Recycle A Broken Urn

Today, I’m sharing how to recycle a broken urn. Just because a piece has a broken section off the edge, don’t throw it in the trash. Here I will share steps to fix the broken edge.

By the way, if you have been following Cloches & Lavender for any time, you know I love to recycle.   As an example, this cabinet needed some love.  Because it still works with my French Country home, I used chalk paint making it petty again.

Now let’s see how easy it is to recycle a broken urn.  I did find this urn thrifting some time ago, and I have used in our home before.  However, I was tired of hiding the broken side.  So, it was time to fix the broken edge.

Let’s Take a Look and See How to Recycle a Broken Urn

Step 1: Add Spackle Tape to the Edge to Begin to Repair this Piece

Before I begin, I want to mention, this urn is made of resin of some sort. So, I feel this is the best and easiest solution.

First, a piece of spackle tape is added to give a base to the urn edge.

After the tape, using a chip brush I add joint compound.

This is the beginning I’m fixing this cracked urn. Brushing also seemed to be the best way to apply joint compound to the tape for this easy repair.

recycle a broken urn the spackle tape
adding the spackle with a brush

I also did a light coat of joint compound the on the entire top. This helps to blend the section I’m fixing to be less noticeable.

spackle drying on recycle a broken urn

After the joint compound dries, using a sanding sponge I sand this area smooth.

sanding spackle

Next step, I paint the joint compound ASCP French Linen to blend with the color of this piece. I also add some in spots on the rest of my upcycle project. Let paint dry.

By the way, you can buy ASCP French Linen here.  If you would like a less expensive chalk paint for a repair this is a good option.

Next Step on How to Fix an Urn

After the paint dries, I apply Miss Mustard Seed white wax.  This link takes you to Amazon.  I also did find an alternative which is less expensive.

begin adding white wax over the paint

By the way, I highly recommend adding Miss Mustard Seed white wax to your supplies.  I have used this product many times.  As an example, I have used this to add age to a basket to add a French look.  I have also added this to a wood tray many moons ago.  It gave it an instant weathered look.  Also using this on furniture is an amazing option.  Also, as I mentioned Amazon is almost sold out and while there I bought more.  Because I’m running low, and I must have this in my supplies.

Applying Miss Mustard Seed White Wax to My Upcycle Project

Step 2: Adding the White Wax to the Recycle Project

First off, this wax is great to work with and applies like a dream.  Because this is a wax, I still apply this in small sections.  Also, this product is smooth and spreads easily and is why you can apply it in larger sections.

Before, applying my wax, depending on the size of my project, is when I decide the size brush to use.  For example, recycling this broken urn is a small project.  So, a larger stencil brush to apply my wax works extremely well.  

recycle a broken urn adding wax to the body

After applying the wax, I make sure to rub the wax into the urn well.  It’s also important to use lint free rags and these from Home Depot always is my craft supplies.  I use these rags for all my painting projects.  They are the best, economical and completely lint free.

By the way when waxing any object, it’s especially important to rub the wax well. This prevents the wax from becoming sticky.

wax on the rim

Continuing Miss Mustard Seed White Wax

Continuing to Add the White Wax

I also continue this process until broken urn has the look I want and blends well.  After I reach the look, I am happy with, I also lightly apply the leftover wax to the urn edges.  This adds a bit more detail to this upcycle.

white wax on the bottom before blended with a rag very well

As a rule, it’s important to rub the white wax into how to recycle a broken urn well.  This will bring the chalk paint out. Again, this prevents this update from being tacky. It will cure after ten days and protect this piece.

Wax specifically, doesn’t work well with water.  It will break it down.  So, if water will be touching the piece applying a clear matte finish of Mod Podge spray matte spray from Michaels is my go too.  I especially like this spray because it’s not only matte, but I have used these many times for accessories.  It has always worked for protection.  Specifically, because I dust my home with a barely damp microfiber cloth.

Lastly, Why French Linen Paint is my Choice for this Repair Project

Step 3: The Reason I Use French Linen Paint with White Wax

I particularly enjoy French Linen with the Miss Mustard Seed white wax because this combination gave the urn a concrete appearance.  This is also another reason why buying great products is important.  Also, why I strongly recommend them both for your crafting and paint supplies.

Besides using Annie Sloan French Linen Paint with white wax this colorwork well with white paint. Why? Because adding a wash of white craft or chalk paint for instance give the same result. Resembling concrete.

What Do I Mean Above Regarding a Wash of White Paint

Tip: Add water to the chalk paint to make it wet. Then using a paint brush apply to the project you’re working on and blend well with a rag and let the furniture or project dry well.

Tip 2: Once this process is applied it’s particularly important to let it dry and not add more paint. More may be added once the first application is dry.

How to Recycle a Broken Urn and Adding a Pansy

Step 4: Adding a Pansy or any Live Plant

As you can see, did add a Pansy to the fixed urn.   

Finally, because this urn has no drainage holes, I add a brown plastic garbage bag to the bottom.  Next, I added a layer of rocks to prevent root rot from water.

adding a black bag with rocks for drainage for a plant
recycle a broken urn close up
full picture of recycle broken urn

As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate programs I earn from qualifying purchases

As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliates, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission with no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own

So, what do you think about recycle a broken urn?  Don’t you think it’s worth the minimal time it took?


45 thoughts on “Recycle A Broken Urn

  1. Amazing tutorial Cindy! So many of these don’t make it through our harsh winters so this is a post I’ll likely refer to often 🙂

  2. Very pretty, Cindy! I have been scoping out planters like this and concrete or resin they are pricey. I’ve seen some that are broken for lower prices at thrift stores, but always turned away. Now I might go get one and fix it myself! Thanks!

  3. Fixing the urn was a good idea. The price tag for new ones gives me sticker shock! Now I know that If I can find a thrifted one that is broken it can be fixed to look new!

  4. Great tutorial for repairing broken urns. I love urns with a pedestal, so it makes sense to fix a broken one. They can be pricey to purchase. The flowers look lovely in the makeover urn. Happy weekend.

  5. This post is right on time, Cindy! I have a couple of outdoor urns showing wear and tear. I figure they must be nearly thirty years old and have a few cracks here and there. I hate to get rid of them. When we moved from our old home, I gave them to one of my best friends, and after we settled in, I asked for them back! The nerve of me! But she put them in her garage and wasn’t using them! I already have some spackle tape and joint compound and know now how to fix them! Thanks so much!

    1. Use good polyurethane if using outdoors which I’m sure you know.

      We have pots 20 years and I updated them with chalk paint and brand new. They’re expensive now a days

  6. Great tutorial and very handy. I have two small puppies that destroy all mine and I have never thought of repairing them. I will be in the future, pinning for later.

  7. Cindy, your urn turned out beautiful! You would never have known it had been broken. I have a cement angel with a broken wing that I haven’t had the heart to throw away. I am going to try your technique to see if I can make her new again. Thanks so much for the wonderful instructions. Wishing you a happy week ahead, sweet friend!

  8. That is amazing, Cindy! This urn is gorgeous. I love the way you saved it and gave it a new lease on life. I know you’ll be able to use this beautiful piece for years to come. Hugs, CoCo

  9. I would have never thought of repairing that urn this way!! Thanks for the tutorial – I am pinning because I am sure I will use this post in the future!! Thanks!

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