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Hello everyone, today, I’m sharing a curbside hutch. Those of you that follow me on Instagram may remember this hutch my husband found at the curbside for garbage on his daily run/walk. 

graphic do it over designers

This “Do it Over” Designers day  hosted by Ann at Apple Street Cottage.  “Do it Over” Designers can be anything that we repurpose or give new life.  It can be found thrifting, already in our homes or curbside.

curbside hutch before painting

After seeing this piece he came straight home to grab our SUV and bring it home.  He also knew I have been looking for an old hutch.   I namely wanted this to display my antique and thrifted pieces.

Ordinarily, finding pieces such as this curbside hutch is a rarity.  Why this would be at the curbside I have no idea but it worked out great for me.

Before doing anything the curbside hutch received a good cleaning and sanitizing.

In the meantime, my thought was to add white wax to let the wood show through. Luckily, I attempted this on the back corner, because it looked awful.

Because this didn’t look good at all, I decided painting was the best option.

After painting two coats of Jolie Swedish Grey, she looks beautiful.

can of the grey furniture paint

Lastly, I painted an applique I add in my craft room with gold Décor gold paint and glue it to the top. It adds a bit of French and glam to the finished curbside hutch.

champagne craft paint for curbside hutch
applique painted
curbside hutch done being painted

Also, look for a post coming in a few days with this curbside hutch in all its beauty for Christmas!

If you see something on the curbside as pretty as this grab it. My husband found another piece on the same walk/run. He came back to grab that one too. However, this piece needs tons of TLC. So, look for that after the holiday season.

Please be sure to visit all these talented ladies listed below. They a re full of ideas.

20 thoughts on “Curbside Hutch

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Cindy…and I can’t believe you found it at the curb. That’s crazy!! Hoping you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  2. Wow, what a stunning piece now Cindy! We were without a van for an entire year so sadly had to leave pieces like this at the curb. Wonderful that your husband was able to bring it home so you could breathe new life into it 🙂

  3. It always amazes me the things that are left out for the trash! Your hutch was certainly in much better shape than mine, Cindy. I can’t wait to see it decorated for Christmas…and I can’t wait to see the other piece!

  4. Oh wow CIndy what a great curbside find. Big hugs to John to capture that piece and bring it home for you. I cannot wait to see it all decked out for Christmas. Very pretty. xoxo Kris

  5. I cannot get over this curbside find! The fact that someone would get rid of such a gorgeous piece is beyond me that’s for sure! I loved it but it was totally meant to be yours and what a beauty it has become now with your extra touches of love! So well done Cindy!

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