Wines From Down Under Virtual Wine Tasting

Hello everyone, Friday afternoon was a fun day! We took part in a Wines From Down Under Virtual Wine Tasting. I have never thought of doing a virtual wine tasting, have you?

As a result of the pandemic, we have taken part in things we haven’t had the ability to do in person. As an example, a virtual wine tasting is something I never would have done if not for the pandemic. Before the pandemic my husband had been traveling to NYC too and now he works out of our home. Therefore, Wines From Down Under Virtual Wine Tasting had taken place for everyone to enjoy together Friday.

wines down under wine tasting

To begin with, In Good Taste is the company that held the event.  This became a particularly great time for me to put together a charcuterie for two together.  Also giving me the opportunity to use my vintage wine crate DIY charcuterie.

As a result, I made a shopping list of all the essentials. A variety of soft and hard cheeses as well as a variety of meats were purchased. This was only for two so the quantity is small but it was fun putting together. Honey-roasted nuts, pistachios, grapes, breadsticks, and water crackers can be seen and are perfect for wine tasting.

After cleaning the grapes and cutting the meats adding them to my antique dishes from France adds an elegant touch. I also did pour the Pistachios into a small dish from France which makes them extra special.

charcuterie board set for wine tasting
tasting wines for the virtual tasting

How The Virtual Wine Tasting Took Place

Having seven bottles of wine from down under virtual wine tasting a variety of wine glasses is a must. We have our own host for this event. She graciously walks us through each bottle of wine and explains the region of Australia each wine is from. After opening each bottle and tasting it is fun to smell each wine and figure out the aroma of each. Having done this one other time it is fun to smell the wines to learn the different notes I smell in each.

picture of the charcuterie board filled with wine tasting supplies

The wine tasting is an hour and a half long. The host explains the different regions the wine is produced. Additionally, the host explains why to swirl the wine and asks about the different smells observed from each bottle. It is also fun to notice the different scents such as berry, grapefruit, and vanilla. I have only taken part in a small wine tasting before so this is fun because seven different wines from down under virtual wine tasting take place.

As an example, one wine was a Chardonnay and I don’t usually enjoy this variety very much. However, this Chardonnay was lighter in color and not as strong as the variety I have had in the past.

During this wine from down under virtual wine tasting it is advised to have the food pairings, especially with the reds. Which are bold and heavier. Also because this wine tasting is seven small bottles it can be too much with no cheeses, etc. It also adds to the event and wine tasting.

crackers and grapes for wines down under tasting

22 thoughts on “Wines From Down Under Virtual Wine Tasting

  1. Oh what fun, Cindy!! I’ve not taken part in a virtual wine tasting but such a great idea!! Your charcuterie board turned out so beautifully!

  2. Cindy, this looks like so much fun! I imaging that you had a most wonderful time, and your charcuterie board looks yummy. Wishing you a most beautiful week, sweet friend!

  3. This looks like such a fun way to celebrate spring and try out new wines at the same time, Cindy! Love that you’re finding ways to still enjoy the things you did before the pandemic. It’s so important! Hugs, CoCo

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