Quick & Easy Christmas Craft

Today I’m going to share a quick & easy Christmas craft.  It so easy it takes about 10 minutes.  It also happens to be very pretty.

First, you need to purchase Epson salt which you can buy at the supermarket.  Let’s face it, we are all in there continuously during the holidays, ha, ha.


Next, you need Mod Podge, a sponge brush, paper plate or bowl and mason jars.  I already  had these in the house and they were the perfect size to work with other pieces on my kitchen table.


Brush Mod Podge on your first jar and while wet sprinkle Epson salt on top.  I did a random sprinkle to get the affect I wanted.  What’s that you may ask?   Snowy icy texture.


Yes, I did this in the early morning in my jammies.  I recommend doing this over the sink so the salt falls in the sink to avoid a mess.


They are dry right away.  I had this jingle bell garland and wrapped it around a few time.  I think it finishes this off adding a pretty touch.  Ribbon, twine, or jute would look pretty too.


I used my Pottery Barn tea light holders with them that I purchased last year.  The only part this cost me was Epson salt and 10 minutes.  Inside each are battery operated flickering tea lights.

These would make lovely gifts too.  Using larger mason jars would be wonderful.

Quick, easy and looks so pretty to use all winter, score!

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  1. Oh Cindy these are so pretty and seems very easy to make. These would make perfect gifts too. Love this idea. Thanks for sharing.

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