11 Ways to Upcycle Coffee Cans

Upcycle Coffee Cans

Hello everyone, today I’m sharing 11 ways to upcycle coffee cans.

I’m looking forward to sharing many DIY projects with you and saving items from the compost heap.

The best thing is today, for the most part, we don’t have to worry about sharp edges from the old-fashioned can openers. Metal cans come in different sizes so I’m hoping to cover all the basics to use these in some of my favorite projects and ideas.

Before we do any crafts with these we want to make sure to wash these metal and plastic containers well to remove any coffee residue.

I’m going to share some of my favorite ways to use these in creative ways. Are you ready?

Using These to Recycle After They’re Empty

Ways to Use These Once They’re Empty in the Office or Craft Room

Idea 1 Holding Utensils for Cooking

How about getting the craft supplies out and scrapbook decorative paper or contact paper for upcycling coffee cans? Why? Cut and use Mod Podge to make the empty can into a useful piece. Larger old metal coffee cans are perfect for utensil holders for cooking. And adding this right next to the stove. Who would have thought right? But think about the idea. Take this empty coffee container and fill it with your cooking tools.

By the way, if you have an interest in purchasing an antique coffee can this shop often has a great selection.

Idea 2 Using Labels

Here’s another example of how to put these to good use. I personally love this idea especially because the cooler seasons are coming and we are entertaining more often. Paint these and find chalkboard labels in any craft store or Amazon and add the kitchen utensils when family and friends are over for easy access and label these forks, knives, and spoons.

Or if you have small cans how about filling these with sugar or sweetener for hot tea or coffee after dinner on the dessert table? Of course, make sure to again paint these or add pretty paper.

Idea 3 Make Cubbies

Another example is to add a coat of paint or two. Then use a hot glue gun and add it to the sides of the can and make DIY coffee can cubbies. These can hold office supplies such as pens, pencils, markers, and paint brushes.

Using Recycled Plastic Containers for Everyday Uses

Using Cans for Wine and Hair Ties for Everyday Ideas

Idea 4 Hold Hair Bands and Wine

Coffee containers will also work great to collect hair ties so they don’t wind up all over the vanity counter in the bathroom for little ones getting ready for school.

After gluing these together they also are great as a wine rack too. Think about how little room this will take up on a small table.

Idea 5 Storage Containers

Here’s a great idea, 3-pound coffee cans are the perfect size to make great kitchen storage canisters, especially with the plastic lids screwed on tightly. Again add pretty craft paper or contact paper with small flowers to make these pretty.

Idea 6 Pedestal for Dessert

I think this is especially clever, turn a taller can upside down and glue a dish to the top using E6000 to make a cake stand. Using a pretty dish you have for the top makes this extra special.

More Great Ideas to Recycle Cans

How About for Plants?

Idea 7 An Indoor Garden

Here’s another fun way to recycle these for your home. Soon enough many of us will have no fresh herbs in our gardens. How about using larger cans and making an indoor herb garden?

There are different ways to do this project. The first example is to drill small holes in the bottom and add a decorative dish or a terracotta flower pot bottom to catch the excess water after watering the plants. Or add small stones to the bottom before planting again for drainage.

All Three Cans Filled with Fglowers as a Centerpiece on the Table.

Walnuts and Pinecones are in the wood container too

Idea 8 Hold Candles

In addition after making these aluminum cans pretty with paint or paper fill them with sand or stones. Then add Spanish moss or greens and use them as candle holders. How pretty will this idea be for gatherings during the fall or Christmas holidays?

Vegetable and soup cans are especially the right size for this use. Empty tea tins will work for many of these uses as well. Imagine using vintage tea tins with candles in various places in the home. How pretty?

Also, small terracotta pots will work for this as well. How about making these into an Advent calendar? That’s a great idea don’t you think?

Idea 9 Feeding the Birds

Next, this idea is adorable for our feathered friends, making bird feeders.

This is also an especially good time to think about an upcycled coffee container birdhouse so the birds will have a place to eat and stay warm with colder weather for most of us in the near future.

Tip: However if you live in a wooded area where bears wander this may be a project you may want to skip. Bird feeders attract bears and can be dangerous. I know this from experience in our old home. The end result was quite alarming.

Idea 10 Vases

Lastly, for repurposed coffee cans is to add spray paint and make flower vases. This is one of the easiest projects and I’m loving how these look. Especially for the colder weather because I love adding copper to our home during this time.

*As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases*

As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliates, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission with no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own

For now, these are filled with Zinnias from our deck garden with small pinecones and walnuts in their shell. And I look forward to using these during the holidays as well.

A Picture of the Upcycle Cans in Copper with Pink Zinnia Flowers

You may also enjoy seeing how I upcycle and recycle pieces for our home decorating such as this cabinet and these planters.

Idea 11 Use These for Holidays

Can’t you see it? Fill these with holly clippings, and fill them with water and floating candles. Also, add real greens for Christmas and the holiday season with real cranberries, or fill these with an assortment of pinecones and one of my favorite nuts in the shell. For additional height add empty branches. Leave these in their natural state or spray them white.

Lastly glue tiny pinecones or wood slices to the end of the branches for interest, texture, and another part of nature to your home décor.

I hope you enjoyed learning about 11 ways to upcycle coffee cans. I’d love to know which is your favorite idea. Let me know so we can connect and chat.

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