Easy Wreath Idea

Happy new week, we had another five inches of snow this weekend. So today, I’m sharing an easy wreath idea.

How This Wreath Happened

Recently I wrote this post, Organizing a Craft Closet and I found olive branches this is what happens when getting organized.  I bought them from Magnolia Online a long time ago and forgot I had them.  They are currently out of stoke but will be back soon.

Besides finding these branches, I also have grapevine wreaths in my craft closet all the times. These are the pieces that lead to my wreath. The project is in fact not only easy but pretty to add for any season.

supplies to make the easy wreath

I did bring floral wire in case it would be needed but I didn’t use it for this project.

Items Needed:

  • olive branches or greenery of your choice
  • 8″ grapevine wreath
  • scissors
  • ribbon for hanging

Next, gather your supplies and cut your stems. By the way, make them various lengths as well as leaving the ends long enough namely to slide between the branches.

cutting the stem with wire cutters
cutting a branch off for the easy wreath
cutting more for the easy wreath

Meanwhile, begin adding each branch to the grapevine wreath. After adding some branches briefly step back for the most part too if it’s symmetrical.

adding the stems to the grapevine wreath

As a result of cutting different lengths of the branches, this is also a good time to add the small pieces for the fullness.

olive stems

After you achieve the fullness you like finally choose the ribbon that works for your décor and hang it.

ribbon to hang the wreath
finished easy wreath hanging on a shutter

In the end, it adds some greenery to our home during these cold months. It hangs from an antique shutter and lavender is always a pretty addition inside a French market basket for a finishing touch. I also am a fan of green and purple together, what do you think?.

wreath hanging and basket filled with lavender

I hope you enjoyed this wreath and think about adding one to your home. I’d love to know if you would give this a try in the comments. Also, I would love for you to Pin this idea.



20 thoughts on “Easy Wreath Idea

  1. I love how crafty you are Cindy. This is so cute and I love it on the shutter. With your basket of faux lavender below it all looks so pretty together. Happy New Week.

  2. Cindy, I love your wreath hanging on the shutter with the basket of lavender beneath it! I do love a wreath, and I used to make them myself all the time. Alas, my hands and fingers don’t always cooperate with me to do these things, so I rarely make them these days. I miss the crafting but I always enjoy seeing your creations. Stay warm and well!

  3. Beautiful!! And I love that you just had everything in your closet. The wreath looks so fresh, reminds me of spring…gosh, I can’t wait for that!!

  4. This wreath is so beautiful, Cindy! I love how you used materials you already had on hand and how you can use it in multiple seasons too. It’s totally fantastic! Hugs, CoCo

  5. Yes, definitely, Cindy! I would make an olive wreath and I DO have a wreath available in my closet. 😀 I like to keep one on the mirror in the hallway all year-round. Thank you for the quick tutorial and Happy Valentine’s to you!!! <3 Keep warm this weekend and it's good to be back hopping with you all. <3

    Barb 🙂

  6. Your olive branch wreath is gorgeous. It is amazing what goodies can be found while organizing.
    Happy Valentine’s Day,

  7. I love your olive branch wreath Cindy! You always create the cutest wreaths, no matter what the season. Thank you for sharing with Charming Homes and Gardens.

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