Psst I Love Decorative Crowns In Home Decor


Psst I love decorative crowns in home decor. Here I share where to find crowns and how to use them in home decor.

Can you keep this a secret? Where this passion came from, I am not sure.

Maybe it’s because at a young age I enjoyed playing a princess?

It may also be that decorative crowns in home decor add whimsy. Furthermore, adding a crown in decor adds elegance to anything.

Here’s the secret, honestly, I think it’s all the above.

If you have been following Cloches & Lavender, you may have noticed I tuck crowns into home decor as much as I can.  If you are new here, please sign up to follow along and you will see my love of decorative crowns in home decor throughout the year.

What Types Of Crowns Do I Use In Home Decorating You May Ask?

For the mot part, if the crown makes my heart happy, it finds its way to our home.

As an example, I have crowns big, medium and small. Most of my crowns for our home decor are metal. However, my love of decorative crowns has me on the hunt for a large crown to add to my home decor. I’d like to add it as a centerpiece to our coffee table. So, wish me luck in my hunt.

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How Do I Use Decorative Crowns In My Home Decor?

Honestly, I love adding crowns to almost anything in my home decor. Crowns work all year round and you will see them tucked into our home decor on a regualr basis. Maybe I should start a game like where’s Waldo? Where’s the crown? What do you think?

Where Do I Buy My Crowns For Our Home Decorating?

Generally, I buy my crowns whenever I see one that I love. I truly have not seen many crowns I dont love to add to our home decor. Normally I am drawn to rusted crowns with character. This crown is especially pretty because the metal reminds me of lace.

crown that r eminds me of lace

I have bought crowns from Etsy shops and various other places. I adore Etsy because I enjoy supporting small businesses and they have one of a kind crowns.

small handmade crown i love in my home decor.  made from an etsy shop

Incidentally, this small pink crown is a specially made piece for my collection. Sadly, this Etsy shop isn’t around anymore. However, I did find quite a few I will share. Psst keep it secret, don’t tell the other crowns.

another crown i love in home decor around a pitcher.

Here’s a few shops I love to find crowns for home decor.

By the way, I love these vintage replica Santos and will be adding these to my collection soon. When adding pieces such as Santos or crowns to home decor not all pieces have to be antiques. Buying pieces like these gives the look without the price tag for home decor.

Santos Crown Antique Gold decorative crowns in home decor


Here’s another beautiful crown I found for your home decor, isn’t it pretty?

Crown Small Metal Ornamental for decorative crowns for the home


Incidentally, I have purchased from this shop and the shipping and packaging is perfect!

This Zinc Crown ifperefect for home decor


Psst, the crown below is on its way. It’s a great size and price.

This a pretty crown I love for decor


Psst I love decorative crowns in home decor was a fun post to share. I hope you enjoyed it too. Do you enjoy a certain piece in your home decor? Pssst, I will not tell the others. Let me know what you love to add to your home decor. I enjoy connecting with my readers.

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  1. Love the crowsn. My daughter always wears a tiara when they have parties at their home. It is kind of her signature and everyone loves it. Maybe I need to buy her a crown. xo Diana

  2. Your crowns are beautiful and I loved seeing all of the ways that you styled them in vignettes.

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