Ironstone Thrifted Finds

Today, we are starting our Thrift Store Challenge again hosted by Tara, Stillettos and Shiplap and Emily, Le Cultivateur

This this is a creative set of bloggers who enjoy the hunt thrifting and I hope you visit each one using the links listed below.

I’m especially excited to share a couple of Ironstone thrifted finds with you today.

Thrifted Finds

Not long after this pandemic started small businesses suffered rather quickly especially in NJ and NY. NJ has been especially hit hard so while on Instagram a shop I follow had two pieces that caught my eye immediately.

What Pieces Did I Find?

First Piece

First, I found this very old ironstone double handled sugar bowl. I have been looking for a piece like this for a while.

After receiving the sugar bowl I did a bit of research and found information about the stamp on the bottom.

J.W. Pankhurst was a manufacturer of stone china and ironstone. They were located in Staffordshire, England.

Then Pankhurst took over the pottery of William Ridgway of Ridgway Potter it’s.

After reading further their pittery was from 185o to 1882 until its bankruptcy and subsequent sale to Johnson Brothers.

This is what makes Ironstone thrifted pieces and other thrifted pieces fun to find particularly when we research abd discover fun facts.

By the way, adding freshly cut Dahlia adds a pretty touch.

Second Piece Found

Later that afternoon I spotted this floral sugar bowl and contacted the store through DM. After I received information and the price I added this to my order.

I’m truly thrilled I brought these into our home and also helped a small business during this time.

Have you ventured out thrifting yet?

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32 thoughts on “Ironstone Thrifted Finds

    1. Cindy, I absolutely love all these ironstone finds! And, wow, those dahlias are gorgeous!!! What variety are they? I love them!

  1. Cindy those ironstone treasures are lovely! I especially like finding out as much as I can about pieces I collect also. It makes it really come to life, I think. I’m loving those dahlias! Did you grow them or buy them? I would love to know the name of the variety if you grew them….

  2. Cindy what a beautiful piece of ironstone. I love that you know the history of the piece. Have a beautiful start to the new week. xoxo

  3. You found some really great pieces to add to your collection. How you have them styled is so pretty. Great touch with the flowers. So happy to see you enjoy thrift store shopping, I haven’t found anything lately, never know what you will find when you go in. Happy Monday!

  4. Cindy, you found some beautiful items! I’m particularly fond of the blue floral piece. We have been staying close to the house. However, I put my mask on and went to a local antique mall on Saturday. I was able to score some Majolica pieces at a great price. I was over the moon. It’s always fun to support a local business and find pretties at great prices! I hope you have a most beautiful week ahead! Take care!

    1. I was lucky because the shol is south of us they shipped it. I have MS so I haven’t ventured out except for doctor appointments.

      If I see things from our local thrift store my wonderful husband goes and gets it for me.

      Great to find some Majolica

  5. I have not ventured out to the thrift stores yet. There is way too much covid here in Georgia. I always love finding ironstone. You got some pretty new pieces. xo Laura

  6. These pieces are gorgeous, Cindy! I’m so excited you spotted them. Treasure hunting is definitely one of the things I miss most about our lives pre-pandemic. Just being able to get out and about was a blessing. These pieces are all fantastic! Hugs, CoCo

  7. I loved your ironstone treasures but also the forget me not sugar bowl! Gorgeous. I have been to our local GW twice. I take forever so wearing a mask for 2-3 hours leaves it damp! Went to 2 thrifts (a church and an animal rescue) and a library second hand bookstore several weeks ago and stocked up on treasures for my booth, stuff for sewing projects, and crafting. In Maine, mask wearing, hand washing, sanitizing, and social distancing is holding the cases down, thank God. But I’m still home a lot more than I used to be–safe and healthy.

  8. Actually, I’ve only been to one thriftshop this whole time that many stores have been closed from Covid. I was trying to think if I found anything but I don’t think so… However, I have many wonderful treasures found thrifting in the past, including my fair maiden who graces many a post! <3 (That lady statue I have on the mantel in her pink tutu ruff right now.)

    Enjoy your pretty sugar bowl and the Easter egg holder,
    Barb 🙂

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