Christmas Porch & Outdoors Tour

Hello everyone, today I’m sharing our Christmas porch & outdoors tour.

Also, I’m posting today with my friend Terrie from Decorate and More with Tip and I can’t wait to see her porch.  Please pay Terrie a visit she always shares fun and pretty ideas.

Meanwhile, baking has begun as Christmas is around the corner.  I made Eggnog biscotti yesterday and they’re delicious.  Here is the link to the recipe.   Also it’s a very easy recipe.

What do I Decorate with on the Front Porch?

For the most part, our front porch is kept fairly neutral for Christmas. I enjoy using different greens and textures.

Let’s take a look at this years Christmas porch & outdoors tour. The thrifted bushel basket is very old and needed TLC. So then, I added an ASCP Old white wash for a French look. I completed the winter look with evergreen and cedar branches. Cedar drapes, and looks romantic.

Additionally, pinecones plain and white are nestled in the greens. A birch log together with a bare grapevine wreath hanging adds bit of height, texture and speaks to the winter season.

Lastly, white and natural branches adds height. Also, a lantern adds a soft glow in the evenings.

As a result, an old copper boiler pot I found thrifting is filled with many sizes of birch logs, pinecones and greens.  By the way, I love this look!  Another lantern also casts a warm glow in the evenings.

Christmas porch is finished with a basket from Ballard I purchased a few years back. I truly love it!  Greens and a deer antler fill the basket and works all winter.

Evening on the Porch

Lanterns and a floodlight, simultaneously light the porch during the evenings adding adding a soft glow.

Why Do I Use An Old Sled to Decorate Outdoors?

A childhood sled rests on a tree. It’s fun having the memories of going sleigh riding with my dad and my brothers. My dad would take us to the golf course near our house. My dad would sit behind me and steer with his feet. I loved going fast down the hills.

The sled doesn’t see sleigh rides today but, memories it holds are important and I wouldn’t trade them for anything and is in our yard every year. Ice skates found while thrifting hang with a sleigh ride sign I made.

I highly recommend Funky Junk Old Sign stencils the shop has a wonderful assortment of stencils. New stencils I saw are Pinned for next year for a craft for next Christmas.  A blogger’s mind is always thinking!

Birch logs in assorted sizes add a warm winter touch and keeps the eye moving.

Wreaths Hanging From Each Window

Lastly, on our Christmas porch, sled & outdoors tour are the wreaths. Wreaths hang from each window with plaid bows and ribbon to add a classic touch. We have a plugged-in flood light to shine on the house in the evenings to can be enjoyed by all.

Dachshund Drive is Decorated Too!!

Dachshund Drive was designed especially for our pups. Christmas wreaths we made are hanging.

Faux grass used on putting greens was installed and so it never smells. I share information about Dachshund Drive in this post.  

As a result of Peanut being blind foam wraps the deck rails to protect her when hopping indoors.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our home decorated for Christmas porch & outdoors tour. How do you decorate your home outdoors for Christmas?

Also, please hop over to see Terrie’s porch decorated for Christmas.

Please hope over to see Terrie’s pretty porch.

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