Traditions/Meanings Candles in the Window


Traditions/meanings candles in the window. Some may wonder why this topic of candles in the window now. The holiday season is over, right?

There are indeed interesting traditions and meanings of candles in the windows. As an example, they are in homes throughout the year. And guess what, we are one of the homes that leaves candles lit in our windows all year long.

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Why Do People Have These in Their Windows Throughout the Year?

As an example, many Bed and Breakfasts have the traditions to light candles in the windows throughout the year. Additionally, this is to help guide travelers to their door. In fact, this announces there are beds available. Incidentally, this sign to welcome guests, quickly spread to hotels, inns and homes.

By the way, this is why traditions/meanings of candles in windows is in our home. We especially like those guests to feel welcome to our home with these lit candles in our windows.

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What Does it Mean to Put a Candle in the Window?

Here, the tradition of colonial families is to put a candle lit in the window whenever a family member is away. Generally, communication was letters or a messenger.

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battery operated window candle with remote and timer

Battery Operated Window Candle with Remote and Timer

People in Pennsylvania Put Candles in the Window, why?

PA Dutch has the traditions of candles in the windows to signify an offer of sanctuary, a place to sleep and eat. By the way, this signifies if candles burn in the windows, the door is always open.

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Why in Ireland did They Put a Candle in the Window?

Namely, due to religious persecution the Irish people faced, families would find ways to practice their traditions of faith without immediately alerting the British. For example, on Christmas Eve, an Irish family who wanted to have a priest visit their home for sacraments lit a candle in the window.

Battery Operated Window Candles with Timer

How Do We Avoid Extension Cords All Over the House?

When designing our home, we knew we wanted to add the traditions of lit candles in the windows. Therefore, there’s an outlet under every window. Some builders refer to this specifically as the holiday package.

A quick FYI, make sure the candles for windows are not wax because they will melt.

I hope you enjoyed the traditions/meanings candles in the window. Do you use candles in your windows all year too? I’d love to her what you think about having candles in the home all year. I enjoy connecting with my followers.

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35 thoughts on “Traditions/Meanings Candles in the Window

  1. I did the same thing with the last house we built/remodeled. An outlet under every single window-even in the bathroom. I don’t do the candles in the condo windows as I don’t have the ledge for them. I think I need to figure out a way to do that. I am always a PA girl at heart. xo Diana

  2. I love the candles in the window look. So pretty. That is interesting about the candles in the window for the Irish to have the priest come with the sacraments. I just think it gives such a nice colonial look. Have a great week. xoxo

  3. I have candles on my office window, not real ones, but they feel real. I had no idea, so interesting!

  4. I always leave candles in the windows until MLK weekend when I take down my tree. I think that next year I’ll leave them up all January and maybe even February. Interesting post!

  5. This is so interesting! I never knew the meaning behind this tradition. I don’t remember seeing it much in the LA area, but in Seattle area it is more prevalent, and of course on the East Coast 🙂

  6. Here’s another one for you. In Wales (before street lights), people would light candles in the windows to guide the men back home from work. During winter, it was dark when they went out and dark when they came home. Candles lit their way all the way home! Great post – pinned!

  7. We’ve always had them up during the holidays but now I have a great reason to leave my candles in the window! They do look very welcoming I must say. <3

  8. I’m always afraid of the risk with candles (with pets!) but this is a great solution.

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