Small French Mirror

Welcome to this months Thrift Store Challenge.  Rules, you can spend up to $15, repurpose a piece you own or create a piece from objects in your home. 

This month I found this frame that had an old mirror inside at a Thrift store I frequent for $10.  I apologize for forgetting to leave the mirror in for the before pictures.

As the post progresses you wil see the old mirror in the finished frame.  The imperfections to the mirror are what made me love this piece.  The mirror is very heavy and thick.


The beginning of the makeover.  Notice this isn’t the prettiest painting job on the original frame.


The plan, make a small French mirror for our back hall.  Appliques I had on hand from a project a long time ago were never used so at this point they are free.  I had to come up with a design and my handyman John made the cuts for me.

John used a scrap of wood he had in the garage leftover from another project.  He saves every piece of wood he can for projects such as this for our home.

After they were cut I used wood glue to adhere the appliques and let them dry overnight.


It’s looking great and is in my office/work space for it to be made pretty with paint.


Jolie brand paint was used in the perfect soft shade of soft grey named Swedish Grey.  Her paint has many beautiful soft shades of colors that work perfectly for French Country color schemes.


Look how beautiful the appliques came together.  Looks as if the side pieces are spilled from the bouquet.  Just enough of an elegant touch.


I used  combination of clear and dark wax on t he applique and the scrap wood added to the back to bring out all the pretty details.  Look at the dimension the appliques add? 

You will also notice the mirror is placed back inside the frame.


Here she is hanging finished and looking pretty in her new home.  I love the fact the mirror has tiny imperfections to add the character to the overall look.

So for $10 and a bit of work and planning I now have a pretty French homemade mirror for the back hall.

I hope you enjoyed this small transformation and will visit the other ladies to see their great projects.

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21 thoughts on “Small French Mirror

  1. Cindy your mirror is gorgeous. Great re love. The applique really does make the mirror pretty. Have a great new week.

  2. I love that mirror, Cindy!! I’ve always wanted to work with appliqués. I haven’t found the right project yet…or the nerve! Maybe someday soon. I hope you’re feeling better. Having a cold is no fun. Thanks for all the lovely comments on my site. It’s always lovely to get a comment from you!!

    1. And it’s always wonderful getting one from you. You’re so crafty you would rock appliques. I love the charm and character they add to many things.

      Enjoy the start to your week

  3. Not sure if you’re going to get this comment twice, Cindy. My first one said it was a duplicate. Anyway…love the mirror. I’ve always wanted to work with appliqués. I’ve never had the right project or the nerve! Maybe around the holidays I’ll give it a shot! Hoping you’re feeling better from your cold…that’s no fun at all!

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