A Simple Spring Home Tour

Hello all, today Cloches & Lavender and Terrie from Decorate & More with Tip are co-hosting a Spring Home Tour.  Eight talented bloggers are taking part in this home tour sharing their homes.  In addition to spring beginning, we are also sharing some Easter Inspiration.

graphic for the spring tour

If you’re coming over from visiting CoCo from The Crowned Goat welcome and isn’t CoCo’s home gorgeous for spring?

I will have all these talented bloggers links at the bottom of my post so please take time to visit.  They are all amazing!

Spring began this weekend so days will hopefully be getting warmer in NJ.  We have had beautiful weather this weekend, so fingers crossed.

Now, let’s begin the Spring Home Tour.  By the way, family and our close friends enter our French cottage through our kitchen and since you’re our blogging family welcome to our home.  I have the kitchen table set with some goodies as people enter the home.   Cookies covered in white chocolate and spring candy sits on a green Hob Nail cake plate.  It’s Spring/Easter time so having a sweet treat when entering seems perfect.

a cake stand with cookies for a simple spring home tour

Also, a Daffodil arrangement is a pretty spring centerpiece sitting inside a thrifted tureen bottom.  The addition of Spanish moss and green moss adds pretty texture to my favorite spring bulbs.

daffodil arrangement for a centerpiece

Let’s Take a Look at The Hutch and How It’s Decorated for the Home Tour

Adjacent to the table is the hutch I filled with spring touches.  Before I share the décor inside the hutch, let’s take a look at how I dress the top of the hutch.  Above all, I enjoy adding moss to our home.  Moss has always said spring for me.

top of the hutch decorated with a topiary, green seltzer bottle and greens for a simple spring tour

As an example, the Easy DIY Moss Wreath welcomes warmer weather and hangs from a European shutter with a stick nest. 

moss wreath hanging from an antique shutter

Now back to the hutch, adding a topiary next to an antique seltzer adds more spring green.  Flowerpots as an example, adds spring as well as texture when adding Spanish moss and a moss ball.  Later, in another post I will share how I made these flowerpots have an aged look to them.

another picture of the top of the hutch

A galvanized flower tin holds more greens alongside an old pedestal.  Turning the pedestal upside down gives me a place to also add a moss ball.

Lavender is always a find in our home whether dry or faux. Adding some to a small flowerpot I made seems perfect.

The iron cloche adds more interest to the hutch top with a French flowerpot holding Lambs ear.  Next to the cloche vintage pots hold more green moss.

I am also a fan of red transferware have added some vintage plates to finish this wall.

Simple spring home tour showing the hutch closed and the shutter

Let’s Take A Look Inside My Spring Hutch, Shall We?

First off, can you believe this hutch was curbside find?  For the most part, the inside décor changes for the seasons.  Because I enjoy decorating the top, I tend to keep the inside fairly simple.  For the Spring Home Tour, I fill it with some of my ironstone pitcher collection, the white is a nice balance.

hutch decorated for the spring

For the most part, I keep the theme flowing to the inside from the top of the hutch. I have added dried lavender to a pitcher and a cast iron French urn. 

One of my favorite finds is the syrup pitcher from the 1800’s.

close up of flowerpot simple spring tour

An old advertising crock has a moss ball along with flowerpots I have aged. 

close up of an advertising crock and a small crown

The eggs I have added are perfect for early spring and add an Easter touch.  It may interest you to take a look at this post to read how I make these eggs.

close up of an egg for spring

I also have added a bust I enjoy decorating with that adds a touch of romance.  The bird nest I made; is an easy craft you will enjoy reading how it takes 5 minutes.   A Florentine tray and frame also add elegance with the rustic nest sitting inside a crown.

a shelf with a female bust, vintage dishes, crown and bird nest

The Shakespeare Sonnets are especially pretty and are special pieces from my father-in-law dating as far back as 1844.

I have also added an antique pink French dictionary adding subtle color in an ironstone tureen.

a simple spring tour

Finishing the inside of the hutch is pieces of our china adding color.

Decorating for the Hutch for the Start of the Season

After finishing the inside of the spring hutch, I have added an antique French flower crate with an old feed bucket I did find thrifting last summer.  I have filled it with Cherry Blossom branches and sticks I did find in our yard.  I also enjoy adding natural elements to decorate the home.  Found frames finish this off nicely adding some interest.

cherry blossoms and a bucket with a small frame for the simple spring home tour

Let’s Take a Look at the in the Great Room Getting Ready for Warmer Days

As a rule, I often begin decorating our bookshelf for the seasons.  I find it gives me a beginning point.

bookshelf for simple spring home tour

Having a semi open floor, this spring, the theme carries through to our great room to keep the look cohesive.  Again, using moss balls as accents in addition to a moss-covered vase.  It’s simple and adds charm.  The bird I have had and gave a makeover which you can read about this easy DIY.  It’s an easy tutorial to give a piece a quick new look.

simple spring tour

I especially enjoy adding crowns in décor.  The crown below is a beauty and is filled with another bird nest I made.  Seeded Eucalyptus also adds a touch of green. 

crown filled with a bird nest

The Alabaster bird bath is a thrift store find.  It’s also difficult to find these with the birds attached so this was a lucky find.   A moss ball is all that’s needed.

more of the bookshelf for a simple spring home tour

Also, I have added one of my favorite antiques, this compote bowl from France dating back to the early 1900’s is a beauty.  I have a love for Boxwood, so it had seemed to be a great place to add some.

