Heart Shape Chocolate Brownies

heart shape brownie

Easy heart shape chocolate brownies. Do you love chocolate? How about dark chocolate? If you do these are for you and your sweetheart. Okay, can these get any better? Yes, they can, these are extra fudgy too!

Valentines day, can be simple and easy. Normally, I bake from scratch. However, for these decadent dark chocolate brownies, I made Duncan Hines dark chocolate extra fudgy brownies. Yes, decadent dessert from a box.

I made this the easy way because everything doesn’t always have to made from scratch. What matters is we take the time to make something for the people we love.

Besides, I took the extra time to make these extra special, using a heart shape cookie cutter.

Instead of using my usual brownie pan I added the batter to a 9 x 13 pan. Instead of parchment paper I greased the bottom only of the pan to be sure the brownies would come out easily.

adding the batter to the pan

After cooling turn the pan over tom release the brownies and cut out the heart shape. Because brownies have a rough top, I cut these on the underside. This keeps them neater.

cutting the brownies on the cake side with a heart shape cookie cutter Easy Heart Shape Chocolate Brownies
Easy Heart Shape Chocolate Brownies hearts after being cut out

Incidentally, if you are looking for an easy and decadent dessert, take a look HERE.

Make These Extra Cakes Pretty with Dishes and Simple Decorating for Your Loved Ones

How did I make these chocolate brownies extra special?

To make these heart shape dark chocolate confections even more special using a cake stencil I added confectioner’s sugar. By the way, this takes literally seconds to do and makes these extra special and might I add fancy.

How easy is this to accomplish? Simply add confectioner sugar to a small fine mesh metal strainer.

Next, lay the stencil down nd lightly tap the side of the strainer. A light coat of sugar will add the pretty cutout of the cake stencil to the dark chocolate yummy fudgy brownies.

Sprinkling the brownies with confectioner sugar with a small mesh strainer over a floral cake stencil

Since we truly eat with our eyes doesn’t this cake look absolutely charming? It’s all in the details nd making this heart shape dessert takes little time but makes your sweetheart feel extra special, doesn’t it?

Now, when serving this dessert how about taking out a pretty cake pedestal and adding a pretty dish to hold these pretty desserts? Using pretty dishes always makes any meal or dessert radiant in my opinion.

Easy Heart Shape Chocolate Brownies on a floral dish for serving with small heart covered shape chocolates

These dishes from Noritake discontinued however, I did find these, and they are beautiful! Honestly because I adore dessert dishes, I may have to grab myself a set. These will be gorgeous for spring and summer for entertaining.

Easy Heart Shape Chocolate Brownies on a small floral dessert china dish

Adding a Bouquet of Flowers Adds a Bit More Romance to This Special Dessert

Also, adding a simple bouquet of pink carnations to a pitcher makes this dessert extra special. It’s a fun idea to sprinkle heart shaped candy on the table too. Incidentally, carnations are my favorite flower from the market especially pink!

close up of the pink carnations
Easy Heart Shape Chocolate Brownies showing a vintage dove Valentine card

I hope this post conveys how everything can be simple and easy for you to celebrate the day of love.

a close up of the dove vintage Valentine card

So, as the day of love approaches where we think about our hearts and loves. Make thing special with these easy heart shape dark chocolate brownies.

How will you be celebrating the day of love? Do you think you’ll keep it simple and enjoy the person you love and not make too much fuss?

Stay tuned I will be sharing a couple of other quick ideas too!


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36 thoughts on “Heart Shape Chocolate Brownies

  1. Oh, Cindy! I love this idea!! It would give me leftover brownie to make brownie bites, too! Can’t wait to try this when I have a kitchen back in a few weeks!

  2. These are almost too pretty to eat, Cindy! I love how rich and velvety they look and also how you added the dusting of sugar too. That was such a special touch! As always loving and pinning, CoCo

  3. These are so fun and perfect for Valentine’s Day! I think it would be cute to use the parts with the cutouts, too! Square brownies with heart shaped holes – have you ever done that?!

  4. What a fun way to make Valentine’s just really special! I’ve cut brownies before with a cookie cutter, but I have not dusted with a stencil and powdered sugar, I just love that look! And your carnations and table setting are just delightful! May you have a very special weekend!

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