How To Use A Cloche On The Porch

Do you love a great Cloche idea? So, let’s see how to use a cloche on the porch today.

By the way, I truly have a passion that came from with cloches.

For the most part, I believe I began seeing how to use a cloche on the porch when we were visiting Newport, RI.  I often remember seeing them while antiquing. Especially in antique garden supply houses when visiting.

How I Also Use Cloches In Our Home Décor

Using a Cloche in the Home

I also have a wonderful collection of cloches in our home decorating too.  They add character and interest to the pieces I place under these coverings.  I also enjoy using vintage pieces as cloches too.

For example, this is an old French lampshade frame I’m using as a cloche.  Placing a pineapple finial inside it makes it grand.  It also has special meaning in my heart.  This makes it even grander.  Sitting on old French books is even better. 

cloche idea in home decor

Cloches also protect special pieces from dust and help with dusting pieces under these pretty pieces.

cloche over Florentine picture and crown

Here’s a sneak peek of how to use a cloche in the home.  By the way, stay tuned for an email coming up for a large home tour coming up.

Back To  How To Use A Cloche On The Porch

I remember seeing how to use a cloche on the porch similar to these, however, on a grander scale.  They were also quite expensive because of the size.  Also, they were antiques so the size and prices are high. This is going back many years ago too.

So, after living in this home for some years now. Finally, I did find how to use a cloche on the porch at a small shop close to home. For instance, as spring began getting closer I did reach out to a shop owner in NJ. She often has pieces in her storage room at her shop.

After seeing this inspirational picture of how to use a cloche on the porch on Pinterest, the decision to add these to our front porch became a must.

cloches with flowers o stairs outdoors


After mentioning the particular style and size cloche I was looking for she told me she will keep this in mind for us.  I didn’t think I would hear from her about how to use a cloche on the front porch since it was early in the season.  After a few days, the shop owner sent me a DM on Instagram.  And as luck would have it, she did find two cloches to use on the front porch.  Incidentally, I became very excited especially after seeing the pieces.

Incidentally using a cloche as plant coverings especially early in the season is a great idea.

cloche outside with plants
close up of plants

Now I knew using cloches on the porch was becoming a reality.  We did travel to her shop to pick up the cloches for how to use a cloche on our front steps.

Another Way I Will Use The Cloches On The Porch

Also, in this post, from Christmas you can see our French urns and pedestals.  In this post, for instance, you will see adding these cloches on the porch will make these a grand addition.  How to use cloches on the front porch will be fun come this holiday season.

By the way, the Fleur di Lies is perfect for our French Country cottage.

close up of the finial o the cloche

Because our front porch doesn’t get full sun New Guinee Inpatients in pink and Vinca vine is a pretty addition.  As these plants get larger I will be sharing our front porch.  In a few weeks, it will put on quite a show with vines filling in around the cloches on the porch.

picture of pink flowers
full picture of the cloche on n outdoor pedestal
the other side of the porch

I hope you enjoyed how to use a cloche on the porch.  I hope you think about adding cloches to your home and gardens.  They are great additions to home décor too.  

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43 thoughts on “How To Use A Cloche On The Porch

  1. Cindy, your porch looks beautiful! You have inspired me to be on the lookout for some pretty iron cloches for my front porch. They add such a pretty look, and your concrete urn is stunning! Happy Tuesday, sweet friend!

  2. I always admire how other people use their cloches but I never seem to find any really amazing ones. Sure, I can find new ones in box stores but my favorites of course are old crusty ones. I prefer the open metal type ones as opposed to the domed glass ones but as I said – I can’t find any locally. I might have to break down and order some online since I love how this looks outside on the garden urn!

  3. I absolutely love this, Cindy!!! That garden cloche is amazing!!! Everything looks so beautiful! I LOVE summer and garden season!

  4. Your porch looks beautiful! I like the how you used a cloche on the front porch. I’ve never seen a cloche before, but may have to have one in my yard. I like it so much, that’s if I can find one. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Your planters look gorgeous! I love to decorate with cloches indoors but never have thought to use them outdoors. The urns on my front porch need a cloche!

  6. These urns are stunning, Cindy and your cloches are gorgeous too! The pink flowers add the perfect pop of color and I love the way your urns have patinaed too. As always your home is filled with tons of inspiration! You know I love this and I’m pinning away! Hugs, CoCo

  7. That’s so lovely. I have a mini wire cloche/plant pit that my MIL was throwing out but I had to save and I’m still looking for the best way to use it, the right plant to put in it etc. It’s on a much smaller scale than yours but you are giving me ideas so thank you!

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