DIY Bird Nests in 5 Minutes

DIY bird nests in 5 minutes, a nest is especially good for early spring decorating. Wouldn’t it be great to learn an easy way to make these and in 5 minutes? Well, today I am going to share how truly easy this gathering spot for birds is to make.

Today, I am sharing my first spring project. The days are a getting tad longer have you been noticing.

DIY bird nests is particularly pretty to nestle into a centerpiece add to a cloche, books stacked inside an ironstone dish or use in a vignette on your table.

Also, adding a small egg, a found feather or even leaving them empty is pretty from spring through summer when birds are active.

Items Needed:

  • bird nests as seen below or Spanish moss
  • sticks you find in your yard
  • green moss
  • spray adhesive
  • leaves you find
  • rubber gloves

Forming the Nest with Spray Adhesive to Get the Correct Shape

Here for the DIY bird nests, I did purchase these forms on Factory Direct Crafts.  These come in a set of six.

bird nest when it came from the store

So then, because the nests were loss, I spray with spray adhesive to make them stiffer and also began forming a better shape.

By the way, I advise doing this DIY project outside but because it snowed and is cold in NJ, I did this out my office window. I simply hung my nest outside the window to spray with adhesive.

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Also, I recommend wearing gloves and be prepared, the nest will be beyond sticky.

DIY bird nests in 5 minutes forming my shape after sprayed with spray adhesive

My neighbors must have gotten a great laugh of this women hanging her hands outside a window while spraying an object.

Adding Sticks, Leaves and Moss to the Spray Adhesive for a More Realistic Appearance

After, I have the correct shape, and the spray adhesive is still very tacky I add pieces of sticks from my yard.

DIY bird nests shaped

Next, I began adding the sticks to my handmade bird nests. Also, this is a great time to begin adding them to the exterior and interior of the nests for more texture and a realistic look.

Besides getting the shape I speak about above; I also did take advantage of the spray being sticky.

This specifically helps keep the sticks stable as I add them in other areas of the DIY bird nests.

pushing sticks into the outside

Finally, I add spray adhesive in spots and place green moss for more texture to my craft project.

After adding the moss, I also added pieces of leaves that I found in our yard. This is an easy quick step and will truly take moments to accomplish.

Adding green moss to the DIY Bird Nests
DIY Bird Nests showing the green moss and sticks
a close up picture
pieces of leaves to add to DIY bird Nests in 5 minutes
after adding the leaves
close up of more sticks and moss

Placing my nest and egg resting inside a centerpiece I recently put together adds a piece of nature with its Robin’s egg.

As I begin decorating for spring, I will share a couple more nests I created.

Incidentally, I look forward to sharing this centerpiece with you during a Spring hop taking place on February 23rd. We will be sharing centerpieces, crafts and DIYs for spring.

Also, I hope this inspires you to give this DIY bird nests in 5 minutes a try for your decorating. Remember Pinning is always appreciated from Cloches & Lavender.

Do you enjoy decorating with nests and natural elements? I’d love for you to leave a comment letting me know.

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42 thoughts on “DIY Bird Nests in 5 Minutes

  1. This bird’s nest is amazing, Cindy! I can’t wait to try this too. I had no idea you could still form the shape after spraying the glue that is so cool. Loving and pinning as always and can’t wait to see what you’re up to this spring, CoCo

  2. Such a great idea. Thank you so much for sharing on Fabulous Friday Link Party. We sure appreciate you. Hugs and blessings to you.

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