Cindy’s Corner

Cindy' Corner

Cindy’s Corner is the new name for Cloche and Personal. I know many like the play on words, but I honestly wasn’t feeling it with the name.

So, let’s see what’s been going on this week so far.

I am still painting the dining room table base. Okay, honestly, I did White Lightening and one coat of boss from Dixie Belle.

Here’s the story, this is a nerve-racking week for us. Why, Peanut has Enzyme liver tests every three months. She is on two supplements for the issue, but every three months needs blood done.

Picture of Peanut our mini-Dachshund

See, we love these pups of ours so much and now that they are 11 things have to be watched. For the most part Dachshunds have a long span. The thought of something being wrong with either one of them is super hard.

These pups are so much more then pups to us. Before I got on my new biologic, my MS was spinning out of control. Reeses & Peanut were by my side when I was crying hard.

They licked me and snuggled as if, saying mommy we are here to love you no matter what. Truly they are also my therapy dogs at times. Pressure for these babies of ours but they love us just as much as we love them.

So, as I am typing this, I am anxiously waiting for the vet to call.

Blog News

I have been getting ready for spring when I can too. I have my first wreath done and will be sharing it next week. As I did mention I am quite smitten with it and it’s easy.

my hands making a bird nest

No not five minutes easy however it’s easy. I will say hot glue and a hot glue gun are involved often. But it’s so worth it!

I also did finish one centerpiece too and it makes me happy. No, I there will be no hints.

Next, I am working on making aa project with Peat pots. Again, no way is there any hints.

Friday, look for a fast and delicious snack for Valentines day or even for the Super Bowl this weekend. By the way, I have a feeling black and white movies will be seen Sunday. I have zero interest in these teams this year. Am I bad?

heart shape brownies on a dish

I did share this recipe the other day!!

What Items Have I Been Loving this Week?

I am seriously crushing on these and may have to get a set!

Also, I have been eyeing these for years on and off.

How pretty are these vintage fabrics?

These are pretty and on sale for a great price. You may also want to check these out!

I seriously love this vest!

Have you ever had a Far Isle sweater? I have one an I LOVE it!

Stay tuned for a yummy fast snack on Friday!

By the way I will keep you up to date on our sweet girl!

8 thoughts on “Cindy’s Corner

  1. Saying a prayer right now for Peanut that her test results will come back good. So hard when they are having issues and we cannot explain things to them. Knowing how much you love them will keep them secure and happy as things change. Have a good Thursday. xoxo Kris

  2. I hope Peanut is good, Cindy. I know that’s nerve wracking. And we’ll be watching old movies this weekend, too!! My favorite…

  3. I hope you get good news about Peanut. I totally understand! I usually could care less about the Super Bowl but I did live in Cincinnati so I have to cheer on the Bengals!

  4. Love the new name and definitely adding my prayers to the others for your sweet pups. I know it’s so hard when they’re sick and can’t always communicate what’s wrong. Plus the unconditional love and comfort they give is like no other. We’re so blessed to have companions like that in our lives. On a side note, I can’t wait to see all the spring goodies you have in store for us. I know they’re going to be amazing. Hugs, CoCo

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