Christmas Stockings And Free Pattern

Let’s talk about Christmas stockings and free pattern, Yes, I know it’s September, however, it’s a great time to have a plan. So, I’m sharing inspiration for Christmas stockings.

Additionally, these stockings are easy and budget friendly.

It was time for us to update our Christmas stockings this year. Because I enjoy making pieces for my home décor myself, I came up with a plan.

After giving this project some thought, I remembered having an old tablecloth, that unfortunately shrank. This is when I began thinking it may work for the base of my stockings.

So, I am going to share a tutorial for how to make Christmas stockings and free pattern too!

You may also enjoy this easy Christmas project It’s pretty, simple and makes a great gift!

A group of us are sharing Christmas inspiration today relating to stockings. The links and images are at the end of my post.

First thing, I cut square pieces for my stockings. Because I enjoy old, time worn pieces, I decided I am going to tea stain the tablecloth pieces for this DIY.

How To Make Tea Stain To Add Age To The Holiday DIY

Step 1

Items Needed For Tea Staining:

  • pot of water
  • tea bags

For the most part, tea staining fabric is easy for this Christmas project. Add water to a large pot for this project because there are eight pieces for four stockings. Begin heating the water on the stove. Next, add tea bags to the water and stir with a wooden spoon to get the tea in the water. Let the water get warm, not boiling. After the water is warm, turn the flame off. Now, begin adding your fabric pieces to the pot. Stir the fabric in the tea mixture moving the pieces around. Additionally try to move the pieces for the stockings around to evenly coat.

Pot filled with tea bags to tea stain the fabric for my Christmas project

After a few moments move the pot near the sink. Generally, doing this allows less mess when removing the fabric for this Christmas craft. Next remove one piece at a time and squeeze well to remove the excess tea water.

Squeezing the excess water out of the fabric after staining with tea

Next hang to dry. By the way, these will not take too long to dry.

Draw Out The Stocking Pattern Or Use The Free Pattern

Here, if you are not using the free pattern, draw out your own stocking on a piece of paper. If you are using the free pattern, take it to a copy center for a larger size. This will not cost much money because you only need one copy.

Stocking pattern laying on fabric before tracing the outline
cutting squares for my project

Iron The Fabric Squares Before Tracing The Stockings

Because the squares were squeezed getting the excess water out they were wrinkled. So, I ironed them with a hot iron and no steam to take the wrinkles out.

Ironing the fabric squares that got wrinkled from squeezing the water out.
ironing the edging because it got wrinkled from squeezing the water out

After you have your pattern, trace it onto each piece of fabric to make a front and back for your stockings. I suggest using a pen to trace the pattern because it works best.

tracing the outline of the stocking on fabric

Now, using a good pair of scissors cut your fabric. By the way if you are making four stockings you will have eight pieces.

Preparing The Iron To Add The Images For The Homemade Stockings

Incidentally, if you are going to add images to your homemade stockings as I did, now is the time to do this step. To add images to these it’s very easy. As a rule, I use Jolee’s Boutique Easy Image Iron Transfer paper in white especially for light color fabrics. This is also available for darker colors.

cutting the pattern out
last cut  for the last stocking

Having used transfers many times for projects, for example, HEREI mention I purchase mine from Etsy.  I do this because they have the best images available for only a few dollars.

Because the transfers will be getting ironed on the stockings, they need to be printed in reverse. Again, as I mention in the link above Etsy sends them in reverse. When ordering mention you need them in reverse.

Below, you will notice I have a piece of wood under my stocking to iron my image. The wood keeps it stiff and allows it to be pressed on as the instructions on the package state.

Image face down on the fabric over wood.  This is how the directions say to apply a transfer to fabric

Incidentally, I printed my images 4×6 which is a perfect fit for my Christmas stockings free pattern.

Ironing The Images On The Stockings

Now, when ironing the images, it’s important to use a piece of wood underneath the fabric as I mention above. This is important because the fabric needs to be smooth. Also, set the iron on high with NO steam.

First, go over the fabric where you want the image, to lightly add heat. Next place your image face down and press the iron firmly. This is important, because this is when the ink transfers to your Christmas stocking. It’s also necessary to press and move the iron. I suggest counting to 60. You also will notice the ink pulling from the paper. Look at the packaging for instructions for your specific fabric.

going over the fabric first to  heat up the fabric for  the transfer
Removing the backing off the transfer on the Christmas stocking
Cutting pieces of the image to get ready to make patches for the stocking. I iron this on too.
Getting ready to iron on small pieces I cutout to look like patches on the stockings

After you finish ironing, carefully begin to remove the backing.

