Cloche and Personal 4

Cloche and Personal 4

I hope everyone has made it through the weather this week.

One, Texas went through snow, the Northeast saw severe ice and Florida had cold weather too.

I’m wondering if you’re noticing the days are getting slightly longer. I notice at 5:30 p.m. it’s still light out.

Our Saturday was bath day for the pups. So, everyone is nice and fluffy.

The Super Bowl will be on soon. Do you watch the game? I think the munchies are the best part. What are your plans and what foods do you enjoy during the big game?

We are getting ready to begin watching Creatures Great and Small. My stepmom says it’s good! Do you watch it? Let me know.

This week on Cloches and Lavender I gave this plaque an update. By the way, I share a tutorial!

a Florentine plaque inside a boxwood wreath

Also, I did share how to age hardcover books in minutes. Yes, minutes.

books, pitcher with dried lavender and small boxwood wreath

Also, HERE you can see, I always buy these 7 items at Walmart! Take a look.

Spring crafts are beginning. I made my first Spring wreath. I’m quite smitten with it. I look forward to sharing it soon.

In the meantime, these spring crafts from last year are easy to make and are pretty in any home decor! Again, I share easy to follow tutorials.

Another project in the works is the base of our dining room table. It’s receiving a paint update. I look forward to sharing the process with you.

Valentines day is around the corner. Do you have plans? We always stay home. We have a nice meal, hang out and watch a movie.

a glass jar filled with ivory dried flower buds

Of course, there’s always goodies. Look for a post soon about a few quick ideas for something sweet. My sweet loves sweets and truthfully, I have a sweet tooth too.

pink tea cup

Pieces I am loving this week online!

I may be getting this piece. I think it will be so pretty in our home! Don’t you think it’s so pretty?

Here’s another great find! These are perfect for to add the home. I love them!

Lastly, these are on their way. Originally, we were going to make these however, it would cost more to make. Lucky me!

I hope you have a great Sunday!

16 thoughts on “Cloche and Personal 4

  1. I love ‘All Creatures Great & Small’ both the show & the books. If you haven’t watched the first season be sure to go back & watch it from the beginning.

  2. I have zero interest in football so the only part I will watch is the half time show. Love your china!

  3. Valentine’s Day is a few days after my anniversary, so we usually celebrate both together…if it doesn’t snow!! Haha!!

  4. It’s always fun to see what you’re up to Cindy! I LOVE your teacup so much and I’m excited about all the projects you have going on as well. All of the pieces you got from Antique Farmhouse are amazing. I know they’re going to look so good in your home. Sending you hugs for a Happy Valentine’s Week, CoCo

  5. Football isn’t my thing and thankfully my hubby gave up on it! We stay home for Valentine’s Day, a nice dinner and a movie and we are happy! Have a great week Cindy!

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