Gift Ideas for Dogs

toys for dogs for Christmas

Our dogs Reeses & Peanut mean everything to us. So, I thought I’d share gift ideas for dogs!

They are twin brother and sister mini Dachshunds and keep us on our toes.

Besides being well behaved they make us laugh out loud every single day.

They are inseparable and love each other so much. In fact, our vet says he’s rarely seen dogs that are so attached.

Every night they sleep together on the couch. Reeses loves watching TV and resting on his sister.

I truly can’t explain how much these twins love each other. Their love for one another melts our hearts every day.

Reeses resting his head on his sister

So when it comes to Christmas of course they are NEVER forgotten.

Trust me on these recommendations. Dachshunds destroy every toy and Reeses & Peanut have destroyed every given them within minutes.

Dachshunds have tons of teeth because they were used to help hunt small animals years ago. Unfortunately, I’m sure they may still be used for this today.

However, our babies will almost catch a chipmunk but if the chipmunk pops its head out they scamper away.

Reeses has the hunting instinct and I’d truly be concerned except, he’s afraid of everything!

So, these toys really do work and they get them over and over again! By the way, these are for special moments because of the calories. These dogs live to eat and because they have small legs and can have back issues we watch their weight as much as possible.

Here are some amazing finds and most of these I highly recommend because they are Reeses & Peanut approved!

Peanut playing with her gifts!  Yes she steals her brothers toys

Reeses chewing his toy

I hope you think about giving these gift ideas for dogs a try!

Dachshunds destroy every toy they get. Even the ones that say indestructible. Nylabones are the best for any dog!

Reeses goes crazy playing with this toy!

Ever hear of Zippy Paws? These are their favorite and guess what NO stuffing and these make it through 3 times of chewing! This is HUGE for a chewer!

These in ANY flavor are loved! All natural and low in calories too!

Every pup needs a stocking! And here’s another adorable one.

We love this shampoo!

These ear wipes help prevent ear infections

And this toothpaste helps with tarter and comes in different flavors

3 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for Dogs

  1. Our dogs are so hard on toys too! I found a tire at Costco that our dogs love to play with, it is pretty much indestructible. Your dogs are so sweet, and like yours, ours make us laugh every day too! We love them so much! A home is not a home without pets! Blessings to you Cindy!

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