Easy DIY Cheese Markers

Hello everyone, today I am sharing how to make easy DIY cheese markers for a charcuterie.

These are easy projects when serving your favorite cheese at gatherings with family or friends.

First off, I have been thinking about making these DIY cheese markers for my charcuterie for quite some time.  

These are a great addition to outdoor entertaining, party buffets, and elegant gatherings.

There are a variety of cheese markers available in the marketplace. For example, this is Maison Du Fromage’s cheese marker set or a set of fine-white porcelain markers that are pretty.

However, I wanted to have something a bit different for my own cheese platters.

How to Make Cheese Markers for A Charcuterie

Step 1: Purchasing Paint for Chalkboard Cheese Markers

The first purchase is Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint. Because I was next to Ace Hardware, I ran in to buy the paint to make my chalkboard cheese markers.

Also, we are HUGE Benjamin Moore fans! Plus their paint is still made in the United States and this means so much to us.


Next came the plan, to make cheese markers for a charcuterie board that is easy clean up, straightforward, and pieces I can use over and over. This is where the chalkboard paint became ideal. Therefore, the hunt began for pieces to create the cheese labels.

Buying the Wood Pieces for Easy Cheese Markers

Step 2: Wood Pieces for the DIY Cheese Markers

First, finding a package of different round wooden shapes at Michael’s, gave me the perfect pieces to make these easy cheese markers.  They are a great size and will be perfect for seeing the cheese name of the types of cheeses being served and other items on the charcuterie board clearly.  


Small Clothespins Make an Easy Elegant DIY Stand

Step 3: A Different Stand for the Cheese Markers

So then, I began looking for something to allow the cheese tag to stand. Wait until you see what I bought! Small wooden clothespins, perfect right? And different!

Finding these small clothespins was exciting because these make mine even more different from the porcelain cheese marker signs, I have seen in the marketplace. By the way, have you seen charcuterie markers with clothespins as feet before? I haven’t!

Also, clothespins work great, if I need taller feet to see different food items these are easy to change!

Also, I love that these add originality to any cheese plate. By the way, the best part, these come completely apart so a small space is all that’s needed to store these until next time!


Finding these small clothespins was exciting because they are so different from other buffet labels, I have seen in the marketplace. By the way, have you seen charcuterie markers with clothespins as feet?

Also, clothespins work great, if I need taller feet, for instance, using different height dishes for food these are easy to change!

Not having seen these adds originality to this cheese marker craft.   I think these are adorable and I’m adding a bit of elegance a perfect match for our home.

*As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate programs I earn from qualifying purchases*

As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission with no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own.

Next, while in Michaels I did purchase a few chalkboard pens for my DIY cheese markers. I also purchased a silver and a washable gold pen. How fun will this be for the holiday meals? Especially for appetizers and dessert charcuteries boards.

Step 4: Paint the Wood Disks

After gathering my supplies in my office/craft room, it is time to begin making the charcuterie cheese markers DIY.

I begin painting each side of the wood pieces with the two coats of chalkboard paint. Let them dry completely in between each coat.

Painting the DIY Charcuterie Cheese Markers

Step 1: Paint the Wood Disks

After gathering my supplies in my office/craft room, it is time to begin making the charcuterie cheese markers DIY.

I begin painting each side of the wood pieces with the two coats of chalkboard paint.  Let them dry in between each coat.


Making The Set of Appetizer Feet Look Elegant

Step 2: Paint the Rub N Buff or Antique Gold Paint

Meanwhile, as the bases are drying, I grab a favorite product, Rub N Buff in antique gold for my clothespin’s feet. A stencil brush is a perfect tool to add the Rub N Buff. Besides being an easy product to work with a little goes a long way. Buff with a lint-free rag and let them dry completely.


Adding My Easy DIY Cheese Markers to My Charcuterie Board

Step 3: Add These to Your Board for Appetizers or Cheeses

After finishing the cheese markers DIY, I set up a small charcuterie board.

By the way, you may be interested in another charcuterie post where I share the details of how I made my cheeseboard from an old wood wine crate. Wait until you see this, it’s amazing!

I truly love how the clothespins add another elegant element to my charcuterie markers. Notice how they elevate them, so they are easy to see and don’t get in the way when reaching for your favorite cheeses?


Add Dishes and Glasses to Use on a Cheeseboard

Step 4: Adding Dishes, Pretty Glasses

As a rule, when making a charcuterie board, adding different cheeses, nuts, olives, and fruit make great additions. It’s also a good idea to mix hard and soft cheeses. For example, Gouda, Blue cheese, Asiago, Brie, or Goat to the charcuterie board.

I also try to make this as pretty as possible because we eat with our eyes first. I like to use pretty dishes to hold nuts and olives. Again use pretty dishes because we eat with our eyes first.

Also, make sure to add small forks and spoons for serving to make it easier for your guests to grab their favorite treat.

All the dairy labeled

Picture of cheese marker with smoked cheddar written on it and a bowl full of olives

Add Pretty Glasses and Small Utensils for Serving

Add Pretty Glasses and Small Utensils

By the way, these glasses are a new favorite purchase of mine. First of all, I love the pattern because it is subtle and elegant. I enjoy adding elegant and rustic touches anywhere I can.

I especially like these glasses because I can use them to serve easy desserts inside if I choose to make a dessert charcuterie board. Have you ever made one? They are especially fun, and you may enjoy this post where I made one for Mother’s Day.

The entire cheeseboard ready for guests

I am so happy I made this great addition for when I make a Charcuterie board. Also, I hope I have given you inspiration on how to make easy DIY cheese markers for your own home.

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46 thoughts on “Easy DIY Cheese Markers

  1. Cindy I love your charcuterie board signs. I have purchased similar signs, but when I saw yours I was asking myself Why? Such a great Idea! P.S. I think I have the same glasses in blue as your pink? peach? ones. I love your color! Thanks for the inspo.

  2. Charcuterie boards are great for entertaining. The cheese markers are really cute. What did you use for writing on the boards? Did I miss that part?

  3. What a pretty way to enhance charcuterie boards! It’s always great to see exactly what delicacies are presented and your chalk markers are the perfect solution for identifying tasty treats!

  4. “We eat with our eyes” oh my gosh, you are so right! Your charcuterie board looks so beautiful. Great tutorial! I love how versatile your markers are. Am going to go check out how you made your board now… : )

  5. I LOVE the charcuterie board and made and use it all the time! Now I can’t wait to make some of your markers so everyone knows what their grabbing! Great idea, Cindy! P.S. I love that you used that Rub and Buff on your clothespins! It adds a touch of class for sure!

  6. Your charcuterie board looks amazing and the markers add to the look! I will definitely give this a try!

  7. These are so cute, Cindy, and would make a fabulous gift set too. I love that you can use them throughout the year no matter what the season. They’re perfection! Big hugs, CoCo

  8. These are so cute – I love that you chose something really unexpected for this challenge.

  9. Love the markers! I really like that they are black, makes it more impactful against the cheeses. Great DIY!

  10. Such a cute project Cindy. The charcuterie boards are all the rage now, so these sweet little markers are perfect. I am happy to feature your cheese markers at Love Your Creativity.

  11. we are huge benjamin moore fans too; we use nothing but in our house! I’ve always wanted to try their chalk board paint; now I have an excuse!

  12. Hi Cindy … I’ve always wanted to have a set of cheese markets. What a clever way to make them. I’ve not tried chalk board paint before … but I’m going to! xo

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