Violas and Cherry Blossom in The Garden

Happy Thursday, it’s been a cloudy few days. Today I’m sharing Violas and Cherry Blossom In the garden. When spring arrives in NJ I begin feeling excitement because I know planting Violas is coming.

purple and yellow viola in a flowerpot

I look forward to seeing their yellow and purple color on our front porch. It reminds me spring is here. It also reminds me that growing will begin and there will be pretty flowers once again.

This link will take you to Lowes where you will find a variety of colors.  Aren’t they pretty?

I often dream of planting the Violas in the ground in front of our home. However, rabbits that live in our yard have let me know planting these in the ground isn’t going to happen on their watch. Therefore pots hold Violas and the cherry blossom in the garden. I enjoy these creatures that love to live under our shed and have their babies. As spring moves along we get to enjoy seeing them scamper in our yard throughout the warmer months.

Because we enjoy these babies, we make sure to be careful with our planting choices throughout the planting season. I have also learned you can’t win the battle with animals over the years.

Weeks after planting these Violas our Cherry Blossom makes a grand entrance. This year has been the best bloom we have had since we built this home six years ago. Having the gift to build a brand-new home has been a wonderful gift we have never taken for granted.

weeping cherry blossom in bloom

Wanting a Violas and a Cherry Blossom close to our home I did make sure to pick the correct size. Therefore, I chose to plant a Dwarf Weeping Cherry Blossom. It has taken a few years to fill in and that’s okay. Because of being patient and trimming this tree up after every bloom it blossoms and fills in more every year.

close up of petals and a bee
violas on the front porch inside an urn

If you would like a look at last year’s flowers on our Garden Room deck look here.  These are flowers I love for summer after Violas and the Cherry Blossom are no longer blooming.

After the violas and the Cherry Blossom are no longer blooming we plant our annuals. Now begins the task of looking forward to planting for the summer months. In years past we have been using Begonias in the front of our home. However, they have not always grown the way we would like. So we have tried to make ourselves aware of the sunlight we do get and realize we receive mostly afternoon sun. So I am now looking into annual that don’t require morning sun and rabbits will not eat. Wish me luck!

Do you enjoy Violas and Cherry Blossoms? I’d love to know. What plants do you use for the front of your home for the planting season? Please let me know in your comments and don’t forget to sign up for Cloches & Lavender’s newsletter. I will also love for you to follow Cloches & Lavender so you never miss any projects taking place.

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12 thoughts on “Violas and Cherry Blossom in The Garden

  1. Your Cherry Blossom is gorgeous. I love that Spring is here and all kinds of spring flowers are popping their heads.
    We have a bunny that lives in our yard too but she has to be very careful with Buddy. He likes to chase her! Happy Friday have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Your blooms are just gorgeous, Cindy!! Our trees are just starting to bud and now frost is in the forecast! Hoping it doesn’t harm them!!

  3. These are both so pretty Cindy! I’ve never heard of a dwarf cherry blossom tree like that so I’m really excited to look it up and see if it grows in my area too. Yours is gorgeous! Love pansies and violas so much – they just speak to a simple way of life that makes me swoon. Hugs, CoCo

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