How to Make Christmas Gift Tags From Wood

Welcome, today I’m sharing how to make Christmas gift tags from wood.

If you have missed what’s been happening at Cloches&Lavender you may want to start HERE.  This will help get you ready for the upcoming seasons.

This is also another great project to start thinking about too!

Now let me share how to make Christmas gift tags from wood.  You may be asking yourself why wood tags?  So, I will tell you why wood is used for making these seasonal gift tags.

First of all, I like the idea of giving a present with a Christmas gift tag that’s a DIY for the holiday season.  Also, I like the idea the holiday gift tags which can hang on their tree next Christmas.

Incidentally, this is an easy seasonal craft to make.

As a result of these being holiday gift tags, I can also use them for our Christmas tree as ornaments if I choose because they will hang nicely. 

Additionally, I can use these Christmas gift tags for displays around the house.

Also, another idea, is to use these wooden tags as drink charms for Christmas gatherings.  So there are many reasons to make these Christmas gift tags from wood.

Items Need for How To Make Your Christmas Gift Tags

  • 1/4 inch poplar wood
  • compound miter/chop saw
  • small metal washers
  • sanding sponge
  • white vinegar
  • peroxide
  • table salt
  • plastic container or solo cup 

Step 1

How To Make Christmas Gift Tags From Wood

First of all, we have to buy the wood from a home improvement store.  I chose 1/4 inch thick poplar for my holiday gift tags.  Poplar is especially good for this these gift tags because I will be painting them.

Here’s a picture of a similar piece of wood that I am using for these present tags.

 Wood used for this project
The wood beginning to get cut into a square
Wood getting cut to shape of a tag

Next, I decide on the size and my handyman, a.k.a. my husband cut the gift tags.

Step 2

Cut The Wood Into Tag Shapes

After the tags for this DIY are cut use a light grit sanding sponge and sand the edges to remove any rough spots.

Here, you will want to add a drill hole to the top of the gift tags.

Wood cut into the shape of tags

Step 3

Adding Color By Painting the Christmas Gift Tags

Now the fun part, designing and painting the holiday tags.  I enjoy using chalk paint for the most part, because I can paint with no priming!   Also, I enjoy adding character to chalk paint with wax.  For the most part, I use this product for painting.  I have been using this paint for many years now and am never let down.

Painting begins
Painting the sides of the wood

After painting the holiday tags two coats and drying in between each coat add the grain sac design.  Here’s information for the grain sac to use for these seasonal tags. Besides, the price can’t be beat!

Step 4

Stenciling The Holiday Gift Tags 

Now, load your stencil brush with the color of your choice. Incidentally, my choice, is Folk Art medium gray paint and you can purchase this at any craft store to add to my gift tags.   

Tags getting ready for stenciling of the grain sac

After loading your brush, using a good quality paper towel, pounce to remove most of your paint.  By the way, doing this takes extra paint off your stencil brush.  Doing this gives a truly stenciled look to your gift tags. 

Stenciling of grain sac

I say to pounce straight up and down when stenciling these gift tags because if you pounce on an angle you will bleed under your stencil.  This will give your grain sac the best look.

Incidentally, notice the drill holes are left rough. I namely didn’t worry about this because the washers will cover them.

Step 5

Sanding The Christmas Tags

After the stencil is dry, using a light grade sanding sponge, lightly sand the stencil on your holiday gift tags.  I namely say to lightly sand the seasonal gift tags to add more character to the stencil.

Sanding the stencil with a sanding sponge
Gift tags after they are painted and stenciled

Step 6

Adding More Character By Aging The Washers to the Christmas Gift Tags

Here’s when you want to get your stainless steel washerswhite vinegar, table salt and peroxide also container or cup.  I did this for my seasonal tags because I want my washers to look old.

Washers to make rusty

Step 7

Rusting The Washers

There is not an exact measurement for this process unfortunately, I did this to see if it would work for my gift tags.  Inside the container or a cup add a nice amount of table salt.  Next add peroxide and the white vinegar.

