New Rug for Our Garden Deck

Hello all, today I’m talking about a new rug for our garden deck. Are you getting ready to make your outside living areas pretty for spring and summer?

I’m getting excited for planting season and enjoying the outdoors with our pup Peanut and Reeses. Reeses already has spring fever and it we have had a few warm days. He loves being outside while his sister sunbathes.

As some of you are aware, I have MS and use a walker to get around.  So safety has to be the number one priority. As a result of our outdoor rug we have had for three summers fraying on the edges causing them to roll, a new rug is a must.

So therefore, I’m searching for a new rug for our garden deck. NJ can get thunderstorms during the warmer months. No rug will stay completely dry all season and that’s okay. When the sun reappears I will want it to dry rather quickly, an option to consider.

I’m also moving away from a French blue to a more subtle grey tone. This will also allow our flowers to be the showstoppers.

the old rug in good shape before needing to buy a need rug

The other thing to consider when purchasing an outdoor rug is UV protection. As an example, while looking one manufacturer says the outdoor rug in not moisture resistant. This of course made me pause and therefore look elsewhere.

So let me show you what I am looking for at

a sample of a rug I'm looking at for the deck
another new rug for the deck

This is not a sponsored post, however, I will tell you they are having a great sale right now.  This is also a perfect time to begin making plans for your outdoor living area.

I am getting excited to begin hanging enjoying the outdoors. While I am deciding on a new rug for our garden deck I will be waiting to begin spending days outdoors.

Have you found anything new for your outdoor living area? I’d love to know and Pin these so you can remember the options I shared.

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  1. These are both such beautiful pptions, Cindy! I totally forget about UV protection but it’s so important. Especially, when you’re trying to combat fading. Love this beautiful outdoor space and can’t wait to see what you do with it. Hugs, CoCo

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