Easy Bird Craft

Hello, everyone, today I’m sharing an easy bird craft. I will be showing two different and easy crafts.

Today is also $10 on the 10th hosted by Tammy from Patina and Paint.  This specifically means we can spend no more than $10 and this month’s theme easy easy crafts.

Please take the time to scroll down and visit these talented bloggers to see their creations this month.

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I bought the bird at Michael’s and it’s currently unavailable.  However, I did find a bird similar at Hobby Lobby.  

concrete bird before silver leafing

Craft Number One Using Silver Leaf for a Bird

Items Needed:

  • silver leaf sheets
  • leaf adhesive
  • sponge brush
  • clear and dark wax optional

The silver leaf and adhesive can be bought on a budget HERE and HERE

First, I clean the bird. Next, I add the adhesive especially making sure there are no bubbles, and let it dry.

adding the glue for the bird craft
bird craft letting the adhesive dry

So then, after I add the silver leaf I use a stencil brush making the silver leaf smooth.

adding a sheet of silver leaf
smoothing the silver

I also find it best to wear rubber gloves applying silver leaf. I can be sticky and prevents mishaps.

easy bird craft adding dark wax
smoothing more silver leaf
finishing the silver leaf

Next, I want the bird to truly look vintage, so I apply clear together with dark wax and rub well.

clear and dark wax on stencil brush for the bird
adding the wax
showing the wax before rubbed into the bird
showing the silver leaf project finished

Craft Number Two Using Paint and Wax for Finials

Items Needed:

  • chip brush
  • ASCP Old white paint or paint of your choice
  • piece of paper towel
  • clear and dark wax
  • stencil brush
  • lint free rag

Next, bird finials I bought years ago will also be easily updated.  Similar finials can be found at Hobby Lobby.

a bird finial getting updated

First, I clean the bird finials. Next, I use ASCP Old white paint for a new look. I’m specifically using a dry brush technique namely adding paint to the edge of the bristles and specifically removing the excess. As an example, wipe the brush on a paper towel to remove paint so the brush is generally dry . Also, a dry brush specifically, adds texture and is fast.

wiping paint off my brush to dry brush
dry brushing the bird craft

As an example, when using a dry brush technique the old paint will add character. As a rule, the bird finial can also add texture and dimension when dry brushed technique is done.

showing it painted

Next, I want the bird finials to truly look old so then, I add clear and dark wax and rub well.

dark wax and lint free rag
clear and dark wax on a brush
adding wax to the bird craft
adding wax
showing the wax
after the wax is rubbed in the bird craft
project finished
the finial on a cabinet top
showing another finial
all three easy bird crafts finished

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13 thoughts on “Easy Bird Craft

  1. Two cute little birds. I love both treatments you did to these sweet guys. Happy Wednesday. xoxo

  2. Cindy everything you touch turns out so beautiful. I love the little bird decorations you worked with today. I have some silver and gold leaf I need to get out and work on things with. You inspired me to do that. Thank you for your great tutorial.

  3. These birds are so perfect for Spring, Cindy! I’ve never tried gold or silver leaf before so it was fun to see how you did the technique. Each time I see these $10 on the 10th posts they always make me want to look for ways to upcycle and freshen up pieces I already have. This looks so good! Hugs, CoCo

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