Friendsgiving Dinner Ideas

Friendsgiving dinner ideas

So, let’s talk about Friendsgiving Dinner Ideas, and the best part these work for Thanksgiving dinner too.

Also. the air is crisp, leaves are on the ground, and we are wearing sweaters, jeans, and boots.

Today, I’m taking part in a Friendsgiving Hop with my blogging friends. Heidi from Eleanor Rose Home is our host. Thanks for hosting Heidi!

So if you are coming from visiting Lynn from Living Large in a Small House welcome. I hope you enjoyed her progressive dinner with friends. Lynn is always inspiring.

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A Little About Me and Cloches & Lavender

A Little About Me and Our Blog

Welcome to Cloches & Lavender, my name is Cindy I love to share easy crafts, home decorating inspiration and easy recipes. Most of all you will see me using natural elements in our home decor to decorate our French Country home for the different seasons.

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My Love of Fall

My Love of the Fall Season

The fires are roaring in our homes along with candles burning. There are also the smells coming from the oven filled with spices and sweetness. It means cakes, cookies, and pies. Yes, this time of year means carbs and overeating but doing all of this in moderation is the key.

It’s also the time of year for more hugs, kisses, and seeing our favorite people so today I’m sharing Friendsgiving dinner ideas.

During this time of year our homes are filled with smiling faces, stories about the old days, chatting about things that are new in our lives, and laughter and giggles from the little ones filled with excitement.

I absolutely love every part of Thanksgiving dinner and I wait for it all year. Yes, I love our traditional Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners too. There’s just something about thanksgiving that makes me so excited about the meal itself and hearing football in the background and everyone saying they ate too much and then sprinting to the table when they hear dessert is ready.

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving but have you ever thought about a Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving can be a fun time to spend with your closest friends that may be traveling to see their family in other areas of the country.

What’s Celebrating Friendsgiving All About?

This is All About a Celebration with Closest Friends

What’s this day about? Friendsgiving lets people enjoy all the best parts of Thanksgiving. Fantastic food such as sweet potatoes, apple cider, football games, and lots of laughs.

So, if this is your first time hosting Friendsgiving here are some tips to make sure it all goes as smoothly as possible and it’s a fun time for all.

Tip: If you are the Host?

After deciding on a date immediately email the guests with the list of Friendsgiving food ideas and categories of dishes necessary. Also, make it clear that there can’t be any repeated recipes. So if the first person or two responds “I’ll do sweet potato casserole and I’ll bring creamy mashed potatoes they get to bring them.

Hydrangea centerpiece with small pumpkin

The host also needs to double-check for food allergies. After all, these are your closest friends, right? I’m sure you will know if they have any allergies but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

And yes, someone may get stuck bringing a snack like potato chips but that’s not a terrible thing, is it? If it makes someone feel as though they aren’t contributing enough ask them to bring another food too.

*As an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate programs I earn from qualifying purchases*

Also as an Amazon Associate and other Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission with no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own

May I suggest thinking about using a Google sheet with a list for your Friendsgiving feast? This will make it an easy way for everyone attending to have access and see what the choices are so there’s not too much food.

Friendsgiving Dinner Ideas

Basic Rules for Main Dishes and Turkey

Hosting This Event With Friends and Main Dish Ideas

Generally, the host makes the main dishes which are the whole turkey and gravy for Friendsgiving. However instead of a turkey how about a crockpot turkey breast? This is less stress and saves the whole turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. This way there isn’t turkey overload either.

Keeping the Turkey Moist

Having a Moist Turkey

However, if a turkey is in the plan, the best way to get a moist and crisp turkey is to salt and pepper it the night before. Put it on a dish and in the refrigerator uncovered overnight. This will allow the skin to dry out a bit. And this is a trick to get crispy skin for your Thanksgiving dinner.

 Antique Butter Pats

When you take this out there will be juices in the bottom of the dish. Remove the meat and add it to a rack in a roasting pan.

Also, this is the perfect time to add fresh sage to softened butter and make sage butter to add under the skin of the breast of the turkey the next day.

The next day preheat the oven to the temperature recommended on the packaging. Next, allow the turkey to come to room temperature before adding it to the oven, I do this every year for a good reason.

Friendsgiving Dinner Ideas

Before adding the turkey to the oven I melt unsalted butter and olive oil in a small pot over medium heat. Also, I slice the skin from the breast and add the sage butter underneath. This is a great way to keep the breast moist and adds tons of flavor. Finally, season the top with turkey seasonings, or herbs de Provence, and salt and pepper.

Also, I make sure to add a good amount of white wine, and chicken broth to keep the roasting pan from drying out. This also keeps the turkey very moist. One of the best things about doing this is I never have to baste to achieve a nicely browned turkey for Thanksgiving day. I haven’t had a dry one yet either!

Seating Arrangements for Thanksgiving

Seating Ideas for a Pre-Thanksgiving Gathering

Make sure to have place cards so everyone knows where they are sitting. This way there’s no awkwardness and this is less chaotic when it’s time to relax and enjoy Friendsgiving dinner. These can be made easily using this idea and it works for so many ideas.

Place Cards for Friendsgiving Dinner

These napkin rings will be a perfect addition to your Friendsgiving table too and as a bonus, they are fast to make.

Appetizers are a Must Such as Dips

Appetizers are a Must for Celebrating with Friends

Have someone bring artichoke dip which is often a crowd-pleaser. Make sure they bring crackers and great bread for dipping. Also, have a sour cream dip recipe for dipping assorted chips, and make sure someone brings fresh fruit.

Friendsgiving Dinner Ideas place setting

Side Dish For This Holiday Celebration

Side Dishes and Options This Holiday

When getting ideas for side dishes for your Friendsgiving party these are great options. Make many classic side dishes too. As an example, the ultimate comfort food, homemade mac and cheese, corn pudding, cranberry sauce, and Brussels sprouts yes, Brussels sprouts.

Here’s a simple recipe, add these to a roasting pan and drizzle with olive oil, salt, and pepper and combine and then add cubed pancetta to the pan and roast at 400 degrees F for 30-40 minutes. You will love this recipe, guaranteed. I have converted many with this dish on my menu.

walnut bread for dessert

Desserts Are a Perfect Ending to This Dinner

Make Sure There are Sweets to Finish Friendsgiving

No holiday table is complete without desserts it’s the best part. Make sure there’s apple pie, pecan pie, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin biscotti, sweet potato pie, or my case pumpkin cheesecake.

Indivdual small pumpkin cheesecakes

If you like to try biscotti and don’t want to bake them I highly recommend this brand.

This is a delicious recipe filled with spices, brown sugar, cream cheese, and pure pumpkin not pumpkin puree. And the crust takes it to the next level are ready? It’s gingersnap cookie crust and it’s the perfect ending for your Friendsgiving celebration or Thanksgiving dinner!

I look forward to sharing this recipe with you this week. My homemade cheesecakes are one of my family’s favorite desserts. It’s often requested. Do your family or friends make requests too?

Friendsgiving Dinner Ideas

Cheesecakes are actually one of the easiest recipes to make for the holiday season. And because we are stuffed from the heavy foods that come with Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving dinner I try to keep my dessert table with smaller portions. It’s perfect because it’s an especially long day and we can always come back for seconds since the sweets are in smaller portions.

Friendsgiving Dinner Ideas
centerpiece with dried hydrangeas

I hope you enjoyed this post about Friendsgiving dinner ideas. I also hope you got some great ideas to make this the best holiday season with your closest friends and above all your family.

Now please take time to visit my friend Aliya from Open Doors Open Hearts who always share her beautiful home!

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