Natural Fall Décor

Let’s talk about how to add natural fall décor.

First, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Cindy and I love making our house a home.

I began Cloches & Lavender to share my decorating and crafting journey with my readers.  Being creative is a passion.  I also hope to inspire my followers to embrace their love of home, decorating, and family.

When the seasons change I immediately think of ways to add nature to our home décor.

Today also happens to be my day to share our natural fall décor in the Bloggers Best Fall Home Tour.  Hosting this tour is Kelly from The Tattered Pew.

graphic for the best fall home tours

If you are stopping by after visiting Michelle at Thistle Key Lane, welcome!  Her porch and entryway are pretty, aren’t they?  She always shares such pretty inspiration!

You can visit each Fall home tour by clicking the links at the bottom of this post.

Because I enjoy the natural look of fall, for the most part, I begin in our French Country kitchen. Natural fall décor welcomes our family and close friends because they enter our home this way.

Pieces For The Fall Season

Natural Elements: Flint Corn

Natural elements in fall decor welcome family and friends as they enter the kitchen.  I keep our table clutter-free with a simple centerpiece.  Because we enjoy dinner here nightly, simple works best.  I enjoy table runners because they allow the beauty of our table to be seen with it’s white wash look. 

Table with candles lit with a centerpiece of a pitcher, a mirror and an acorn for fall decor

Candles are lit on the table

I especially love this antique plateau mirror that takes centerstage with a McCoy pitcher for autumn.  This pitcher is especially pretty because it has the slightest blue tone and in certain light looks white.  Adding pinecone stems and a lightly antiqued acorn is all it needs. 

close up of the acorn on the table

Across from our table resides a hutch we found curbside.  When the seasons change this is one of the first pieces in our home I begin changing.  Adding brown transferware seems perfect for fall. 

Kitchen table.  showing the outside of the kitchen hutch and fall decor
The hutch open with natural decor.

A Closer Look Inside The Hutch

An antique brown transferware tureen keeps it simple with Shakespeare’s sonnets from 1842.  A nod to nature is dried hydrangeas and a small pumpkin.

close up of the inside of the hutch showing natural fall decor

Brown transferware pitchers next to small ironstone dishes add natural fall décor with dried pumpkin stems.  Dry sunflower heads add to the natural fall styled hutch.

A small copper-footed pot holds acorn garlands.  Adding natural fall décor to a Florentine frame with dry sunflower heads where I also share the details

Another close up of how to add natural fall decor.  The inside of the hutch

Crate under the hutch

Dry oranges and vintage berry baskets add to the natural fall décor.  A grapevine garland adds another nod to fall, while dry hydrangeas and pumpkins finish the look. 

pumpkins, dried hydrangeas, red transferware hanging on the wall

I share how to preserve the pinecones in an antique French crate.

close up fall decor inluding a bucket filled with acorn branches bbear sticks for natural fall decor.

A crate filled with pine cones
A look the kitchen at another angle showing autumn
Indian corn wreath on a gate

Lastly, my Indian corn wreath, on an old gate shows how to add natural fall décor.

Autumn Inspiration Is Welcoming In The Great Room

As you enter our great room our bookshelf is one the first things seen, besides, the TV, we all have them, LOL.

natural fall decor entering the great room.

sharing the bookcase, clock, and a bit of the foyer
bookcase and the clock natrural fall decor
Closer view bookcase with lit candles

The bookcase shares many natural elements.  For example, the bottom shelf has dry oranges filling an antique compote.  They truly smell amazing and the crown adds whimsy. 

close up the bottom bookshelf of natural fall decor

 A candle unlit with books

A collection of real acorns fills a pitcher as well as a small dish.  I share how to preserve acorns I always add the shelves and decor.

close up of unlit candle and fall decor

The candle on this shelf and above I recently made and you can see this DIY HERE.  You will be beyond surprised to see how I made these battery-operated flameless candles.

fall decor on the bookcase.  showing the candles lit

doorknobs, old books and fall decor

Dry pumpkin stems and gilded walnuts fill a metal and antique alabaster bird bath.

Adding another natural element is the dry hydrangeas.   Adding natural pieces is easy, look outside your window.  Nature offers free and pretty decorating inspiration.

More Natural Elements In The Great Room

In front of a picture window filling a lantern with dry oranges and a candle adds natural fall décor.  I share inspiration for lantern filler ideas.

close up chairs by a window.   A heavy throw is on the chair arm.

A lantern with fall decor on a table with a tray
A Florentine tray filled with nuts for fall decor

Adding a small dried orange wreath to my French armoire adds a pretty touch.

