Cloche and Personal

cloche and personal

Cloche and Personal this week!

Happy Sunday, or I hope most on the East coast are recovering from getting hit with a HUGE Nor’easter. I know New England got hit especially hard.

Snow across the street from our home

Here where we live in NJ we didn’t get hit nearly as bad as some.

This Week’s Posts

This week’s posts, see about dried flowers. Organization ideas that have worked for 8 years! This DIY that takes minutes

cloche and personal

Please indulge me this week and read this story

Something Personal This Week

My nickname my husband gave me years ago is “Peanut.”

Our girl Peanut, that’s how she received the name. We wanted two pups so badly. I remember waiting for them to be born.

A bit sad is they were a litter of three and their sister didn’t survive. I will tell you if she did, we would have taken her too. No way, we would leave their sibling behind.

When we did find out they were a boy and girl we were thinking of what to name Peanut’s brother. John said, Reeses! He loves Reeses Peanut butter cups.

So, that’s how their names came to be. When I talked to the breeder, I mentioned it and she began calling them by their names.

When We Went to See the Puppies for the First Time

We drove with our best friends to meet them for the first time. When we got there, the breeder said if Reeses had a black nose and black nails she would keep him. He has the perfect stance for a show dog.

And, he has an underbite, not good for a show dog.

Peanut and Reeses on their way home

Next, she said, you don’t mind that he has an under bite. I looked at her and said to her honestly, I don’t care about any of this because these pups are coming home with us to be purely loved.

See, we never went to see them and meet them thinking we have to teach them to rollover, sit or give us their paw.

In fact, we were bringing them home to give them love and spoil them. Our goal from day one was for them to be happy and give them the best life.

Some May Find These Traits of Peanut and Reeses Annoying but We Love Them

Also, we know some would think Peanut has no manners. We read the Dachshund books and did watch a training video.

I also remember turning to John and saying manners? They’re dogs, let them play and be happy.

Peanut’s a talker and we love it! In fact, my family loves it. She gets so excited because she lives to eat.

dogs eat from food mat

We tell her she can eat her way into a dog food bag, and she will fall asleep after. We figure we will find her at the bottom of the bag.

Now Reeses, he’s afraid of everything so he barks however, Dachshund’s bark often.

However, he’s the most loving and snuggly pup. He’s super smart and very curious about everything. We refer to him as the inspector. Anything that comes into our home he MUST smell. In fact, if something is new and he sees it later somewhere, he will look at it until we give it to him. He wants to smell it.

dog on couch

Many would find these habits annoying; however, John and I say Peanut’s a baby and Reeses is perpetually 2.

Now on to Blog News and New Things Being Planned to Share from Cloches & Lavender

Cloches & Lavender will be sharing crafts more on my YouTube channel. That has been a learning curve. I feel more confident so it’s going to happen.

I will be sharing a dessert board I am making for John and me with many goodies.

Spring crafting will begin this week so be on the lookout for posts.

Oh, painting projects will be getting done to a few furniture pieces and I can’t wait. For those of you who have been following me you know I love to paint furniture! I can’t wait to begin and share these with you!

Also, spring decorating ideas will be on the horizon.

Easter crafts as well as Easter entertaining ideas too!

A Few Items that I Found on the Web and Bought

This first piece was too adorable to pass up and will be great for Easter, spring and summer entertaining

You can purchase it HERE

I also have a craft for this product.

8 thoughts on “Cloche and Personal

  1. So sweet you shared the story of Peanut and Reeses coming into your lives. Since we have our Buddy a Dachshund we totally understand all the traits now too. Buddy is the one that is afraid of everything. He is shy around people and very protective of us. He must smell everything that comes into our home too. We always had basset hounds before we adopted Buddy and they were so laid back and loved everyone. Buddy has been a learning curve for us with his shyness and separation anxiety to be alone. I wish I had known about them doing better in pairs when we adopted him I would have tried to find another one. He is the sweetest and most loving little pup we have ever had and I cannot imagine our lives without him. Thank you for sharing about Peanut and Reeses and our conversations have helped me so much with your expertise on these adorable little creatures. I am so happy you are venturing into utube. You will do so well. xoxo Kris

  2. I love the Peanut and Reeses tale. Too bad the other baby didn’t survive. So sad. I love my little Scruffy and he is like a little human in a dog suit here. Naughty one minute and loving the next.
    Looking forward to seeing your crafts and changes in the upcoming months. xo Diana

  3. Love hearing the story of how you got your pups! They are so lucky to have gotten you two as parents! Love that Reeses is “the inspector!”
    My dog is not the best trained, but we love her just the same!

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