How I Got Fortunate Twice

Mother’s Day is around the corner can you believe it? Mothers are truly amazing to me. From the day one they do ever thing just because they love us. They love us even though they have no idea what to expect.

Really automatically it’s unconditional love.

Speaking of mom, my mom was truly amazing. The love I had for her is unbelievable.

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Her favorite color, pink. She is the reason I listen to music every day. She always had music playing whether it was Neil Saka, Lionel Richie, Kenny Rogers, John Denver, Barry Manilow and more. There was music.

She played the piano and was amazing when she played. It is a memory we all have of her playing those keys like a star

Yes, when I was a teenager there was push back. The normal remarks everyone else’s mom lets them do this or that. She’d say well that’s them and the answer is no

So and so gets to do this and gets to do that and she still would say that’s in their household but not here.

Of course, as a teenager, stomping down the hall crying and slam the bedroom door happened.

Then the famous one, why can’t you be my friend like so and so’s mother? Answer, it’s not time for me to be your friend. It’s time for me to be your mom and parent. You’ll understand when you get older. And………..

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In the meantime, as I was not the kindest to my mom, she’s washing my clothes, making me dinner, ironing for me and loving me no matter what.

Mom made every holiday perfect too. I remember baking with her when I was little. I remember her letting me lick the bowl and my one brother lick the beaters. Were those the best days!!!

As I got older making Struffoli. That dough was a small amount and saying am I every getting to the end of rolling these little balls. And she would laugh.

Mom made every event in our lives extra special for all three of us. My older brothers and me.

Every baseball, football and basketball game for my oldest brother she was in the stands cheering. For my other brother, very soccer game she was there cheering. And often because they were so close in age, she and my dad shuffled between two fields.

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For me she watched me over and over practice endlessly cheerleading. It started at five and went through junior high. She never complained. She supported all three of us always.

Mom kept Sunday pasta warm for me when cheering and was always there watching me. When we had home games and was freezing, she was there. And even traveling with my dad to watch me at away games.

Getting ready for competitions she watched me practice at home always. She came to my competitions and was always in the stands with the biggest smile.

Then one day my husband came to pick me up for our first date. His smile made her mush. The next day he came over and walked in and said hi mom and she didn’t bat an eye.

My mom said once we got engaged, now I have my five children.

It’s funny after we got home from our honeymoon, I could see instantly our relationship changed.

We talked about everything and told each other everything. We even kept each other’s girlfriend secrets we shared.

Now I truly understood what she meant when I was younger about being my parent and not my friend.

Not only was she my mom, but she also became my best friend. We saw each other at least three days a week by ourselves. And on the weekends with my husband.

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Shopping and going out to lunch, laughing so hard at times.

Oh, my mom’s smile I can see it as if it was five minutes ago. It lit up a room and lit up her beautiful face. Her skin was like silk her voice so soft as well as her kisses. Oh, what I’d do to see her smile, feel her touch and have her kiss me today.

Then she got sick and was gone. And I didn’t think my life would ever be the same. And it’s because there will always be a whole in my heart forever. I lost my bestfriend and the best mom in the world.

THEN my dad met my stepmom and and she is the kindest soul. She embraced me right away and has become an important person in my life. I love her and she’s here for me whenever I need to talk.

She loves my dad and makes him happy and whole. So, how fortunate am I to have two women in my life that I can embrace?

Celebrate the joy these women give us throughout our lives.

Whenever I look in the sky at night, I know my mom is the brightest star looking after me.

I know if I need her my stepmom will be here for me.

So always make sure to embrace these women we call MOM!

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11 thoughts on “How I Got Fortunate Twice

  1. What a nice tribute to your mom. I am very close with my two daughters now as they are adults. We share so much with each other like friends. When they were teens and younger I was their mom and now I can not only be their mom but also their dearest friend. I love that about being a mom and how are relationship with our kids changes and grows. Have a good week. Glad you have such lovely memories of your mom to hold onto. xoxo Kris

  2. My Mother/best friend has been gone for 33 years – I miss her to this day. We shopped, laughed, reminisced, laughed, shared books, came full circle and shared a home in her final years.
    Now I am fortunate that the cycle continues with me in the mother role and my daughter sharing, reminiscing, laughing with me.

  3. Wat a lovely tribute! I know how hard it is to lose a fabulous mother! Kidney cancer took my Mom five years ago! It’s so hard but I have lots of wonderful memories like you do! Hugs, Donna

  4. Such a sweet and thoughtful tribute to both your Moms, Cindy! It’s a blessing to have one special lady in your life but knowing you have two was definitely a double blessing and something to be treasured. I’m glad their love lives on in you. Big hugs, CoCo

  5. Dear Cindy, I am truly touched and overwhelmed by your thoughtful words. They mean the world to me.

  6. Cindy, this is such a beautiful post. You are extremely fortunate, and blessed to have wonderful memories of your mom. Yes, lucky twice, to have a wonderful stepmom as well. Thanks for sharing with us.

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