Whitewashing Technique Shutter

whitewashing a shutter

Today I want to talk about a whitewashing technique shutter but that’s not all.

Guess what else I want to talk to you about? Have any idea? Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. There’s a new paint company in town. Yes, there is and it’s a wonderful product. b

It’s Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint. Yes, Black Dog Salvage came out with a new paint product.

I am trying it for the first and certainly not my last! Yes, that’s right, I have many pieces in a row waiting to receive a beautiful new look using this paint for a new look.

My goal is to give as much information as possible regarding this new product line. I’m trying to make it as clear as possible so you can learn all you need to know and why you should give this line of paint a try.

I will also share how to whitewash vintage a shutter using this paint line.

First, have you heard about Black Dog? Well, I’m going to fill you in.

About Black Dog Salvage

A bit of history behind the company, Black Dog Salvage. Black Dog is also well known as a major architectural salvage company based in Virginia.

It’s also the home to the famous television show Salvage Dawgs. Have you seen it? Well, we have and it’s quite entertaining and amazing how they save so many pieces from prominent buildings. They also save pieces from the compost heap and landfills for residential and commercial purposes.

*As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases*

As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission with no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own

Their custom fabrication shop is also quite amazing. I have seen the co-owners Robert and Mike and their employees make rescued architecture into amazing pieces for homes and businesses on their show.

Because the Company upcycles furniture and accessories in its fabrication shop these often have a wide range of materials and surfaces. Many have remnants of old paint, lacquer, varnish, or wax. So the shop has the challenge to find paint on the market that will adhere to these reclaimed materials. So they solved the problem by developing their own paint line.

Information Regarding Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint and What Makes it Special

Basically, one requirement for the Black Dog paint line is to offer a mixable palette of pure, true colors. This is also something that was not available with other paints on the market.

Because they are using a pure white, Clean Canvas, and a pure black, Black Dog, any of the 14 other colors can easily be added to tint and shade for unlimited color combinations.

The end result, this product is a paint line that is extremely user-friendly, environmentally safe, and with
an exceptional adhesion rate, self-leveling ability, and endless color capabilities.

Information on Preparation and Use of the Paint

Information on Preparing to Paint

  • Yes you don’t have to clean, strip sand, or prime however you do need to clean furniture or any piece before painting
  • TSP or any good quality cleaner free of silicones or oils work
  • Allow your piece to dry completely
  • Particularly important is to clean the piece before sanding. Sanding and then cleaning could push dirt and wax into the wood which will cause a streaky finish
  • Most importantly NEVER shake the paint or topcoat
  • It’s also recommended to turn the cans upside down the day before beginning your painting. This unsettles the product from the bottom that settled. When opening the can the paint product may feel stiff so don’t worry. Begin stirring and remember to scrape the bottom of the can. This takes time but you will notice the paint becomes more fluid
  • Now apply the paint with the brush of your choice. f you are choosing to use a paint sprayer it’s important to thin the paint with DISTILLED water per the sprayer’s specifications. Sponge brushes and rollers aren’t recommended.
  • Above all don’t overwork the paint. After adding this to your piece allow it to lie and dry and a minimum of four hours is recommended between coats. In extremely humid weather allow drying longer.
  • Also, wait at least 24 hours before applying the topcoat. Again, if it’s very humid allow for longer curing and drying times.

Environmental and Unique Properties of This Paint

It was particularly important to this Company the paint line be safe for the environment and user.

Here’s a list of the properties of the paint

  • low VOC
  • water-based
  • safe to use around children and pets
  • can be applied indoors
  • high adhesion rate
  • self-leveling
  • ease of application
  • mixable palette
  • soap and water cleanup
  • strong topcoat
  • packaging is recyclable plastic and will not rust like metal and discolor the paint (bonus)

Basic Preparation, Coverage, Application, Adhesion Quality

Also one of the best parts is the fact it’s a water-based, low VOC, and quick-drying formula. This means Black Dog Salvage
Furniture Paint is easy to use and especially easy to clean up. The ultra-matte finish is self-leveling so it goes on smoothly and there are no brush strokes is also a major bonus.

