Bird Nest Crafts

Today I’m sharing a bird nest crafts and it takes five minutes to make. Yes, five minutes and it’s also free and is fun for the entire family.

As a result of  this post, as I mention, bird nest crafts are great for decorating for spring and summer when birds are most active.  Because I enjoy decorating using different textures in my home, I decided to make these.  I also have seen  different versions on Pinterest and made these my own.  

I will be sharing two crafts with you today to use in your home.

Items needed:

  • sticks you find in your yard
  • hot glue gun
  • glue sticks

First bird nest craft, use thin branch pieces break and cut your sticks the same length. Next, add hot glue to the sides and hold for a few moments to dry. You can also make this as wide as you want.

glued small sticks to make a small nest

Lastly, cut two branches to glue across the ends of the branches, specifically completing your nest.

adding hot glue to the stick
after small sticks glued togethetr
the finished stick nest
added to my moss wreath

Second bird nest craft use wider branch pieces and also can be make as wide as you like. Next, cut the sticks to length you want and hot glue together. Hold for a few moments to dry.

large sticks stacked to make another nest
adding hot glue to the sticks
some sticks glued together

As a result of this being a bit different from the first extra sticks need to be cut. Therefore, cut four sticks and glue diagonally on each corner.

gluing small sticks on the corner to make the nest
showing the glue being added
the finished nest

There can be many ways to use these, as an example, hang the small nest on a wreath corner. The larger ones can be sit an egg inside for Easter or even use to frame a graphic image. Use you imagination and think outside the box.

Next post, I will be sharing the piece I make that is added to the piece in the French Jardinière.

Best of all, these are free, easy, family friendly spring crafts and can be enjoyed by all. I hope you give these a try and will pin.

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  1. I’ve been looking for fun ways to use all the sticks in our yard Cindy so I love this idea so much. You definitely need to write a book about all your moss projects. They’re gorgeous and I would be first in line to buy it! Hugs, CoCo

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