How To Store Nuts Long Term

storing nuts

How to store nuts long term.

Do you enjoy nuts? I love nuts, especially pistachio nuts. No, not in the shell, I enjoy these roasted with sea salt. I eat these every morning in my high protein yogurt. Because I eat these quickly I store them in glass containers in the refigerator. My container is not airtight namely since they are eaten weekly.

roasted pistachios in a bowl

Have you wanted to know how to store nuts long term? Well, today I am sharing information about how to store these long term. I am also sharing a bit more information you may not know about nuts.

A Great Question Is, Do Nuts Expire Fast?

First, do nuts last long, well they last 6 months in the refrigerator if they are in their original sealed packaging. Store nuts long term in their regular packaging and they will last up to a year in the freezer.

Out Of All Nuts, What Nuts Spoil The Fastest?

When it comes to storing nuts, pecans, peanuts and walnuts spoil the fastest. By the way, when I buy walnuts, I immediately store them in the freezer. This way I know they will last long term and I can grab what I need.

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How cute are these food safe storage containers HERE.  These are from Antique Farmhouse and are a perfect way to store nuts long term.

Simple Farmhouse Lidded Ceramic Canisters Set of 2

Because walnuts generally come in a larger package freezing these for long term storage is a great idea. I pull these out as needed for recipes.

A great place to order various portion control nuts is HERE.

shelled walnuts in a bowl to store nuts


Cashews and almonds are nuts less prone to spoiling so they store longer in a cool dry place such as the pantry.

raw walnuts are great nut for storage long term


Incidentally, if you enjoy walnuts or pecans this is a great and easy recipe HERE.

What About Storing Macadamia Nuts?

Macadamia nuts are full of amazing flavor and stored in the pantry they are usually good for six months. Because these are expensive, again, I immediately store these in the freezer. However, Macadamia nuts will last one year stored in the freezer. I take them out as needed for recipes.

macdamia nut in a bowl


Do Roasted Nuts Have A Short Or Long Term Shelf life Compared To Raw Nuts?

The answer is yes. Why, because roasted nuts are usually chopped. This releases the oils and makes the nuts go rancid faster so storing them long term correctly will help their lifespan.

Although eating rancid nuts generally does’t kill you. It’s recommended to throw them out because their flavor is ruined. And, who really wants to eat a rancid nut, not me.

It’s also a great idea to store all nuts in a cool dry dark place. Honestly, this is the main reason I store all my nuts in the freezer. There’s also no delay time to use nuts straight from the freezer.

What’s The Correct Way To Store Nuts?

If the nuts are no longer in their original packaging, store these in an air tight container. I also store them in freezer storage bags to take up less room long term.

Here are great storage ideas for nuts HERE and HERE. Honestly, these are so cute they hopped into my cart.

Airtight Glass Storage Jar, for Coffee Tea Nuts Canister Petal, Decorative Container with Bamboo Lid, Metal Handle Easy to Grasp

And here’s another inexpensive idea HERE.

Roasting Nuts Before Using In Recipes

Lastly, before adding nuts to recipes whether baking, cooking or salads I always roast my nuts first. Roasting nuts before adding them to recipes brings out the flavor. I highly recommend doing this because the intenstiy of the flavor of the nuts are amazing.

roasted pistachios are great nuts for long term storage

Incidentally, in my opinion, walnuts, pecans and pine nuts are fantastic in salads when roasted. Roast these at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes. If roasting pine nuts for example, keep your eye on these because they roast and can burn quickly.

For the most part, I use macadamia, walnuts, pecans and pistachio nuts for baking. Again storing these nuts in the freezer makes them available when needed.

I hope you enojyed learning about how to store nuts long term. What’s your favorite nut? Do you have a favorite and will you store them long term now? Let me know because I enjoy interacting with my readers.

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  1. I love nuts- just about any kind of them. Would you believe I did not ever taste pistachios until I was almost 50 years old? Now they are one of my favorites.
    Hope you have a NUTTY day! Hugs- Diana

  2. I love nuts of all kind but since I was diagnosed with kidney stones awhile back that is something that can cause those so I have to be careful. Those containers are so great. Happy Tuesday sweet friend. xoxo

  3. Lots of great information! Thank you for sharing. Oh and I also LOVE pistachios, they’re such a tasty snack.

  4. My husband loves nuts and we store them in the freezer, too! Of course, they don’t usually last that long around here. 😉

  5. You have shared some great nutty tips Cindy! I am a bit nuts about nuts… we love them in our family, and they don’t last long, as we eat them up quickly. We enjoy them as a snack. Our favorites are pistachios and pecans. I also love walnuts, and sunflower seeds too. Your tips were great about how to store them long term though, thank you for all the great information!

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