented ladies because they are sharing some pretty autumn inspiration.

Besides, who doesn’t love easy crafts and fall ideas? I especially enjoy seeing inspiration this time of year to get my thoughts to begin moving towards celebrating with friends and family.

I also want to thank Kippi from Kippi At Home for putting this hop together.  So now, let’s begin looking at how to update a wreath for fall.

If you are visiting my friend Renae over at Peacock Ridge Farm welcome isn’t her pumpkin beautiful, I love it so much.

First off, I have had this fall wreath for quite a while.  It’s from Pottery Barn and while I still enjoy this wreath it needs updating and a small tweak.  See, I told you an easy update!

I began this fast craft project by buying golden delicious fake apples from Factory Direct and here’s the link.  They especially look real and for the price, I am not disappointed at all.  

Realistic Artificial Apples

So Let’s Begin Working on the Front Door Wreath

Step 1: Getting the Placement of the Apples

So, to begin how to easily update this wreath, I did a dry run for placement on my craft table before gluing the apples.

Apples being laid out before gluing

I especially suggest doing a dry run because this way you know exactly where these additions will look best on the craft idea.

After doing my dry run of the apples for this easy update a wreath for fall, I did a bit of tweaking. 

My Next Update to the Front Door Wreath Is Snipping Branches

Step 2: Snipping the Edge of the Branches

Because this wreath has been here for a while the ends of the branches are looking a bit worn.  So, snipping the edges of the branches began. Using my wire cutters and I began snipping the ends off until I was happy with the way they looked. This takes minutes and makes a big improvement.

These wire cutters are to snip the edges of the branches on the wreath
This is what I snipped off the wreath with the wire cutters

By the way, while I was snipping branches, my glue gun is heating.  After this step, I easily add a dab of glue to each apple and place it on the wreath.  I did hold each apple a moment to make sure it was dry and attached.

So, for minimal time and money, I have a brand new wreath ready for this upcoming fall season.

This is an up-close picture of one of the apples added to the wreath.  It looks so real

This wreath looks beautiful, especially against our black door with all its fall colors.  Also, notice that close up these apples look incredibly real.

Another picture showing the new apples on tthe wreath
This picture is the wreath hanging on the front door.  It's full of fall colors.

By the way, if you have fake pears, artichokes, or even pomegranates, they will work too! This keeps it extremely budget-friendly. So, I hope this gives you some ideas to update a wreath for fall for your front door for this upcoming fall season.

Now please hop over to My Family Thyme to see her gorgeous hydrangeas. They are absolutely stunning ad my favorite summer flower. 


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14 thoughts on “Update a Wreath for Fall

  1. Just pinned this to my Fall board, Cindy, it’s gorgeous! I love all the layers of texture and how you included the apples too. You could totally use this on the front porch all the way into Decemeber! It’s really beautiful! Hugs, CoCo

  2. It’s only mid July and I’m already needing to see pretty fall pics like this one 🙂
    Thanks for sharing at the FWF party.

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