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Hello sweet blogging friends, today we are trying a new challenge, DIY Knockoff, hosted by Terrie from Decorate and More with Tip.

The premise, find something that inspires you from a store and come up with a way to create something very similar for less money. Who doesn’t like to save money?

8 Knock Off Home Decor 

Terrie is great at DIY’s and I hope you loved her creation as much as I did she’s very talented!

I got my inspiration from a piece I already  purchased from Antique Farmhouse the link is HERE


I applied a dry brushing to the basket to add a French look.

After receiving this, I found out it wasn’t going to work for what I had in mind.  I will be honest, I hopped back on to Antique Farmhouse to purchase another in a shorter size, they had two heights.

My plan was to purchase the shorter version to be placed under a large cloche I also purchased at Antique Farmhouse. 

When I went back to make my purchase they were sold out.  I was disappointed at the time and happened to be working with lavender for another project.  My wheels started turning in my brain and I said, make one, and came up with my plan.

Here comes the DIY, I have a deep affection for lavender which is no surprise based on my blog’s name and in French decorating it’s a must in my opinion.

I had extra faux lavender I bought last year from Hobby Lobby, the best faux lavender I have sever seen.


I knew I didn’t have a basket to use, but that was okay as this is my inspiration.  I always keep painted terracotta pots in my office that I use for topiaries I make and for gifts, usually adding reverse transfers.


Using one of my pots I began by gluing a piece of Styrofoam to the bottom using the low temperature setting on my glue gun.  This is necessary to avoid the Styrofoam from melting.  Hold in place for a few seconds to set up and get firm.


Now, I began cutting my lavender bush into separate pieces with a wire cutter.  The next step was to add the stems to the pot one at a time to create the same look, I chose five to use the odd number theory when decorating.



I went and did a search on Google on how to make real looking dirt and found a few, I chose this process.  I had John grab me non clumping kitty litter and Elmer’s glue.  I have to mention how wonderful my John is to get me items when I need them and never complaining, tough not be able to drive anymore but that’s life.

 I added the kitty litter to fill in the gap around the Styrofoam to take up space.



Making the dirt, here’s what’s needed.

  • Plastic container
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Non clumping kitty litter, very important to be non clumping
  • burnt umber craft paint
  • black craft paint
  • 2 paint stirrers

Unfortunately, there’s no exact steps with this process, the directions weren’t clear cut but I have mixed glazes ad paint and felt confident I would achieve what I needed.  The key is to use enough glue and kitty litter to keep it pliable. Add a decent amount of glue to your container and sprinkle in some kitty litter and mix well.


Add a decent amount of burnt umber paint to the container and a few drops of black craft paint and begin to stir together until it’s well combined and begins to look like dirt.  I find the few drops of black paint gives it a more realistic look.  The important thing is to let the kitty liter get wet enough to move around.  




I used a small popsicle stick to spread the mixture carefully around my plant. Once it was covered to where I was pleased I let it dry.  It dried pretty fast about one hour.



I began to bend the branches outwards in spots on the outer edge to have a more realistic feel.  I have to tell you I love the version of this dirt and plan to use it for other projects.

I placed a wine barrel I bought years ago from Italy down to act as my base.  I added a few dishes to the base of the pot because I wanted to add to the look of a real plant and the dishes would catch the excess water.  A crown was added for a French touch and then the cloche.



For the money of kitty liter and Elmer’s glue I have to say I LOVE this project and the end result.  Everything else I already had in the house so the cost was very little and the joy of creating I’d say this is a huge win, win!

When I created my piece above with the Florentine plaques HERE I mentioned the tip of the cloche was in the picture.


I hope you enjoyed this DIY and get inspiration to try your hand at making this or a piece similar.

Next up is Liberty from B4 and Afters and I hope you pop over to see what she has created for this challenge she always creates wonderful pieces.

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38 thoughts on “DIY Lavender Knockoff

  1. Hi– I’ve never tried to make faux dirt, but you did a good job! Good to join you in this Challenge : ).

  2. I love your faux lavender, Cindy! It looks so realistic! And WOW on that faux dirt! Who knew you could make it! So creative! Great Job!

  3. Cindy Your cloche is so cute how you have it styled. I love lavender as well. I could of used your tutorial on faux dirt when I made my lemon tree. Yours turned out great. Great job. Thanks for joining me on this fun knock off challenge

  4. What a great idea on how to create your faux “dirt”! I will be using that idea in my future! I have shared this over at Chloe’s Crafters FB group!!

  5. Beautiful! Your dirt is genius. I am totally going to try this since I can’t keep real plants alive. Awesome tip!

  6. Love how you made the dirt. That is so great. Love this it looks so pretty.

  7. Beautiful ob, Cindy. Fascinated with the faux dirt. xo Laura

  8. Job!! My computer is cutting things off today.

  9. Cindy this is SO pretty! You did an amazing job! I love how you styled it with the cloche. Beautiful!

  10. Cindy, I love what you’ve done with your lavender and that cloche is COOL! Thanks for linking up with SYS last week. Happy to feature your post in this week’s Share Your Style #257, thank you!!! <3

    Happy creating,
    Barb 🙂

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