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Happy Sunday,

I love Sunday! It’s usually a day where we enjoy time together. Maybe watch a black and white movie.

Snuggle with the pups.

Do you like cold weather. I normally love it!

However this week it has been so cold in NJ. At least it hasn’t been windy.

Poor Reeses and Peanut don’t want to go out in the cold.

We tease him and say he’s like Goldilocks…..He doesn’t like it too cold. He doesn’t like it too hot. He likes it just right.

Actually, this is his favorite spot from October through March!

dog laying on the floor

He calls this Warm and sits here for hours

On the other hand, Peanut lays here often because she can’t see.

dog laying on a pillow on the couch

She can’t see but she’s a spitfire. She’s braver every day. Now she makes her daddy chase her around the coffee table to pick her up. We call this her Throne. I swear if she wouldn’t get scared, we would put a crown on her.

You know I have plenty.

crown collage

We have been getting great use out of the fireplace and hot chocolate.

Something Personal

I love country music. Not the old stuff the newer version. I have been listening to it since the 90’s.

Another thing funny, is I can’t sing at all. I’m tone deaf. Can you sing?

My awesome husband lets me sing at the top of my lungs because I listen to music every single day. I can’t live without it. 34 years he has heard my horrible singing.

The sound of my voice is so bad. When we sing Happy Birthday at parties, I lip sync. No lie. I am that bad.

When you sound horrible singing that, it’s bad.

Honesty Time

Honesty time, I know last week I mentioned I was going to share a chicken recipe. Why didn’t I? The pictures were unsatisfactory. I will make it again soon and share the recipe.

This Week On The Blog

I joined amazing blogging friends for a Valentine’s Day hop! It is filled with tons of inspiration! Take a look.

Also, I joined my Do It Over Designers for our monthly challenge. Great inspiration too!

What Shops Am I Loving This Week?

This has become a new favorite shop for me Remember support small businesses

Here’s my favorite shop make sure you take a look.

How Cute Are These?

How cute are these?

By the way, one of these is on the way. No, I can’t tell you which one. You have to wait for me to show you!

I hope you have a great week!

8 thoughts on “Cloche & Personal

  1. Happy Sunday Cindy. Buddy is like Reeses he likes it just right. Not too hot and not too cold. He loves that spot on the back of my new chair by the window when the sunshine is coming in. Comfy and warm for him. Looking forward to the blog hop Valentines decor. Have a great new week. xoxo Kris

  2. I’m in northeast IL and no, I don’t like cold weather. I much prefer the warmer weather. Summer is my favorite season.

    Your pups are so cute. My female kitty sits or lays on one of the heater vents in the house (they’re in the floor) all the time.

    Too funny about your singing. Yes, I can sing, though I’m just average. I love music too, but sorry to say, I don’t like country music. Or opera. Or rap. Otherwise, I like everything else…rock (esp 70’s), jazz, folk, classical, bluegrass, some swing.

  3. Love black and white movies too, Cindy! They’re the perfect way to snuggle up and spend a chilly afternoon. It’s been crazy cold in Florida this week so I’m trying to use the time to slow down and enjoy the season. It was fun learning more about you and I’m excited about this new series, CoCo

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