My 3 Year Journey Losing Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Hello everyone, today I’m sharing my 3 journey loosing eyebrows and eyelashes. Truth, losing my hair is absolutely devastating. But as I have mentioned we including the doctor are very optimistic. More and more hair has grown back. Also, I found out the fact it us growing back like hair and not wispy is very important.

So, in this house we are taking it one step at a time, but we are happy. We see light silver dots on the entire top of my scalp. We also can feel bumps like hair.

A Drug That Can Help I Can’t Take

I didn’t mention this before but there’s a drug out that the doctor did say would give me my hair back in 6 months. However, it’s too dangerous with my MS drug so she will not give it to me. That’s hard because in one way I say I can have my hair back in 6 months if it wasn’t for my MS drug.

Picture of me in a Cloche hat

But then I step back and say, “are you nuts?” this drug is a blessing for my MS. Stop it now!

So, I continue applying my Rogaine twice a day as recommended by my doctor. And in reality, if it takes a year or 1 and a half to grow back, I can deal with that fact.

I keep things in perspective. But honestly, I have my days where I say what if it doesn’t grow back? That’s not an option for me because I am incredibly strong willed, and I refuse to accept anything different. So, every two weeks some more hair pops up and I am grateful.

Losing Eyebrows and Eyelashes I Difficult

Yes, I lost my eyebrows and my eyelashes. This is truly very hard. Let’s face it they frame your face. Every day I cried, and I am not exaggerating. For me I am unrecognizable.

Again, I said this is unacceptable, and after 2 weeks I took it upon myself to apply prescription cortisol to my eyebrows and a bit to the edge of my eyes with a Q-Tip. Yes, I know near my eyes could have been dangerous, but I did this very carefully.

What I Was Using to Fill in My Brows

Again, at first many said get them tattooed. Others said get microblading done. Then my husband and my best friend said you do nothing until you speak to the dermatologist.

So, I contacted her, and she said NO don’t do any of those because any hope of your hair growing back will be over. As agonizing as this is it is going to take a long time.

I began trying to use eyebrow stencil which normally work great. However, having MS and not great motor skills I struggled. Of course, being the man, he is my husband tried to help and it worked a bit but still looked bad.

Then the girls at the salon said ask the doctor and if she gives you the greenlight, we can tint them. So, I asked the doctor and she said that is a safe process.

I have been going to this salon along time and they took good care of me. The first few times they didn’t even charge me. The owner said to do this for free for me. I still can’t believe it.

Applying Serums to My Eyebrows and Lashes With Results

After doing this for a few weeks, I saw this product on Instagram. At the time it was only known as Bold brows serum and Long lashes serum. It’s from a company in Australia and what made me make the leap is the women that run the company have autoimmune diseases and needed a product for themselves. So, they got it done.

I also spoke with the owner via email, and I decided to take the leap. Well, I apply this serum twice a day. And after months, gray hairs began to show on my eyebrows.

Next thing I realized little things were sticking out of my eyes. Now this took months and I mean months. But my entire outlook began to change. My eyelashes continue to grow and are getting thicker.

My eyebrows also went from gray to my dark hair color. The girls at my salon who I trust completely, said eyebrows take longer to grow but no one knows why.

picuture of my eyebrow goring and lashes
my right eyebrow and lashes

Now I only need to add a bit of dark eyeshadow with an eyebrow brush and set them with this product from Sephora.

And my eyebrows fill in more and more every few weeks now. Is this serum cheap, no. Is it outrageous, no, and I swear by this product! They run sales throughout the year, so I stockpile on big sales.

By the way, this product is cruelty free, Vegan and it WORKS!! I CAN’T say it enough!

The name of the company is CanGro. I am getting nothing from this Company. I believe in this Company and this product whole heartedly! Also, here is a link to their Facebook Page.

So, this is the latest information on my 3 year journey losing my eyebrows and eyelashes.

I hope this may reach someone and help them through this tough journey.

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My Three Year Journey

Karins Kottage

12 thoughts on “My 3 Year Journey Losing Eyebrows and Eyelashes

  1. Cindy you have a beautiful face and soul. With or without hair, eyebrows and lashes you are a gorgeous woman. I am glad you are finding things that can help you that won’t interfere with your MS drug. Happy Friday have a good weekend. xoxo

  2. Hi Cindy,
    You look amazing and thank you for sharing your journey with us. It’s great you have found a product that helps you!

  3. You have come so far Cindy and you have become stronger than you were at the beginning of this struggle. It’s exciting to hear that you are having success with the serum! I’m so thrilled for you!! Thanks for sharing your story my friend!

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