Putting the Stockings Together And Adding The Top Trim

Step 1

Because I don’t sew, I am using fabric glue to put these Christmas stockings together. I am using fabric glue because this glue allows me to have the option to wash them if needed in cold water. I have seen this done with hot glue. So, if you aren’t concerned with washing these stockings then that is an option. This glue also dries quickly so don’t make that a concern.

The bottle of fabric glue and the stocking showing the transfer
Gluing the toe of the stocking first
Glue down the sides to begin connecting the other layer of the stocking

In the end, I first laid down the piece of my project with the image on it facing up. Next, I added glue all the way around the stocking edge. Next step, I placed the other side of my stocking on top. Patting is lightly and allowed it to dry. In the meantime, I did the same steps to my other stockings.

One stocking turned right side out the other piece is drying

After all the pieces were dry I turned them right side out and it gave me a finished look for my Christmas project.

Step 2

After gluing the body of the stockings together it’s time to add the top trim. I saved the tops of old stockings from years ago, perfect for two stockings. However, I am making four. So, having a runner I don’t use anymore, this is the solution.

So next, I cut the ruffled edge off the old runner. I then folded the ruffle over and added fabric glue for my other two stockings.

cutting the ruffle off the old runner
both edges from the runner for my project
ruffle from the runner to make the edge of two of the stockings

Lastly, I slid each one into each stocking top and added fabric glue to the outside of each trim piece. After these are glued and dried, I simply folded over the trim to have a top for my project.

sliding old stocking tops into one of the other stockings before gluing
After I add the glue to press the top of the Christmas stocking to the ruffle top
One stocking finished with the ruffled top.  The other is getting ready for me to add glue
Christmas stockings finished and a close up to see the image details
Another picture close up to see the images and details
All four stockings with orange slices, pinecones and lace ribbon
Last  picture showing the Christmas stockings

Free pattern for you to mke your own stocking.


I hope you enjoyed learning how to make Christmas stockings and a free pattern. Don’t forget I’m sharing links below for you to make these easily with no shopping needed for supplies. Also, the free pattern is here for you to take and get a copy made.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you will be thinking about making these to suit your home?

Please visit the links below to see these beautiful stockings other bloggers are sharing today.

Christmas Stockings & Free Pattern

Easy tutuorial for making Christmas with an iron transfer
Prep Time10 mins
Active Time30 mins
Total Time1 hr
Keyword: christmas stockings, easy christmas craft, easy craft, holiday
Yield: 4 stockings
Cost: $20


  • scissors, iron, large pot, wood cutting board


Christmas Stockings and Free Pattern
Items Needed:
  • old cotton tablecloth, cotton fabric or cotton muslin fabric
  • stocking trim, fabric or faux fur
  • 10 tea bags
  • pot of simmering warm water
  • Jolees iron fabric transfer sheets light for light fabric, buy dark for dark fabrics
  • wood cutting board
  • iron
  • large pot
  • transfer of your choice – i.e. French Paper Moon – Etsy – variety of images not just French images available 
  • washable fabric glue
  • free stocking pattern, 1 copy needed from any copy store
Step 1
After getting your free pattern printed trace your stockings and cut them out. i.e 8 pieces in total for 4 stockings
Simmer a large pot to get very warm, not boiling and add tea bags.
Stir tea bags to get mixed into warm water. Turn tea water off once mixed.
Add stocking cutouts to tea water and stir to get them to cover evenly with tea
Carry pot to the sink for less mess and squeeze excess tea water from stockings
Hang to dry or put in the dryer on delicate and cool setting
Step 2
Adding & Printing the Transfers
Now using the Jolees transfer paper.  If your image isn’t sent to you in reverse, by the way when you buy these from the shop provided, ask for them to be sent to you in reverse
Highly recommend doing this step before gluing pieces together
Print the transfer in reverse on transfer sheet.  Carefully cut around image.  Leave the smallest edge.
Add wood cutting board under one stocking piece.  Iron image as per directions.  Remove backing.
Step 3
Glue Stockings 
Add fabric glue to the edge of stockings.  Allow to dry.  Move to next stocking.
Once stockings are dry pull right stide out.
Step 4
Addig The Trim To The Top
Using fabriic glue add the trim to the top of the stocking.
using permanent fabric glue that is washable will allow these to be washed if needed.
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Christmas stockings and Free Pattern

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  1. These stockings are just adorable and so fun! I love the vintage vibe and your attention to detail. Thanks for sharing the whole tutorial-from the tea staining to the iron-on and ruffles, these are gorgeous!

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