Lamps to Holders

Hi everyone, hope you had fun with the fireworks.  For me,  I DON’T like the whole thing.   Too loud and I hide right next to my Momma and Peanut.

As you can see, I’m in one of my favorite spots.  Peanut says I’m boring but I love being right here to catch-all the action that’s going on, I’m VERY nosey.

I’m not going to talk much like Peanut, she goes on and on, see ya!



I had these lamps in our old living room, the plan was to change in our bedroom every once in a while.  Let’s be honest, I am never going to do that, EVER.


These bases were  too pretty to get rid of, so what to do???  Make them into candle holders for our dining room table.


I’m sorry for the picture, the sun was streaming in my  office.  You may notice some views of the beginnings of my office.  We are starting to get this project going and it is BIG. 

Back to the holders, I used many layers of paint.  I didn’t what the look of solid colors.  I chose to a wash of colors in ASCP.  I used, Louis, French Linen, Chateau Grey and Old Ochre.


On these little accents, I used silver gilding wax to make them pop a bit after I did my waxing.


Silver gilding wax was also added to these leaves a bit too.



Close up of the centerpiece.  I kept this simple with an artichoke and a pretty glass bottle I picked up at Michael’s last year with a few sprigs of lavender.  These pretty elements of t he season were added to my favorite cloche.

Beneath you can notice my antique mirror from Ballard.  I have had this for many years.  This room gets pretty sunlight in the early afternoon.


Notice the sun.




Thanks for stopping by, love the visits.  Many projects in the works, be sure you stay posted.  Have a great week.

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26 thoughts on “Lamps to Holders

  1. Beautiful job Cindy. They turned out gorgeous. Love that you layered the colors. Little Reeses is too cute. Just want to kiss that little face. What a sweetheart. Hope Peanut is doing good too. Our little Cooper does not like storms or the fireworks so he had a rough week end too. Have a great week ahead.

  2. OMG….Reeses is such a cutie pie! Ours do not like the fireworks either, I’m sure they are very relieved it is all over for another year?!?!? The candlesticks turned out great and look beautiful on your table. Such a clever idea!!!!

  3. Hi Reeses! You look so adorable in your faux fur throw! Miss Molly isn’t crazy about fireworks either. We are happy the 4th is over! Love your mom’s idea to transform the lamps into candlesticks! She is oh so clever! Sending you and Peanut big puppy hugs and kisses:)

  4. I would never have thought of repurposing lamps into candleholders! They look awesome. I love using metallic waxes on projects!!

  5. Hi Reeses, how cute you look in your comfy throw. I don’t blame you for not liking the noise of the fireworks. Have fun cutie!!

    Hi Cindy, I love your lamps remade into candle holders. They look fabulous on your table with the wonderful centerpiece. Love the color you gave them too. A great project. Hope you had a nice 4th. Enjoy the week. xo

  6. Cindy, that is so clever! I never would have thought to make candlesticks out of a lamp, but they turned out beautiful! Reeses, glad you don’t have to worry about fireworks for another year!

  7. Well aren’t you the smart one! I love this idea and those were a perfect choice to make into a candle holder. The way you finished them out turned out perfect. They look wonderful on your table! Love it!

  8. The candle sticks look beautiful on the table. Such a clever idea for old lamps! I don’t have a creative bone in my body, so I can really appreciate your creative skills.

  9. Cindy, Usually objects are being turned into lamps. This lamps have undergone a wonderful transformation. They look great!! Sylvia D.

    1. Hi Sylvia , I visited your blog and now following

      Watch that mint, it will go wild

      I’ve heard of using avocado. I must admit if I am baking I don’t change things. I work too hard so it’s full of everything bad for you, lol

  10. Happy to see you creating again Cindy, as I’m sure you are too. The candles look amazing, and Reese’s, well, you know how I feel about your pups!!


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