White Wax Wood Risers

How to white wax wood risers, is the plan this morning. Do you love using risers or pedestals in your home?

Risers such as these wood ones can especially add a a finishing touch in many ways in home decor. As an example, I enjoy adding these under buckets and urns filled with flowers.

By the way, I will also be sharing another larger size on our coffee table.

Recently these wood risers with feet came to me from Antique Farmhouse. Do you also enjoy the pieces they have to offer as much as I do?

wood riser from Antique Farmhouse

Antique Farmhouse has a wide variety of pieces to offer for the home. They have lighting, decor, bedding and it’s not just Farmhouse style.

Their pieces work great in our home, and it is more French than Farmhouse.

I highly recommend checking out these risers and I will be sharing the direct link and links to other products they sell too!

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What is White Wax?

First, what is white wax?

You probably know that furniture wax usually comes in clear and brown wax.
Also, when buying white wax, it may also go by the name of Liming wax. This process is a clear wax with the addition of a white pigment that gives a white grained finish which I adore. This is great process is perfect faded effect to bare or stained wood or painted furniture.

the wood riser from Antique Farmhouse

This process is perfect for these wood risers.

White Waxes Available and That are Easy to Work Wit

For the most part, when using white wax, I usually use Miss Mustard Seed wax. I have this regularly in my craft room. Actually, I am still working on my original can.

How to White Wax Wood Risers Miss Mustard Seed white wax

I also did find less expensive white waxes for you that work great too. Michaels carries this brand Home Depot offers this brand HERE.

Applying White Wax and Rubbing Well into Your Project

When applying white wax to wood pedestals or furniture, the process is the same. Generally, when applying wax, it is best to apply them in small doses. After applying the wax as an example to these wood risers I rub well with a lint free rag.

How to White Wax Wood Risers applying it with a stencil brush

Also, when applying white wax to pedestal projects or furniture I often use a large soft stencil brush.

 lint free rag rubbing wax

As promised here is the link to purchase these pretty wood pieces. Oh, did I mention you get two risers for a great price? You may remember seeing a smaller version in this post of a something great I found!

small version of riser

Another example of pretty pedestals they offer are these that are white already. These are a must see, look at these feet!

Lastly, look how much character this riser offers withs its warned edges!

How I’m Using These Pieces in Home Decor

My first larger piece, I am using under an antique feed bucket. I love the finished look it provides for this great piece as well as grounding the feed bucket. I’m loving this bucket filled with Heather for spring.

How to White Wax Wood Risers with a feed bucket filled with Heather

This other wood piece perfect for our coffee table under this urn filled with pretty pieces for spring. I’m enjoying the little bit of white wax I added with the contrast of the glass and coffee table.

How to White Wax Wood Risers
An urn filled with flower pots ready for spring

Besides, this urn is resin and I purchase it from a thrift store. This is a must-see post on how to fix a broken urn piece made of resin I share!

How to White Wax Wood Risers filled with clay pots and an urn with dried lavender

You can see how to age terracotta pots using HERE.

Some Other Must-See Pieces from Antique Farmhouse

These will not only be perfect for your Easter table but will work for all spring celebrations and gatherings.

For example, this is perfect for the gardener in your life and will make a great Mother’s Day gift.

Also take a look at this gorgeous lighting a MUST see!

Here’s a great canvas sign that works for any home decor all year!

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to white wax wood risers. I hope you may have found a great find with the links I shared for Antique Farmhouse too.

Do you enjoy working with white wax? Do you check out Antique Farmhouse for their daily deals?

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