Make DIY Wood Coasters

Did you ever think, I’d like to make coasters? Today, I am sharing how to make DIY wood coasters. These are an easy craft, and you can design them to fit your home decor style. I think being able to customize pieces to fit our style is the best. And these wood coasters are perfect.

For this DIY I found wood slabs with bark on them. As soon as I made the purchase, I began thinking, these are perfect for coasters.

Because I enjoy our dining room table exposed when we have gatherings coasters are a necessity under glasses. So, making DIY Wood coasters came to mind. These became more relevant now, because we entertain more often from fall through winter.

Why is it Called a Drink Coaster and the History?

History of the Bar Coaster

The first coasters were designed for wine bottles and decanters, so they will slide or coasted around the dinner table. Generally, after the servants have retired for the evening.

For example, early on coasters were mainly a shallow tray or dish made of wood, paper Mache, silver or silverplate

To begin with, beermats made of cardboard by the German printing company. And the first beermat was made of wood pulp.

Then these had been introduced to the United Kingdom in 1920 to advertise pale ale.

Additionally, saucers are often used for the same purpose. Also, when drinking tea, it is customary to use a cup and saucer set. By the mid-twentieth century, drink coasters are made in many materials and styles and are being manufactured for domestic use. Today, they an everyday houseware piece.

Where Does the Word Coaster Come From?

Have You Heard of a Bottle Coaster?

The word coaster comes from the bottle-coaster, which is a round wheeled tray originally for decanters.

How to Make DIY Wood Coasters

Step 1: Finding the Wood Rounds for My Coasters

Wood slices with bark surrounds are usually easy to find at any craft store especially now a days. By the way, they are inexpensive too.

The wood rounds for my DIY wood coasters.  White wax and stencil brush

Because the wood slices have two sides, I decided to make two drink coasters out of one slab. How cool is that? I love the idea of getting two homemade beverage coasters from one piece.

Finding a Graphic Image to Add to My DIY Coasters

Step 2: Graphic Image for this Simple Craft

So, off to Etsy I went to visit my favorite shop French Paper Moon.  By the way, I don’t want the name of this shop to scare you off.  This shop doesn’t only have French images.  Also, I have said this before, these images have a copyright, so they are high quality.  The most expensive is $4 and I can use it as often as I want for many projects.

First image for DIY coasters cut out waiting to get added with Mod Podge

After finding images for my DIY wood coasters, I print them in reverse.  Incidentally, I share this idea for this project this Christmas craft and a simple canvas project.

Adding White Wax to The Bark on My DIY Craft

Step 3: Waxing the Bark Using a Stencil Brush

Before adding the graphic to my DIY wood coasters, I add a coat of white wax. I did this using a small stencil brush. Remember after applying the wax us a lint free rag to rub the wax well into the bark. This is important because it will prevent the wax from being sticky.

adding the white wax to the bark of the wood coasters
after adding white wax to the bark on the sides of the DIY wood coasters
adding white wax to the flat top of the wood on the DIY coasters
adding white wax to the edge of the top of the DIY wood coaster
Wiping the white wax in the bark on the wood coasters

How I Add My Image to My Wood Craft Project

Step 5: Mod Podge the Image to the Craft Idea

Now that I have printed my image for my easy DIY coasters, I am going to add these to either side. Using outdoor Mod Podge, I add it to the top side of my first coaster.

Picture of Mod Podge and sponge brush

Next flip the image over and smooth on to the first side of the image for the wood drink coaster. Let dry.

Adding the image flipped over after adding the Mod Podge to the front

After the first image is dry, add the second image to the other side of the DIY coaster. Again, use the same process.

First the fox image is pressed on the DIY wood coasters
deer image flipped and added the other side of the coaster

Adding Outdoor Mod Podge to The Images on The Wood Coasters

Step 6: Adding Outdoor Mod Podge and Why

Lastly, add three coats of outdoor Mod Podge over the image on the wood coasters for protection. Because glasses with ice tend to sweat this step is important. It will prevent damage to the image on the simple craft idea to make coasters.

By the way, I added three coats of Mod Podge. Let dry in between each coat. I also lightly sand using a fine grit sanding sponge after each coat of Mod Podge on my beverage coasters.

Here are the seasonal wood coasters ready to use. One side has a fall image.

One DIY wood coaster finished with a fall image of a Fox
a mug with pumpkins on it sitting on the wood coaster

Flip the DIY wood coaster over and I am all set for Christmas season.

DIY wood coaster with a head of a deer
Red mug sitting on the DIY wood coasters

These DIY coasters are going to be the perfect addition to our dining room table for celebrating these seasons.

I hope I inspire to make DIY coasters for your home to protect your tables from beverages dripping. Do you have a favorite, I’d love to hear your thoughts?

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36 thoughts on “Make DIY Wood Coasters

  1. What a super cool idea to make one coaster into two! And both designs are adorable and fitting for the seasons! You are going to enjoy using them so much while entertaining!

  2. So many great tips. I keep saying I’m going to really get lost in Etsy and then I get distracted. Beautiful prints and I love that they will work right into the Christmas season. Smart! It looked like when you put the mod podge on that you only see the back side of the paper. Does that layer disappear after the 3 coats revealing the print?

  3. I’ve seen those wood pieces every time I go to our local craft store but I always pass on by because I just didn’t know what I could do with them! What a great and functional idea, Cindy! Your coasters turned out SUPER cute!

  4. These are so pretty, CIndy! I can’t get over how easy they were to make either. They would be pretty as gift tags or even ornaments too. Plus, they would be cute in a new house gift basket as well. I can’t wait to try these. They’re fantastic! Pinning! Hugs, CoCo

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