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Welcome to Cloche and Personal! This is a new series I will be sharing every Sunday morning.

What will Cloche and Personal be about? First off, I am going to share something about myself every week.

For my first personal tidbit, I SERIOUSLY, have cookie issues! No kidding, I can’t keep them in the house on a regular basis.

During the holidays they’re in the house all the time. Otherwise I need a PADLOCK on the pantry door.

My worst offender is Oreos. Oreos can not be in this house ever, seriously. Not to mention Uh Oh Oreos. They would end me.

What Have I Shared On The Blog Recently?

Don’t you enjoy making your home cozy for winter? If you missed the post you can see it HERE. In NJ I especially love adding chunky throws and pinecones. Another thing I love is burning candles. A scented candle burns from late afternoon until bed.

I know they aren’t supposed to burn that long so don’t call the candle police. The smell of spicy candles make me happy. I am very sensitive to anything sweet or floral. Candles burn in our home from September through April.

This week I also shared my 3 year journey. You can see that HERE.

This week, I shared information about nuts HERE.

I shared my home decor love HERE. Psst, don’t tell the other decor pieces. They may get jealous.

What To Look Forward To On The Blog?

Well, Valentines day is around the corner. So, look for a few Valentine posts.

I made up a new recipe last weekend and it is delicious and so easy. I will be sharing that too. Hint, crunchy chicken is involved but that’s all the info you get for now!

Spring crafting will begin, yes it’s that time of year to get the creative juices going. I think I have some good things up my sleeve.

Lastly, some painting of furniture will happen too. You know I love a great furniture update!

What Pieces Am I Crushing On And Adding To My Favorites For Shopping?

Well, here’s my list

These pieces from Antique Farmhouse sure are beauties!

Reproduction Relic Candle Spire

Click HERE

Rattan Wall Basket With Handles

Click HERE

Metal and Glass Plant Mister

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I highly recommend checking these shops out. They have beautiful pieces, great shop owners and ship perfectly every time!

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10 thoughts on “Cloche And Personal

  1. My hubby loves oreos. I am not a huge store-bought cookie fan but give me a homemade one and I am ‘done in’. lol. It will be fun to see how Cloche and Personal develops. Love the idea! xo Diana

  2. My husband and son share your love for Oreos. I can pass up most store bought cookies (well, except for Tates!), but don’t leave me alone with cheese, or sugary candies like gummies or jelly beans, I cannot be trusted!

  3. I totally get the addiction to oreos. Over the years, my sweet tooth has calmed down . I do enjoy something sweet in the evenings. Homemade cookies are my favorite. Your new series sounds wonderful Cindy. happy Wednesday.

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