Simple and Easy Organization Ideas That Work

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Simple and easy organization ideas that work! How many times have you tried to stay organized in your home?

Let me share simple and easy organization ideas that work. I have been down the rabbit hole many times. Trying this ad that to stay organized.

Now I have finally found easy organization ideas that work! Yes, finally pieces and techniques that finally work in our home. Now I am not having to organize our home every year anymore. Why? because this works!

Incidentally, at the bottom of the post, I will be sharing images with direct links to products to help with this mission for simple and easy organization.

Kitchen Organization That’s Easy and Works by Cleaning Out the Cabinets From Clutter

After years of trying to keep our kichen organized, I finally found ways to make it work. First of all, one step that can often be missed is going through your kitchen and cleaning out cabinets to begin organization.

Now when I say clean out your kitchen cabinets. In addition to taking items out and organizing one cabinet at a time. Ask yourself questions.

For example, do you use this baking dish often? If not, move it to another spot if available. As a rule, if there is a piece in the kitchen you haven’t been using for six months to a year, it will not be used.

I know this sounds a bit nutty but as I said, this is simple organization ideas that work. If you don’t use pieces in the kitchen that often move them to a basement if you have one. Move it to a high to reach cabinet. Now why am I saying to do this?

Namely, because I have done this to my kitchen, and these simple organization ideas work. I am a cook and baker. In my baking drawer I have the pans I use most often for the size cakes, cheesecakes and brownies I make most often. I also store my mixer bowl and flat paddle and whisk there.

Ask yourself, am I ever going to make bread? If the answer is no, donate the kneading hooks. These kneading hooks make other pieces harder to store.

Adding Storage and Mixing Bowls to the Kitchen to Save Space and Keep Neat

I also had bought stackable bowls for easy organization ideas that works. No not the bowls with the lids. Bowls with lids take up more room. Honestly, most of us have plastic containers to store food.

Simple and Easy Organization Ideas That Work

Next, when it comes to storage containers, it’s worth investing in good quality containers. I have these Rubbermaid containers with blue lids and for this is an organization ideas that works. These are great because the lids stack and lock into one another. To make these even better the containers then lock into the lids. This takes up less storage room.

Storing Knives and Spice to Keep Organized That Works

I also want to make clear that I am aware we all have different storage ability for these pieces in our homes. I am simply sharing these simple and easy organization ideas that works for good for keeping our home organized.

Another example of easy organization ideas that works is knife and spice storage. Again, not everyone has the ability to store their knifes in a knife block as I do in a drawer. I did find a smaller one that I will share below.

Simple and Easy Organization Ideas That Work

Because knives are metal, get creative, I did find a piece from Modern Innovations that will help store knives on a magnetic metal strip for an orderly idea. This is a great option if you didn’t have the drawer space for knife storage here too.

This post and photos may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own.

Storing spices, this can be difficult issue too depending on your kitchen cabinets. Again, I have the ability to store mine in a drawer. This spice rack is from Rev-A-Shelf is efficient when cooking. It’s relatively inexpensive and makes my spices easy to grab.

Simple and Easy Organization Ideas That Work

Here is an alternative to have your spices hanging on the inside of a cabinet door to help keep spices organized and neat. I think this is brilliant to keep simple and easily organized.

For the most part, we all have cookies sheets and sheet pans. Our kichen as an example has this narrow cabinet. It’s the perfect width to store our cookie sheets and sheet pans. Again Rev-A-Shelf came to the rescue. This is a great price for this piece, and it keeps them stacked and neat which works.

Simple and Easy Organization Ideas That Work

Honestly if you measure and go to the store a metal file folder will work just as well.

Easy and Simple Dish Storage Ideas

Now without a doubt these metal shelf expanders have been a game changer when storing dishes. The amount of room I have gained from these is truly amazing. Honestly these I found to share with you are better than mine! These can connect so the possibilities are even better. These can span a long shelve.

dishes stacked on risers
Simple and Easy Organization Ideas That Work

Just look at the extra storage I have! Not to mention since I have been storing our dishes like this, I haven’t chipped one. Now, I probably jinxed myself.

My Last and Big Storage Organization Idea for a Basement and Seasonal Pieces

Without a doubt one of the biggest game changers for us to keep our basement orderly that works is stackable resin/plastic shelves. These can hold up to 600 lbs. So, nothing is going to cause these to collapse.

basement organization.   shelves and seasonal items

A quick reminder, I will be sharing direct links to everything I am sharing at the bottom of this post. Now you didn’t really think I would leave without resources, did you?

For example, this is one kind of storage container we use for storing Christmas and Seasonal items. These are especially great because they have wheels. Did I say wheels? Why, yes, I did! Imagine when decorating for the holidays being able to wheel these around and everything being orderly. Can you say AMAZING!

We also have ones similar that are deeper, and these are listed at the bottom of the post.

I hope you find this post helpful. I am being absolutely honest when I say these simple and easy organization ideas that work indeed work!

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23 thoughts on “Simple and Easy Organization Ideas That Work

  1. So many fantastic ideas! I love the way you store your knives, very clever. When it comes to organization, I definitely struggle most with getting rid of things and downsizing.

  2. so many great tips! I have to get organized, I keep putting it off. But you inspired me to get going!

  3. These are all such great tips and tricks to keep the kitchen organized! Taking everything out is definitely key, It feels like a lot of work at the time but it is totally worth it. We broke our kitchen up into zones and it was a game-changer. Love these ideas so much! Hugs, CoCo

  4. Great tips, Cindy. Last summer I did a kitchen and pantry clean out and it was wonderful to get rid of things that i wasn’t using.

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