French armoire and one chair and heavy throw blanket in this picture of natural fall decor
close up of French armoire doors and a wreath

The Buffet Filled With Hydrangea To Welcome Fall

An antique French crate is overflowing with hydrangea for more natural décor.  Dry hydrangeas and vine pumpkins add a rustic touch.  An old shutter has a dry orange wreath I share.  This is easy to make and works through the winter months.

picture of natrual fall decor on the buffet in the great room.

Dry hydrangeas fill a wooden crate with a basket and old steamer trunk next to it.

An old shutter with a corbel on a pedestal  under the corbel

a wreath hangs on the shutter

a large mirror hangs over the buffet
close up crate filled with dry hydrangea for natural fall decor
another close up of the dry hydrangea in the wooden crate
same picture above but at a different angel

Pumpkins Add Natural Touches In The Dining Room

Ordinarily, I spread pumpkins around our home.  However, this year I have my pumpkins as a centerpiece on the dining room table.  This adds natural décor to the dining room.  Besides, there are dry hydrangeas, walnuts, pine cones, and dry artichokes. Additionally, bark tea light holders cast a soft glow.

centerpiece on dining room table with an assortment of pumpkins.  Green, white and peach pumpkins.

with natrual fall decor of dry hydrangea
picture of natural fall decor of the dining room.  the dining room table again the same way as above

showing the family room attached for an open floor plan

a door leaning on the dining room wall with an acorn wreath and a small cabinet

Adding another element of nature is my acorn wreath hanging from a door.   On the small mantle is a canvas here I share how to apply reverse transfers from vintage graphics.

a small buffet with a small mantel above with cathedral shutters and an picture 

a door with a wreath for natural fall decor
a different angel of the dining room and everything looks the same as the above picture

Lastly Fall Decor Added To The Dining Room

Lastly, a lantern adds more natural decor. with natural walnuts.  Again, decorating with nature is inexpensive and easy.  A straw wreath holds a large wooden acorn.

a picture of a small china cabinety and a lantern and wreath for natural fall decor
a close up of a lantern filled for natural fall decor

a large wooden acorn inside a wreath laying on the cabinet

I hope my tour displaying natural decor inspires you to think about adding these pieces to your home.  Remember you only have to look outside your window and to the grocery store.  Nature is free, easy, and adds warmth.

Now please visit Libbie from A Life Unfolding to see her cozy fall bedroom.  I know it will be beautiful.

Have a Great Day
Have a Great Day
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82 thoughts on “Natural Fall Décor

  1. Cindy, I am a big fan of natural decor, too. Your home looks absolutely lovely decked out for fall. Your pumpkin centerpiece and dried hydrangeas are stunning! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  2. Cindy, no one does natural decor as well as you! It’s gorgeous! I especially love the dining table centerpiece, and the soup tureen with the books, hydrangeas, and pumpkin.

  3. Your home is so lovely Cindy! The hutch is a fabulous find. I love your dishes and the little arrangement of books in the tureen is very pretty. So many great ideas for fall my friend. Thank you for the tour!

  4. It’s all so beautiful, Cindy. I love all the natural elements you used. Those blue-toned hydrangeas are to die for! I need to add some acid to mine to get them blue. Your roadside hutch is awesome, especially filled with brown transferware. I redid a piece like that years ago and sold it; always one of my favorites! Fun touring with you today!

  5. So many fun pieces! I love the antiqued acorn and the dishes in the white hutch! The pretty corn wreath is gorgeous.

  6. Everything looks beautiful, Cindy. I just love that table set with all the pumpkins and the candles. Gorgeous. You are all ready for the cozy fall days!

  7. Cindy your fall tour was beautiful! I love all of the natural elements you used…especially the hydrangeas! Your French armoire always makes my heart pitter patter! Pinning!

  8. Pretty fall touches throught your home! I especially love the small grapevine pumpkins tucked into your hydrangea arrangement. So fun touring together this week.

  9. So many beautiful touches of Fall, Cindy, they’re all amazing! I love your dried peices and the pumpkins on your tablescape make me totally want to redo mine he he. Seriously so stunning! Love your style so much lady! Big hugs, CoCo

  10. Hi Cindy!

    I love your home and all of the vintage and thoughtful details! Thanks for sharing your home with us!


  11. Your fall décor is so pretty Cindy! You have just confirmed that I need some antique brown transferware like you have styled to beautifully in your hutch. And that French crate with the hydrangeas is gorgeous. Such much inspiration!

  12. Your natural elements looks great in your home! Especially with that warm wall color. And I bet your home smells amazing with the dried oranges. Still on my list of things to do. Hope you have a wonderful fall season. I bet you’ll enjoy it out on your nice big deck!

  13. Isn’t it fun to decorate for fall? Like what you have done using natural elements. I especically love the pumpkins acrons, etc on your dining room table.

  14. Your home is so cozy and inviting all gussied up for fall. I especially love that antiqued acorn … I keep scrolling back to have another look! Oh, wait … I can Pin it!!! xo

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