Easy Ways to Decorate for The Fourth

Today I’m sharing easy ways to decorate for the Fourth. This year the July 4th will be much different than last year. It’s going to be a celebration with our closest friends and their two mini dachshunds. We often refer to them as Reeses and Peanut’s cousins.

Because this year we can celebrate the holidays with our friends and family members this year will be big. As a rule, I make the holidays as festive as possible. As well as a big menu and because last year wasn’t the norm. I completely have every intention of making every holiday the best I can and I begin with easy ways to decorate for the Fourth.

This also happens to be our Summer Inspiration Blog Hop.  This is a flexible event.  Terrie from Decorate & More with Tip and I, Cindy, from Cloches & Lavender have these talented ladies share their vision for each season.

If you are visiting from Tammy’s from Patina and Paint isn’t she so creative?

graphic for hop

So, let’s see how I begin decorating for the Fourth.  Flags are especially important when celebrating our Country’s birthday.  I also have always been a huge fan of our flag.  Seeing the red, white and blue on display and proudly swaying in the breeze is truly magical.  It has been my entire life.  

Besides flags, baseball, America’s game is also a great way to add patriotism.  Baseball is also a must for us in our home.  We are huge baseball fans and never miss a game on television of the NY Mets.  Go Mets!!!  So, that means baseball is a must for easy ways to decorate for the Fourth.

How I Made the Baseballs Look Old for This Holiday

So then, in honor of baseball, I did buy a bucket of baseballs from Walmart.  Of course, I have to make these look old, as if they have seen some baseball action on the field. 

In this case, is use dark brown wax to make the balls look old. This is easy craft to decorate and celebrate the Fourth.  I did apply the dark brown wax while wearing gloves because it stains and gets greasy.  I also did this to get the wax coverage evenly on the baseballs.  After, I rub the wax with a rag removing the excess.

new baseballs for decorating for the fourth

rubbing dark wax on the baseball
rubbing the wax in with a lint free rag

Next to add simple decorating for the fourth, using a stencil brush I randomly add more wax in spots to add more age because the aging process isn’t even.

adding wax with a stencil brush


Other Pieces to Use for Our Country’s Birthday

Because I’m adding aged baseballs why not add an old baseball glove?  Here, I’m using my husband’s first baseball glove from little league.  Isn’t this the perfect addition?  In addition to being old it’s sentimental and I love having pieces like these in our home.  Seeing a glove that he used as a child means so much to me. 

decorating for the fourth with baseballs and handmade flags

Incidentally, another item that says summer is blueberries They say picnics, barbeques and America with their blue color and is easy for decorating for the Fourth. 

I also made the crates they are in, so you may enjoy reading how to make these berry crates.  Additionally, the red and white check napkin adds another touch of Americana.  These are easy ways to add touches to your Fourth of July celebration.

A Story About a Transistor Radio Given as a Gift

Here you can see a transistor radio nestled inside the crate.  This is another piece from my husband’s childhood.   He received this for his first holy communion. This picture is from the top of the apartment building he was living in, in Jersey City.  He has such happy memories of being a boy in this large City listening to baseball games.

It’s particularly fun when he reminds me of when he was a boy listening to this radio during class.  He often mentions listening to Met’s baseball games as a boy during the 1969 World Series. 

He was eight years old in a Catholic grammar school.  I have asked him how he got away with listening to the game.  The nuns had to notice this little guy with a white earpiece in his ear.  I also have to imagine a yelp had to come out at times while listening to baseball. 

So, adding this is perfect for decorating for the celebrating America’s birthday is perfect.

Quick Ways to Decorate for A Party

Vintage Mason jars are super for these types of vignettes.  Besides their soft blue color, they are wonderful to fill with white painted stars.  I purchased these stars in a bag of 50 for a great price.

Paint two coats of white craft paint and I have another layer to add easy ways to decorate for the Fourth.  Lastly, tying red and white string finishes this mason jars.

Also, adding these pieces to a crate keeps this collection cohesive and organized.  Because my crate is no longer available, I did find this crate on Etsy.

I hope you enjoyed this post sharing easy ways to decorate for the Fourth.  I’d love for you to let me what your favorite part of this post is for you.  Also, let me know how you add the Fourth to your home.

Now hop over to visit Terrie from Decorate & More with Tip to see her beautiful summer inspiration.

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27 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Decorate for The Fourth

  1. I agree with you, since last year was a bust we need to make this year’s holiday the best we can! Love your crate of pretties. Your DIYs looks amazing. Thanks for sharing how to make new look old. Great tips!

  2. Cindy I love you vignette! It definitely brings back memories of my childhood. I love baseball too. I grew up staying most weekends at my grandparents house. My grandfather and I would start our morning watching Mighty Mouse cartoons and head right on into baseball. The only games we got were The Cubs and The Reds. Fun fact: My husband has umpired baseball from College on down. Did you know that before the game Pro Umpires dirty the balls up using a specific dirt? Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!

    1. Fun about your husband umpiring. Yes I did know that about the dirt. I said to my hubby I wish we could get dirt from the secret baseball dirt, lol. We love baseball and watch every night. Baseball is a big commitment.

  3. I love your vignette!! And the story of the transistor radio is so cool. How fun to incorporate memories into your decor like that. 🙂

  4. Successful Decor is one that incorporates a story and has meaning. You do it so well!

  5. Pretty patriotic vignette Cindy. Love how always makeover everything. Hopefully we can all celebrate together this year. Love the flags and blueberries. Happy weekend.

  6. Oh Cindy this post just truly delighted my heart! I LOVED the transistor radio story. I have my grandfathers and it fills me with joy. The photo of your beloved is so charming!

  7. This is really cute! I got into baseball from my brother and we love going to games as a family. Love the story of your husband bringing his radio to class and evading the nuns!

  8. Cindy, I loved this so much over on Instagram, I had to stop by! Here, I thought you had old baseballs hanging around! This is just the perfect thing for summertime! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. So excited about celebrating the 4th this year, CIndy! These ideas are all super festive and I can’t wait to share them with friends and family. Loved your fun way to age the baseballs and is really cute and I’m dying over your husband sneaking to listen to the world series. Now that is a true fan! Hugs and pinned, CoCo

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