Adhesion Quality is Amazing

One of the best parts is the adhesion quality. This paint from Black Dog is designed to adhere to most finishes. This has been successfully tested over the following:

  • glass
  • the metal of all kinds including rusted tin, brass, silver, stainless steel rusted iron, and aluminum
  • plastic
  • polyurethane
  • shellac
  • lacquer
  • varnish
  • latex, acrylic, and oil-based paint
  • stained wood, both water-based and oil-based stain

Yes, this paint works well with glaze, wax, and the best part it can be layered using multiple colors to give a truly aged look to a piece of furniture or accessories to add to the home.

Whitewashing Vintage Shutter and Application

Whitewashing and Application of This Process

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 chip brushes
  • lint-free rag
  • Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint – clean canvas
  • plastic container
  • water
  • large stencil brush for this particular project

I especially enjoy adding washes to pieces that need a bit of added color, texture, or in this case to be lightened a bit.

black dog salvage furniture paint in clean canvas
the can of paint for the whitewashing of the shutter

It’s also a great way to allow the original wood grain or paints to show through and this is why I add this painting technique often to projects.

There are two ways to use the process of washing pieces with paint.

  • mix water into the paint a little at a time to create a wash.
  • or have separate containers one filled with a bit of paint and the other with water.

Honestly, I tend to use the second way because I feel I have better control when whitewashing. I also tend to use one brush wet and keep the other dry.

Why do I do This for This Paint Application?

Why I Use Two Brushes for This Application

I do this because I like to blend my paint with a dry brush instead of a rag. For the most part, I use the rag to dab my brush before applying the paint.

Today I’m using Black Dog Clean Canvas. I find this paint to be a great choice, to begin with because it can be used to mix with many other colors available in this furniture paint. It gives you the ability to make a custom color lighter rather easily.

First I clean the shutter from any dust using a paintbrush.

For this project, I didn’t feel or see the need to clean this with TSP or any other product since I’m using this paint for a wash.

After cleaning I dip my chip brush into the paint lightly and then add a bit of water to the brush. Before adding the paint I dab a bit off the rag to make sure it’s not dripping wet.

paint after adding it to the louver with a stencil brush

Applying the Whitewash to the Shutter

Applying the Whitewashing and Top Coat

Then I add a bit of the paint/water mixture to a small area I want to lighten. After the paint is applied I use my dry brush to blend the paint. I continue this process until I achieve the look I’m wanting the shutter to have as far as lightning. This painting process also goes rather quickly.

Because I needed to get into small slats I used a large stencil brush to apply the wash to keep it neater and get the paint exactly where I wanted.

shutter drying after whitewashing

Lastly, I added a quick coat of Black Dog Salvage Topcoat in an ultra-matte finish and let dry completely. Besides having a brighter look the process of whitewashing furniture or accessories goes rather quickly. However, I HIGHLY advise once the paint is applied and rubbed with a dry brush as I do or a rag it’s best to leave the paint alone and let it dry.

black salvage dog furniture paint ultra matte finish

If the piece is not the way you envisioned another layer of whitewashing can be added after the first washing is dry. At times we want a piece to look a certain way and we often touch it right away. This can wind up being more of a problem than it’s worth. You may wind up removing the paint just added and getting the shutter or piece of furniture too wet and this causes no paint to stick. So leave the project alone until it’s dry.

shutter after whitewashing leaning against the wall
the piece finished in its spot

I hope you enjoyed learning the simple whitewashing technique shutter. I also hope you give this new paint from Black Dog Salvage a try. I’m loving it so far and will be sharing another project with this paint soon.

closeup of the finished project with an acorn wreath hanging

If you purchase Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint through my site, use this CODE: C-L20 and get 20% off! This time I will be painting nightstands for our bedroom found while thrifting.

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  3. This looks so good, Cindy! I’m excited to try out this brand. Your results are fantastic. That chippy goodness gets me every time. Hugs, CoCo

  4. Cindy your step by step instructions are so clear. Really helpful when attempting a project like this for the first time or learning how to get such a great aged finish like you did here. Also that wreath! Love it so much.

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