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See an easy elegant Valentine’s DIY. Have you ever wanted to make an elegant Valentine? Well, this post is for you because I am sharing how to make this easy elegant Valentine’s DIY.

If you are stopping by after visiting Renae from Peacock Ridge Farm welcome. She’s creative and her heart wreath is beautiful.

graphic for valentine blog hop

What’s your favorite thing about Valentine’s Day? Honestly, my favorite is the fact the day is about love. I know sappy right? Truth be told, I love, love. I’m a romantic at heart and that’s why this easy elegant Valentine’s DIY came to be.

Not only does it signify the day with your typical wood heart. This DIY has French wrapping paper layered on top.

Paint The Edge With White Paint

First, I bought this from Michaels for $2. Can you believe it? Take a look because you won’t believe the size for the price of my DIY. Incidentally, this comes with a small round hook so it can be a wreath too!

plain wood shaped heart for my easy elegant Valentine DIY

Next, I begin adding white craft paint to the edge of the wood heart for my easy elegant DIY and let it dry.

painting the sides of the wood heart with white paint

Before painting, I trace the heart on my elegant wrapping paper. By the way, I have had this wrapping sitting in my craft closet. Having pieces for free for projects is great in the craft closet!

Using sharp scissors, I cut the pattern. Because this is wrapping paper, I added a stack of books to flatten Valentine’s heart. As you can see above.

Cut Heart Shape

Add Wrapping With Mod Podge

Using a sponge brush or a paint brush andMod Podge I brush a good coat on my heart for the easy DIY. For the most part, be sure to cover the edges of the paper well.

adding Mod Podge to the back of the wrapping paper for my easy elegant Valentine DIY

Flip the wrapping paper and place it on the heart. Here’s where I am sharing a trick that I regularly use when Mod Podging. Also, this works every time to prevent wrinkling so definitely try this technique.

adding the wrapping paper to my easy elegant Valentine DIY
rubbing the wrapping paper with plastic wrap to keep from wrinkling

Using Decoupage scissors or sharp scissors carefully cut around my graphic to add to an elegant romantic Valentine’s DIY. Because delicate cuts are needed for this step these scissors work well.

my image before cutting for my easy elegant Valentine DIY
beginning to cut my image to add to my easy elegant Valentine DIY
finishing cutting my image

Add Mod Podge to the back of the image making sure to go to the edges. Now carefully flip the image and add it to the DIY Valentine project.

adding Mode Podge to the back of my image to add to my easy elegant Valentine DIY
attaching my image to my easy elegant Valentine DIY

Paint Appliques

Painting Metallic Before Gluing

Before adding the appliques to my DIY project, I painted each one using Champagne craft paint. You can of course purchase this at any craft store. This step only takes one coat of paint. I did choose to add appliques to add an extra elegant look to my DIY.

Champagne paint I painted my appliques with for this project
painting my appliques for my easy elegant Valentine DIY
my finished applique after painting for my easy elegant Valentine DIY

Attach The Clay Appliques

Adding Charm With Embellishments

To attach the appliques to the easy Valentine, I added Aleene’s Tacky glue. Did you know Aleene’s has a quick dry glue now? She also has her Tacky glue available in a bottle that’s upside down.

I think that’s great because it’s hard to get the last bit of glue out of the bottle. Wood glue works great too.

Let the appliques dry.

adding glue to the applique
spreading the glue on the applique for my easy elegant Valentine DIY

Dark Wax

Add Character: Vintage Charm With Wax

In the final step, I add dark wax to the entire piece bits at a time. After applying the wax, I rub it with a lint-free cloth. Remember, I have said in the past it’s important to rub wax well into a project to prevent it from getting sticky.

applying dark wax to my easy elegant Valentine DIY
showing the wax on my project
rubbing the wax in with a rag on my easy elegant Valentine DIY
showing my project finished easy elegant Valentine DIY
showing a closeup of my easy elegant Valentine DIY with roses and pearls
sharing another image of my DIY with roses, pearls and a crown
final image of my easy elegant Valentine project

You may enjoy especially if you adore romance here in THIS inspiration too!

I hope you enjoyed this easy elegant Valentine’s DIY. Do you make anything special for Valentine’s Day? I’d love to know; I enjoy connecting with my readers.

Now let’s visit Kim from Farmhouse To Florida and see her tulips. Here she speaks about how different colors of tulips have unique symbolic meanings. Use these meanings to send your Valentine a special greeting!

Have a Great Day
Have a Great Day

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  1. I was fascinated by the whole process Cindy! Thanks for the tip about using cling film to make the decoupage smooth, I’ll file that little titbit away in my crafting tips. I love how the decoupage heart turned out – so pretty! Pinned!

  2. I love how this project turned out. I’m always amazed at how vintage you are able to make your projects look. That really is a skill that I haven’t mastered yet. Pinned.

  3. Cindy – I learned so much! I used to be a crafter years ago and then with kids and work all my knowledge flew out the window. I remember how much I used to love working with mod podge and now you have me wanting to do some projects. I love that it was wrapping paper that you used – how brilliant is that! Also the wax – I had no idea – I used to use wet tea bags but this is so much better. It turned out so lovely! Thanks for hopping along with me!

  4. What a neat project. I love how you put it together and made it appear vintage, I love anything script. Pinning this one for sure. So happy to have been on the hop with you.

  5. Cindy this is beautiful, so romantic and creative. I’m pinning this for sure. I’m excited we got to hop together for this!

  6. Cindy, this is gorgeous! I love how you used wrapping paper! Adding dark wax and the metallic paint added so much character. It was so much fun to hop with you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. Cindy, I love your valentine craft. It’s so sweet and romantic…perfect for Valentine’s Day! It was fun hopping with you. Happy Valentine’s Day! Pinned πŸ™‚

  8. There are so many fantastic Valentine’s Ideas in this post, Cindy! I loved the vintage inpiration you added to the heart. It was really pretty and I definitely something to keep around all year. Can’t wait to see more! Hugs, CoCo

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