Simple spring home tour

A chocolate mold from Germany is at home on butter pats, a moss ball and small eggs.

an antiqwue bunny candy mold with small eggs

I have also added thrifted finds and the history of the double handled sugar bowl may be a nice read.  Sheep are a great touch for Easter, don’t you think?

sheep near a thrifted blue and white sugar bowl with a green moss ball

Lastly on the Bookshelf In The Great Room

Lastly on the bookshelf, is an ironstone tureen I had bought thrifting.  The handles and curves of this piece had me bring it home.   I have also added more Sonnets a crown and violet butter pats.  The purple ties in nicely with the lavender.

antique sonnets and small crown in an tureen bottom for a simple spring tour

The cast iron piece I had bought thrifting and is quite heavy.  It’s a home for a bird I have made over in the same link I mention above.  Small antique dishes hold gilded corn on the cob holders from the 1940’s waiting for summer.

a silver bird sitting on a nest
a ironstone pitcher and dishes filled with Florentine corn on the cob holders

Next, on the wall adjacent to the bookcase is our buffet and it’s pretty this spring.  An antique French Jardinière I have bought from one of my favorite Etsy shops and it’s filled with moss and an Easter egg I have made.  It adds elegance and a touch of French. 

simple spring home tour
full view of my buffet dressed for spring

The antique shutter I have had and when organizing my office, I had found olive stems and made this easy quick wreath.  The French market basket adds texture and color with Lavender.

simple spring home tour with shutter and a wreath

Opposite is an old Florentine frame I had found thrifting with a preserved boxwood wreath for color and a small Florentine picture adds elegance.

Floretine frasm with boxwood wreath

Next, Let’s Look At the Coffee Table Decorated For Spring

Decorating the coffee table is important, however, with many vignettes connected in our semi-open floor plan, I keep it simple.  At times, simple is best when decorating.

The spring coffee table has an iron cloche and base.  Keeping with my theme throughout the house, I added simple rustic elements.  A bird finial I had a makeover is nestling in green Spanish moss.   A crown adds elegance filled with sticks from the yard, feathers and an egg add interest.  Adding a small Florentine picture is unexpected and I love its elegant nature.

a cloche with a bitd finial and Spanish moss
a closeup of the cloche

Finishing the coffee table is ironstone scalloped dishes filled with natural Spanish moss, an easy bunny craft with a moss tail and eggs adds whimsy.

a closer look at the bird finial

To conclude my Spring Home Tour, we have bought Pansies for the front porch and one for our deck this weekend.  Before placing this flowerpot on a deck table I’m enjoying it on a French table I bought on Facebook Marketplace.  It’s nestling between two French chairs.

a flowerpot with purple pansies

Now please head over to visit Terrie over at Decorate & More with Tip to see her pretty tables cape. And I hope you enjoyed seeing my simple spring home tour


21 thoughts on “A Simple Spring Home Tour

  1. So many beautiful touches of Spring, Cindy! I love all the layers of patina and French Country charm in your home. The way you put things together is really pretty. Loving and pinning and thanks so much for putting this all together, CoCo

  2. Cindy, your spring home tour has been a feast for the eyes! Everything looks so beautiful and perfectly spring. You have such a gift at displaying vignettes and styling shelves perfectly. Your creations look so pretty displayed with all of your antique treasures. I would love to have one of those delicious looking cookies and visit with you in your gorgeous home. Happy Spring, dear friend!

  3. I love walking through your home, not only how beautifully you decorated your home, but all the lovely DIYs I am noticing around your home. I love how you take something from nothing and make it beautiful. Love your home. Happy Easter my friend.

  4. Cindy, all your pretty vignettes are just gorgeous! I would love to see wider shots of the rooms….is it rude to ask that? 🙂

  5. Your house looks so pretty for Spring and Easter. Of course you have yummy cookies served on a cute platter for your guests. Super sweet. Love meeting some new bloggers so thanks for hosting this Spring Tour. xoxo

  6. First, Cindy, I hope you are feeling better! I didn’t feel good for half a day after my second vaccine, but then I was fine. Now…your home is so lovely and welcoming of springtime with all of the greenery and moss accents! Those Shakespearean sonnet books are certainly a treasure! All of the little addition of ornate eggs and birds are just additional reminders that springtime has arrived! Thank you for hosting and including me!

  7. Cindy, your home looks lovely decorated for spring. Your hutch is GORGEOUS and I love how you styled it. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm–pinning!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous tour with beautiful attention to detail. So many wonderful treasures! I am happy to be featuring you at TFT this week. Happy Easter!

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