I did use a plastic container with a lid so after adding this mixture I put the lid on and shook over the sink.  However, this will work in a strong plastic cup too for the washers for the seasonal gift tags. After adding your ingredients to the washers use as wooden craft stick to stir it around a bit.

Washers soaking in table salt, peroxide and white vinegar to get rusty

By the way, I let this sit with the lid off overnight and when I woke in the morning my stainless steel washers are rusty additions for my Christmas gift tags.  Incidentally, this is what I wanted to achieve.  The air and the combination of the ingredients causes the reaction.  I bet you didn’t know I am scientific, quite frankly neither did I.  Truly, this was a guess and it works. 

Rusty washers after drying

Step 8

Gluing The Washers With E6000

Now take the rusty washers out of the solution and let dry on a paper towel to add to the gift tags. By the way, I glued my washers with E6000.

 E6000 glue

Step 9

Adding Charm To The Tags With Graphic Images

Now let’s begin another layer for the Christmas and holiday gift tags.  I want French Christmas images on my tags.  So, after doing some searching I found images on this Etsy shop to be the best.  Now these are French Country Christmas image downloads for $3.00 each for my tags.

This price is reasonable because it comes in an instant download, the images are perfection and licensed, and they are sent in reverse and the regular direction.  Not only that, you can size these images to any size and use them over and over for projects such as these gift tags.

So, look on Etsy to get great graphic download images for these Christmas gift tags.

Next, for these tags, I print my images in thumbnail size. Also, I did use card stock.

Paper for images to get printed

Step 10

Mode Podge The Graphic To The Tags

After I print them, I use Mod Podge and add them to the gift tags DIY.

Mod Podge getting added to the back of the image to go on the tags
Adding the images to the top of the Christmas gift tag

Step 11

Giving The Seasonal Gift Tags Character With Clear And Dark Wax

For my French gift tags, I add a combination of clear wax and dark wax.  I always have these brands in my craft room.  By the way, if you want to spend less money I found this clear wax and dark wax to use for these seasonal gift tags.

Clear wax added to the images on the  gift tags

Also, adding wax especially to the image brings out the colors and the image itself. This also adds character to the gift tags.

After adding the wax rub generously with a lint free rag.

Step 12

Adding String To The Gift Tags

Lastly, for how to make Christmas gift tags from wood, add string for hanging the seasonal tags from packages.  Also remember, these holiday gift tags are fun to use on a smaller tree.  Also, use them for napkin ties for Christmas gatherings.  Let your family and friends take them home after dinner as a reminder of your holiday season.

Christmas gift tags finished and displayed with gold and natural walnuts in the shells
Christmas gift tags finished with walnuts
Christmas gift tags with candles lit and bottle brush trees in the evening

I hope you enjoyed this post for how to make Christmas gift tags.



Making Christmas Tags From Wood
Prep Time1 hr
Active Time1 hr


  • Table/miter saw
  • Stencil Brush
  • 220 grit sanding sponge
  • Chalk Paint/White craft paint
  • Grain sac stencil
  • Gray craft paint/paint of your choice
  • Stainless steel washers
  • Peroxide
  • Table salt
  • White vinegar
  • Wood
  • Plastic cup
  • Mod Podge
  • Sponge brush for Mod podge
  • Small chip brush
  • Drill
  • String


  • 1 piece poplar wood
  • 1 package stainless steel washers
  • 1 220 grit sanding sponge
  • 1 small chip brush
  • 1 sheet card stock


Step 1
Cut wood in the shape of a tag angling the topedges as shown above in my post
Step 2
Drill the hole on top of eacxh tags as shown in my post to slip the string inside
Step 3
Sand Edges of tags
Step 4
Paint the tags white
Step 5
Stencil with color of your choice on the grain sac stencil
Step 6
Lightly sand the stencil with your sanding sponge
Step 7
Add washers to a cup with a bit of table salt, white vinegar and peroxide.  Let soak overnight exposed to the air
Step 8
Print your graphics out on cardstock and Mod Podge to the tags
Step 9
Apply clear and dark wax.  Rub with a lint free cloth
Step 10
Glue the rusted washer over the hole on the tope of each tag with E6000 
Step 10
Add string to the tags for hanging and displaying

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