5 Ways: To Style Country Artificial Lavender Pots

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Do your love lavender? I sure do so, let’s see 5 ways: to style country artificial lavender pots.

Lavender has to be one of my favorite flowers the mix of their gray-green leaves with their purple flower spikes is gorgeous. Also, when I think about lavender plants, I think of their beautiful smell and their purple flowers.

In our old home, we had real lavender plants in our garden beds next to large stone walls. It was beautiful because the walls consisted of boulders from our property, and we had a much more formal garden.

So, when we built this home nine years ago, I knew having real lavender plants and lavender blooming wasn’t possible I was a bit disappointed. So, I enjoy their beauty in many other ways and I can’t wait to share how I enjoy lavender flowers in our home.

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Types of Lavender Available:

Varieties of Types Available

  • English Lavender: Lavandula angustifolia – worked best for us and it loves full sun we were in Zone 6a.
  • Spanish Lavender: Lavandula stoechas
  • French Lavender: Lavandula dentata

Ways To Use Dried Lavender In The Home

Dried Lavender In The Home

I love adding dried lavender bundles and dried lavender stems to our home and enjoying the scent of the real thing. There’s nothing like the smell of lavender flowers, especially in a French Country home.

How I Add Dried Lavender to Our French Country Home

  • wicker baskets
  • short lavender wands in a terra cotta pot
  • I even added dried lavender buds to an easy spring wreath. The combination of green moss and purple is gorgeous!
  • table decor in pitchers and crates are filled with dried lavender flowers

As soon as these came, I decided on an easy way to give the lavender pots a different look.

Craft Supplies Needed:

  • Artificial lavender plant in pots
  • White Gesso or white craft paint
  • Mod Podge
  • paint brush
  • foam brush
  • burlap ribbon or ribbon of your choice
  • Monogrammed printout
  • Computer
  • Paper
  • Sharp scissors

5 Ways To Style Country Artificial Lavender Pots

Styling These Artificial Lavenders In Home Decor

But today I’m speaking about how to style country faux lavender pots 5 ways in the home. Wait until you see the color and how real these faux lavender plants look. It’s amazing!

Recently, I saw these lavender pots at Antique Farmhouse these are high quality and they are still available. My heart immediately did a happy dance. You know that butterfly feeling of excitement. Again, the little things make me happy. How about you? Do little things make you happy too?

Changing These Pots With Paint

Step 1: Adding Paintc To Ther Paper Pot

Here’s when I came up with one of the best ways to change these paper pots before I styled them. Using a brush and white Gesso paint, paint a thin coat. I like using Gesso however, the white craft will work as well. This is a quick way to add a new look to the paper pot and works well for any decorating style.

One coat of Gesso gives the lavender plants and their pots a faded rustic look.

Step 2: Add a Monogram

Next using the computer in Word, choose a font and size you like. Print the letter and cut it with scissors making sure to cut it as close to the letter as possible. This will blend the monogram seamlessly on the lavender pot.


After it’s cut add Mod Podge to the back and add the graphic to the artificial lavender pot. Use my plastic wrap trick to prevent creases when decoupaging. Do this every time, it works perfectly every time so no more wrinkles.

These faux lavender pots are perfect for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or for the lavender flower lover in your life. How special does this gift make anyone feel with their own monogrammed lavender plant to style in their home?

They will think of you every time they see this special flower!

Step 3: Add Pretty Ribbon

A simple way to add a country look is by adding a ribbon. Use burlap ribbon and a piece of trim with small rose buds to add a touch of romance to the country lavender pot.

5 Ways To Style Artificial Lavender

Best Ways To Style These Faux Lavender Plants

Note: See how to style country lavender pots in 5 ways in the home.

Number 1: A Centerpiece on the Coffee Table With A Lavender Bundle

Using these lavender plants as a grouping for a French country centerpiece is pretty. Arranging them on a wooden riser adds texture.

centerpiece-on-coffee-table-5-ways:-to- style-country-artificial-lavender-pots

A rusty rose embellished crown and Florentine picture give this an elegant flair. Dried lavender flowers also add a bit of nature.

Number 2: Display Lavender Flowers With Silvery Foliage On A Shelf

Using a bookshelf is a beautiful way to display these artificial flowers. Here pairing one on a small Boxwood wreath adds another natural element. Pairing this with a small crown and a Florentine easel adds a formal French look.


The addition of Florentine corn on the cob holders adds a French flair. These will work for a cheese board too. Speaking of a cheese board, this post to make cheese markers is super easy. And these are different than any other cheese markers I have seen anywhere.

Adding Artificial Lavender Plants To Another Shelf

So, how about arranging these with pink antique French books and a rusty crown to add character? A Florentine tray adds a touch of a French look with antique books. Adding a satin ribbon is elegant, do you agree? The lavender adds a bright pop of color.

5-ways:-to-styl- country-artificial-lavender-potslavender-on-bookshelf-with-burlap-ribbon-and-books

Number 3: A Garden Arrangement And A French Lavender Focal Point

This grouping is one of our favorites on a chest in the foyer. So many of our favorites are in this vignette lavender plants makes this a focal point.

Adding these to an Antique French crate adds charm and a collected look, love this piece.


*As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate programs I earn from qualifying purchases*

As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission with no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own

This piece from Antique Farmhouse is a fun piece to have with its chicken wire details and it’s still available. It’s pretty with a simple moss ball.

Adding More Garden Items To Artificial Flowers

When adding pieces to the French plant crate, we want it to feel as if we are browsing the garden center to find accent pieces to bring home. This happens right while walking through the rows of fresh flowers. We often see something that gets our attention and it is added to the pile. I think we have all done this at some point. These lavender flowers add to the garden look.

When adding pieces to a crate it’s a good idea to have varying heights so add risers, tea cup saucers, and even books.

Adding the bird finial and the small grapevine wreath adds texture and a bit of nature. What do you think?

Continuing The Faux Lavender Garden Theme

Of course, a garden theme must have flowerpots. Some terracotta pots are vintage, and the small flowerpots are easy garden craft I age terracotta pots.

Adding the bird finial and the small grapevine wreath adds texture and a bit of nature to the lavender blooms.

Adding the bird finial and the small grapevine wreath adds texture and a bit of nature. What do you think?

This artificial lavender with silvery foliage makes these look like real flowers. These lavender plants will also work well for a garden party with your girlfriends on a summer afternoon or evening. Think of how pretty these will be on a table filled with other fresh blooms scattered about in mason jars or throughout a garland down the center of the dining room table.

For a lavender lover, this easy spring wreath may be something they will love. This piece is fresh, rustic, and sure to fit in any home decor style.

Number 4A Simple Dining Room Table Centerpiece

These lavender flowers look pretty on the dining room table. Using seeded eucalyptus is simple and adds natural elements.


As I finished styling this crate, I looked at the dining room table and decided to add the finished French crate filled with lavender to the center of the eucalyptus, and I think it looks great!


Number 5: Making a Vignette With My Favorite Flowers On A Small Table

When styling these artificial lavender pots, try adding these to a small corner of a room. These look pretty on this Florentine table with the lavender nestled inside a cherub dish.


These posts may be of interest in updating a table base, a fun way to age terracotta pots, and these DIY antique books in minutes. These crafts are a must-see because they are extremely easy.

I hope you enjoyed seeing 5 Ways: to style country artificial lavender pots. I love these lavender plants and am happy I brought them home.

Are you a lavender lover too? I’d love to know also do you grow any in your garden.

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