Pumpkins on the Porch

The past week fall has made its presence known and I couldn’t be happier.  Days have been nice and cool with the evenings having that chill and smell in the air.

Can you relate?  Do you notice during fall there’s a certain smell outdoors?  Between the crisp air, leaves and grass it has a certain aroma, you know?



I have a request, ignore our bottom step, please.  The summer was very wet and humid and left this attractive mess on our bottom step.  John said, no way am I power washing until these pumpkins come off the porch.  So, pretend perfection instead of real life, wink.

Let’s get back to our enjoyable thoughts shall we??  


Friday morning was our first light frost.  I have to say I enjoy seeing frost in the morning.  When the sun comes around in the early mornings I enjoy seeing the shine on the grass.

This also brings memories back of walking to grammar school.  Oh the days when parents didn’t have to worry when kids walked to school.



These cooler days are getting me in the mood for making chicken pot pie, beef stew and a favorite creamy polenta.



Reeses and Peanut are enjoying the weather too.  A few days have been breezy and leaves are falling and they love running and catching them.  I would love to be able to snap a picture but they move so fast it’s hard to get.



Here’s hoping these cooler days stick around.  Hope you are enjoying some fall weather where you live.





17 thoughts on “Pumpkins on the Porch

  1. Your front porch looks just lovely! We too had a frost Friday morning that zapped all the annuals. I noticed the frost was two weeks earlier than last year. I hated pulling out all the plants but it was time.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Good Monday Morning Cindy. Your porch looks so pretty for Fall. We are in full Fall here in Illinois too. Frost got my plants a week ago too. There were a few flurries yesterday Ugh!!! Not ready for the white stuff yet. So glad it got up to 55 here yesterday so that little bit of snow flurries melted away. I hope Fall will stay around just a little longer before Winter sets in. Happy New Week.

  3. Your porch is so pretty! I love your urns!! The way you styled the steps is exceptionally pretty. It is in the 40s here at night now – which is actually pretty cool for us. We are really enjoying it though. Just hoping my plants last as long as possible.

    1. Yes, I love our urns too.  The frost I mentioned killed ours annuals in front.   I knew it was coming.  Wish the step was cleaned.  So much rain and clouds this summer the sun was not out enough to prevent it.   Like I mentioned, real life 


  4. Cindy your porch with pumpkins is so fall inviting. Love the black lanterns and the layers going up the steps. I am also so glad for cooler temps. Yes you can catch the aroma in the air.
    No frost here yet, so the flowers are still hanging on. More rain expected Wednesday. Mums are in full bloom so the rain helps the with the watering. Enjoy your beautiful fall days. Have a great week. Hugs, Celeste

  5. The tall urns are amazing!

    I love the look of pumpkins spilling off a porch, but we only have one step so I just have a pumpkin snowman on the porch.

  6. Your front entry looks wonderful with the pumpkins and flowers. I do love the way fall smells!

  7. The porch looks beautiful, Cindy! I’ve never been able to get those bales of hay to look right, but you nailed it! The leaves are finally starting to change around here, and it’s nice that it cooled down, but boy, it was a drastic change! I would have preferred some low 60’s before it hit the 40s!

  8. Your porch looks so pretty. I love the weather we are having here right now. Sunny cool days are perfect for getting out. I just hate that it has to be followed by winter. xo Laura

  9. Love all your pumpkins, Cindy; especially the pink ones! I can’t decorate our front steps because of the wind. Alas, there are only a few leaves left on our maple tree outside our front window. We get hit with the wind very strongly here. Our Autumn has been very cold and I miss summertime. Summertime is when I notice a scent in the air. I can’t quite describe it but no other season here is like it. Anyway, I will be decorating for the Holidays soon and that is always fun! Glad you’re enjoying Autumn!

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